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Bug Reports » Accidental move when zooming » Go to message
you can always undo with relogin:
Ogólna dyskusja » Mapki z championship » Go to message
Bardzo ważne jest zarządzanie środkami.
Sapien 1 helicopter + potem marines i 1-2 marauder mogą się przydać. Na tytana na pewno inżynier będzie bardzo przydatny.
Khral - underlingi które osłaniają swarmery i garuda, a na tytana szybki wyrm może wygrać grę, jeśli speedery tytana go nie dopadną.
Tytan - mechasy i speedery, może eclipse jeśli przeciwnik ma latajacych. Zbyt szybko wstawiony walker to pewna przegrana.

generalnie polecam obejrzeć parę pojedynków z championship september - runda 7 ewentualnie 4
Bug Reports » Looking at chat bug » Go to message
This is a bug, and it would be repaired in next update coming very soon.
Tournaments » Nausika Belt 2 vs 2 » Go to message
I would like to present you very interesting match in team tournament between team "awasome += 1" (azorius, Brarn Skar) and team "GD" (GOUT, DaGruDgE).

Ogólna dyskusja » Polskie foruM » Go to message
Dostaliśmy nasz kawałek na forum
General Discussion » Lost invitation » Go to message
  nindatana wrote:Someone invited me to join a team yesterday. I didn't have time to respond at the time. I do now but can't find the message. Does this mean the offer has since been revoked? Or something else?

Anyway, to who ever that was, sorry, I wasn't being rude. I didn't know I couldn't follow up later!

You can check it in your profile in TEAMS.
Bug Reports » Disappearing underlings! » Go to message
Check out this funny bug with disappearing underlings!
General Discussion » Bug? Asked to attack invisible enemy » Go to message
  wookieontheweb wrote:You should buy infinite undo Problem solved.

Or you can try this! The most important trick in UniWar
Tournaments » January 2016 broadcast from final game » Go to message
  charclo wrote:very interesting !
Thank you

soon more videos! One about Infector
Tournaments » January 2016 broadcast from final game » Go to message
Watch newest video from UniWar Poland!

Let me know how do you like it
New Feature Request » Quickmatch » Go to message
Good idea. I heard that many people complain that games are to slow. There should be some way to give new players posibillity to play fast games not only 3 minutes. Your idea is very nice.
Technical Support Questions » Accidentally made wrong purchase » Go to message
Send an email to support@uniwar.com.
Bug Reports » Units glowing green » Go to message
To intensive, I can't stand this... With many units on board it's very annoying
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion April 2016 » Go to message
  Kroeger wrote:Thank you everyone for your input. It seems like we all agree that +1 or +2 G.L. would serve the Swarmer well. I will give Xavi my best recommendation on this.

I have a concern I would appreciate being discussed.

With added team play, I am noticing that mecha expansion is in many team maps is unstoppable. Currently, if you are playing team ranked and don't have a titan, I believe you will loose 33% immediately due to maps. Let's brainstorm a solution. The only solution I have heard that I like is to reduce the Mecha's sight while he is disabled. This would dramatically slow down the titans rate of expansion, right? This would also help cut down extra "undo exploration" from the titans. Please discuss pros and cons?

Titans are very usefull in team games.
1) Mecha can TP and see what is beyond FoW.
2) Mecha can TP to capture far bases.
3) Sapiens and Khrals are using a lot of helicopters and swarmers so eclipses are very nice against them.
4) Mecha/Eclipse can TP to protect base captures, wound units etc.
5) Speeders have Move After Attack ability so it's also very usefull in base captures.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.8.95 submitted in BETA to Google Play » Go to message
  xavi wrote:GamePlay change: buried underling counter is now visible on team units.


  xavi wrote:GamePlay change: Allies can now capture bases already owned by their team mate (unit is still lost).

What do you mean by "until is still lost"?
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