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General Discussion » Khralafia 2.0 - Rules, Roles, Sign up and post game Thread! » Go to message
Sign me up.
PS if marines and helicopters are the ones who initiate secret missions how would an underling be able to partake in one?
General Discussion » Duaneski v Angkor - race selection » Go to message
Do you guys really want me to fight cheese?
General Discussion » Duaneski v Angkor - race selection » Go to message
  cheese wrote:Angkor rules...Duaneski drools.

Cheese this is simply a poll although I assure you that your zeal is great please you don't have to say something along the lines of Duaneski sucks in every forum related to their upcoming battle.
General Discussion » Gentlemen's Lounge: The FFA Talk House » Go to message
And for those who wish to just sip tea place bets and watch the two sides go at each other welcome
PS LkASr did you create that profile pic by yourself?
General Discussion » Team Duaneski support group (AKA Anti Angkor Area) » Go to message
  cheese wrote:Boooooo!!!! This team blows!!

Hey want to place bets
General Discussion » ~ENNUIGOBLIN GOBBLY GOBBLES REPORT 12/7/16~ » Go to message
EnnuiGoblin can you cover the battle between Angkor and Duaneski
General Discussion » Open Challenge » Go to message
Well good Luck Everyone oh and Goblin can u please cover this match.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
Didn't there use to be a forum about underlings burying?
PS can't we just make it so that underlings near you are revealed only when u end your turn. I can't remember how many times I been able to avoid buried underlings just by undoing my turn.
General Discussion » Open Challenge » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:
Up next, getting the basement to decide upon a matchup for us.... and choosing a start date ..

Question what does the basement mean?
General Discussion » Team Angkor support group (AKA Anti Duaneski Area) » Go to message
  LkASr wrote:guys, srsly, what in the hell with all of this?

oh well, I might as well continue drinking tea and watch

Mind if I join you?
General Discussion » Raven Marks Recruitment » Go to message
  dr.freeman wrote:Thanks for the list LkASr. I'll check them out. I just started playing Ravenmark Mercenaries. What an amazing game! It's so complex and polished. Too bad it'll be getting shut down soon. I wish I would've found out about the game sooner. I guess they had poor marketing. Well, hopefully another company can aquire the rights to it and reopen the servers.

Don't worry I think they are planning on reopening the servers if they can we just have to sit tight and hope.
General Discussion » The Hunter Games of Uniwar » Go to message
Can I join as a Garuda
PS no Join puns had enough of those.
New Feature Request » SEASON mode » Go to message
Spring: (preparation time)
forest: +1 def for GL. -1 at for flying

Summer: (strike time)
marsh: +2 def, +1 at for GH and GL (makes it 0) - it dried out ;-D
mountains, desert: -2 def for GL, GH - heat

Autumn: (mixed time)
marsh: -1 def for GL, GH - wet
forest: +1 def for GL. -1 for flying and GH

Winter (defence time)
bases, cities, ports - +1 def for every unit
marsh: +2 def, +1 at for GH and GL (makes it 0) - frozen
mountain, forest: -2 def. for GL
all water tiles: ships -2 def. - frozen


I like this Idea but some of it doesn't make sense to me. For example why is it that during spring air units lose attack, and why would forest add defense at this time as the plants would be recovering from the winter if anything it would make more sense in the summer were the forest would be at its prime. I like the summer time mountain effect but I don't understand how a marsh can just dry up, and by the way GH can't be on mountains anyway. Fall I have no complaints except what is that -1 for air units defense or attack. In the winter I suggest water tiles slowing down the ships as the ice would slow them down while increasing defense as the ice would give cover to units.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.64 Maintenance release (BETA on Google Play) » Go to message
When I am creating a map whenever I try to place any of the new tiles, dunes, or mountain the map automatically centers please fix.
General Discussion » Raven Marks Recruitment » Go to message
Hi everyone join here. I have always liked uniwar and wish to help bring others to the game. Recently me and many other loyal uniwar players have been trying to get the players of Ravenmark Mercenaries to switch over to uniwar. This is due to the fact that the servers of Ravenmark are going to be closed for an unknown amount of time. However some players seemed unconvinced this game would offer the same tactical depth as Ravenmarks. As a result I am writing to the community to get your help on this matter how can I convince them to give this game a shot.

PS It be even better if you guys download the game and help us out in the tavern .
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