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It's also simply a mistake to say that the rock/paper/scissor formula works that way EVERY time. If you want proof of this lets play "the Bog" I'll be khrals, and you can be titans... You'll see that titans dont trump just because of a race advantage...

Starvation with saps vs khrals is another example of a map that saps have advantage over khrals. What makes the Uniwar races so balanced as they are is that even WITH a rock/paper/scissor formula it doesn't promise any one race victory over the other, it just gives them the slight advantage of converting enemy units and a special ability.
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  Pie2.1 wrote: If they are only adding 1 -2 units per a race and keeping the same 3 races, I just dont see the point in making another uniwar then... but i just dont see why uniwar would make a sequal game if they are only adding 1 (very unlikely 2) units and keeping the 3 races. If they made another race then they can truely make another UW, I know it would take alot of rebalancing, but it would be worth it!

I disagree that "just adding" 1 or 2 units a race makes a new game pointless- Two new units a race, along with maybe a few UI improvements and maybe more GAMEPLAY options (such as the ability to untie income from bases, or options like "toxic bases") would DRASTICALLY change strategy and gameplay, thus making a wonderful SEQUEL instead of an entirely new game. I would hope that Uniwar 2 looks to expand upon what already makes uniwar great- not totally revamp something that already has a lot going for it.

I for one would be extremely satisfied if Uniwar two had all of units of Uniwar 1, with "only" one or two additions per race, especially if we see lots of other, far more interesting gameplay elements added and tweaked to make allow for more custimization of our experience.

Also how do you add a fourth race to the existing rock/paper/scissor formula? I mean what exactly would their healer do?
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I picked for the same reason as Nicko: versitility... Only because I agree that really units are realitively equal when used in the proper situation. Choppers are great too, but with only +1 heal they can be hard to care for... They're my second choiced for versitility...
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I should say, I agree with Nicko; reading other posts before posting is probably a good idea
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
Lantry- some of the best advice i got on these here forums, are to mix up mauraders with your choppers. With a gang up bonus and two attacks a chopper and a maurader can do a number on garudas... especially if you use hit and run tactics.
Sapiens » Marines: Underated? » Go to message
I feed my marines wheaties... but mountains help
Tournaments » Tournament........64 slots...CANCELLED...SEE NEW TOURNEY » Go to message
over 100 people?!? Well I´ll be damned... and here I thought it was just a few of us without lives
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I think the moral of this story is coding is hard, balancing might even be harder... Uniwar is well balanced which makes it an incredible game. I´ve said this before, and so has nicko and now sphinx:
The more specific and complicated your idea, the harder it is to realistically impliment. If you really want your idea considered
KEEP IT SIMPLE AND OPEN! That way maybe we can leave all the details of things like unit stats and specialties in the hands of the wonderful uniwar team.

@sphinx I´m glad more people are onboard the ¨this is not advance wars¨idea. You´re also right about a flare, it would have to expose only a small area (and only for a turn or two) for it to be balanced.
@Lantry if you want to access the closed slots you have to make the game unrated, this keeps ¨stupid people¨from joining a totally unfair game and losing points. Nfong´s right though it doesn´t work with team games...

Khraleans » Khraleans. Youre favorite khralena unit and why » Go to message
Pinzers are just sweet looking. But dont shake his hands... er claws. Plus cheaper than plasma tank and a heal of 2 makes it the best anti titan unit in a khral's arsenal.
General Discussion » Trustworthy Uniwarriors. » Go to message
6'1" Blonde hair blue eyes, likes romantic dinners and walks on the... wait what exactly is this thread for again??!
but her sure I'm trustworthy! set up a game with anything longer than 12 hours and ill play it. I'm also not tech saavy enough to cheat... hell I'm not even totally sure how to quote people on forums.
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
Well considering Kralux started this thread to begin with I'm assuming it is indeed real .

On fuel/ammo- Please remember this is not advance wars... and part of what makes fuel and ammo work in advance wars is a larger presence of cities that can resupply units, as well as multiple weapons that DO have unlimited ammo. While I can ALMOST see ammo for, maybe a "special unit" (I dunno this is not a serious suggestion, but a tank that gets two shots with a weapon that always does 5 damage for example) giving everything ammo and fuel would alter waaayyy to many gameplay elements, as well as would require a lot of extra time to balance and tweak.

I agree that forests should keep things hidden in fog of war. It would make maps like Hurtgen forest SO much different. Maybe reducing vision overall would be a good thing too...

Now I know I do plenty of bitching about people trying to introduce AW elements into this game, but I really do like how the latest AW introduced a flare, something that could expose things under FoW for a turn and give a lot of intel... in a very specific area. Especially if vision was reduced a flare unit (or even just giving current support units a flare ability) would allow for strategy (where to place your flare) without the complexity of (and this is totally IMHO) a kinda complicated radar system.

On the other hand, hell just reduce vision or just make it so things like mountains and forests reduce vision and forget all about a flare unit, there are way better ideas out there then a flare

Almost forgot- On more single player I felt like the campaign was actually a tutorial more than a real campaign, and I have played literally NO single player games since I finished it (which was probably the same day i bought the game). So in some ways I'm on the fence- I feel like Uniwar is at it's heart an online multiplayer game... but if you can make a single player experience worth my while (some seriously improved AI would help IMO) go for it! But when I want a single player experience I fire up Battle for Wesnoth.
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Regarding the new tourney or multiples, is it possible to just use the same username for both, if it only gets used for tournaments it would be easy to track another loss easy enough. especially if they are both being followed here on the forum.Especially if everyone keeps posted on their win/loss record after every match... although maybe with 64 people it would be to hard to track? I dunno just an idea.
Tournaments » Tournament........64 slots...CANCELLED...SEE NEW TOURNEY » Go to message
urm if this ever happens I'll be
but i mean 64 slots?! Do that many people even frequent this forum?
Tournaments » Quick tournament! CANCELED!!! » Go to message
Is this still open?


Pirapo lis
laguna niguel
Monte Video
Khraleans » Leviathan Rush: Why Khraleans have the best water unit » Go to message
I agree that proportionally raising a unit's stats doesn't quite accurately asses their value. Especially with hydonauts extra range. Not only that but I almost always mix destroyers with helis as saps against khrals. If you want to look at stats lets compare helis vs leviathans:
Heli aquatic attack- 8
Defense- 10

Leviathan aerial- 8

So a full HP heli is on almost even ground with a leviathan... provided it can get close enough to attack of course.
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