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General Discussion » ;( Tank busters busts my strategy. Now what? » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:Tournament games specifically allow all players to build all the same units.

As for figuring out how to use the units, aaaand, the game being chess like..... well. I think it's gonna take some time to figure out how maps should be designed, what a balanced map will look like, and what and where to build unit wise....

I do feel for your plight in general though. BUT wanted to post that specifically in tourneys you CAN build the units

That is strange. I did a short survey in the German chat, and all that did not yet buy the units told be they can't build them in tourney games...
So tourneys are ATM lost for those that did not happen to buy the tank busters...
Bug Reports » Missing translation » Go to message
Trying to share a replay of a game that is not in archive it says "You can't share a game that is not archived" -> not translated
Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » Gooniewarz » Go to message
  Abie wrote:To explain this is a little difficult, but I've played it and lost to P1 who was K. This would be easier to explain if you actually play the game.

Can you please invite me to a game on this map and show me?
New Feature Request » Adding some Statistics to the profile! » Go to message
General Discussion » Fog Of War exploit » Go to message
I think if a version changes rules of game (i.e. not just cosmetic changes), that put a disadvantage to the upgraded players,
the version update should be enforced. I.e. you should not be allowed to participate in rated games or tournaments before updating.
Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » Gooniewarz » Go to message
Can you be a little bit more specific here? Which bases P2 cannot cap?
There are 6 neutral bases here, of which both can cap 2 in first move.
How would P1 prevent P2 from capping the third?
Bug Reports » Missing translation » Go to message
Also, push notifications are in English, would be nice if they were translated, too
Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » TuggieWar » Go to message
Hmmm I don't think titan has such a big advantage here that it justifies downvoting the map. I once played T vs S on this map (as T), with a strategy as you described - and I lost. Sap has various options here, including destroyers that can bypass the wall and strike hard against the walkers.
Bug Reports » Missing translation » Go to message
I noticed that some texts in UniWar lack I18N (e.g. appear in English even though different language is selected)

- Unit info bar (top of screen, if unit is selected) - shows English unit name
- Unit info screen title - shows English unit name

- Also, if I try to enter "Take off" tournament, it says "Your score 2166 is too high to participate. Max score:1700", even though I have set German language.
That particular string is not contained in the offficial UniWar translation spreadsheet
General Discussion » How to remove randomness » Go to message
  Aristotle wrote:There is one problem. As randomness removed, every attack has the certain result, then players can make the same moves in the mirror game if they have enough vision. In this way, weaker players copy their opponents' strategy, and make the match meaningless.

To prevent these happening, tournament rules need change. Only when both players end turn, can they see what opponent did last turn.
If player A end turn in advance, player B cannot see what moves did A make before B end turn. When B end turn 4h later, he can see it now but only 8h is left for him to make his decision.

No, I think this problem does not really exist, it is already prevented by the way the turn timers work.

Example (let player B be the weaker player that wants to copy player A):
- Player A makes first move in game 1
- Player B waits for that and makes hist first move in game 2
- now the timer for B's first move in game 1 (i.e. his reply to A's first move there) expires before the timer for A's move in game 2
-> So B cannot copy this

So as long as the stronger player takes care not to move as fast as possible in all available games, he can prevent being copied.
Doing so would be recommended anyway, so the games don't get out of sync.
(it also works if B makes the first move - e.g. because it is obvious like capping initial bases - and attempts copying from second move -> this is also prevented)

General Discussion » Visible buried underling. » Go to message
  Cordeth wrote:It ruins the element of surprise. It ruins traps. That was the advantage they had.

It would only surprise very low level players (i.e. those that did not know the meaning of those golden numbers).

As soon as the buried underling came close to an enemy unit, that golden number would tell, so there was no surprise.
General Discussion » New Map playing? » Go to message
You can post bad maps here: http://forum.uniwar.com/forums/show/26.page

Just out of curiosity: what is so bad about "Wet Summer Wipe"? - just asking, cause I don't recognize a bad map just by looking at it...

General Discussion » Undo vs FOW » Go to message
  wookieontheweb wrote:I've had another idea that may help.

How about we remove vision?

Instead FOW is pushed back at the start of your turn by max movement + 2 tiles for each of your units or bases. Any movement you make on your turn will have no effect on units in the fog. Because no more information is revealed about the enemy once you start your turn it doesn't matter how many times a player uses undo.

E.g. a garuda has movement 12 so fow around every one of your garuda would be pushed back by 6 tiles. An underling in mountains would push back fog 3 tiles, on plains 5. A marauder on plains has 2x12 movement so would push fow back 10 tiles (4+4+2) but can't enter mountains so would only see the default 2 tiles in that direction.

This is similar to the idea that hunting for buried underlings is tedious and gives advantages to those with undo so they are now visible. scouting is also tedious and gives far more advantages to undo players, so why not do it automatically for all.

In principle I like your idea, because it completely elminiates the need for scouting (and as such once more decreases the pay-to-win aspect of paid undo), while still keeping (at least some) FOW tactics possible. But of course it would mean that you can no longer block vision by blocking movement paths with your units (vision would have to be updated at turn begin regardless of enemy units, because you could destroy the blockers and move past them).

In addition, vision of TP'ed mecha/eclipse could be set to zero, so even with masses of mecha you could not gain any vision advantage.

The the revealed space would theoretically have to be every field that could be attacked by your units, so max movement + attack range for most units; max movement only for engineer/assimilator/infector; attack range only for battery/walker
New Feature Request » Improvements to shared replay handling » Go to message
I think, the feature of sharing is a great idea, and it brought a great improvement to the community. Now matches can be reviewed, analyzed, discussed, ...

But one thing is lacking, and I badly miss that one: you cannot unshare replays.

My #1 use case for this is tournament preparation: I want to share my training games with my training partners, but definitely not with my tourney opponent

If I see this correctly, right now the only secure unshare option is to unarchive and delete the game - which obviously means it is lost for myself as well.
Unarchiving only just removes it from the list of shared replays in the profile. But whoever has the link (e.g. copied from the chat) may still watch it.
Also, there is only very limited storage for unarchived games.

So these would be my wishes - don't know how hard it is to implement it. Ideally all three would be added, but even just one would help a lot:
(1) Menu option to unshare a replay - if selected, replays can no longer be started (even if someone has the link)
(2) Option to hide replay from the profile (without unarchiving) - with the disclaimer that someone that has the link can still watch
(3) Provide an option to "privately" share the replay (actually a combination of share + hide from profile afterwards) -> just copy the replay link to the clipboard without making it visible on the profile
General Discussion » Visible buried underling. » Go to message
  MortalWombat wrote:No matter how easy it was detecting buried units, showing them plainly is taking away an advantage, I for one hope this gets fixed.

Please explain: WHAT advantage was taken away?
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