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New Feature Request » New Race (Fobos) » Go to message
Ok so here's my review
I'm assuming it's finished cause you're not going to update it anymore.

I like how you went through and thought this through . At first I as like, why is there only five units? , Then I realized they had a bunch of upgrades. Clever dausenki . You even balanced them to 5 units and 5 upgrades. I'm unsure if this was intentional but it was clever.

My thoughts - the infantry is fine at first,bbut the sniper upgrade is too much.
New Feature Request » Uniwar Race Chart » Go to message
I don't think convergence and phasers are archenemies but other than that I see no mistakes. Need help with the unit stats?
General Discussion » Walker's model » Go to message
Still sunlight in the winter, just less because of the sun patterns .
New Feature Request » 4th Race Idea: The Remnants, a product of destruction » Go to message
Yeah another race idea! I havent read one of these in a while. Dont disappoint me

l like the overlord but it could be op at 200. It can attack t a range of 2 and heal at a range of 2! I say 250 at least

The infantry I'm not sure about. It does have that low defense though so i think it's fine.
New Feature Request » Holiday mode » Go to message
Could we have a truce mode in which people are forced to agree to a truce if they sign it. We could have a ceasefire truce, so that way if you go on a holiday, you can sign a ceasefire without having to worry about people betraying you on random ranked. It could be included right alongside the surrender and peace truces.
New Feature Request » revenge mirror » Go to message
It seems like a good idea, but wouldn't it be unnecessary in the face of mirror mode?
New Feature Request » Stadium Mode » Go to message
Why don't we have this already
New Feature Request » Let's talk Infector » Go to message
Oh I like the move after attack idea. That sounds cool.
Question:. Why are all of amidama answers edited to 0?
New Feature Request » Infectors at 200, 2x repair rate » Go to message
Well that kills a lot of the uniqueness of the infector. Plus, it's hard to justify giving the all-powerful plague to a unit this cheap without giving it a cooldown. I don't know how I feel about that.
New Feature Request » A new idea for Uniwar: The Elite Forces. » Go to message
So far I like it - but here's my two cents
A) underling upgrade
It's going to hurt a lot of people if underlings can move and unbury in the same turn. For only 50 credits I think +4 mobility is enough. Maybe you should give it an unburied movement bonus too
B) humans medical
Sounds good to me. However, it also sounds like a counterplague. Im not sure if that's balanced enough for 50 credits, I'd just give it 3 extra health if it was up to me. We don't want to make a 50 credit upgrade more effective than a 200 support unit, now do we?
C)Titans cooldown
Yeah I think that's gonna make maps a lot harder to balance. I'd just give it something else like a cooldown power attack ability or something (maybe it can also gain 2 range for 1 turn? Idk). The biggest problem problem with this is that teleporting with a fast cooldown gives Titans a far greater earlier start on 50% of maps
New Feature Request » DIFFERENT DEFENSE VALUES and new unit type (artillery) » Go to message
I like it.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Stars under your avatar » Go to message
Lol got a 3 stars rating
New Feature Request » New Races » Go to message
Please post units and stats. I like this idea
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Stars under your avatar » Go to message
See you can rate people with the rate button. The white stars means you haven't been rated yet. You can rate someone from 5 stars to 1. I gave you 4 stars right now just so you could see
New Feature Request » Career / custom army mode » Go to message
Heck yeah
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