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Khraleans » Why does our navy suck so bad » Go to message
also normally a leviathan would be better than a wyrm in a matchup as the other expensive long range units (the battery and the walker) have lost 8 health when a leviathan would lose 4 health. i haven't had that situation with a wyrm but i can imagine its about the same.as a mostly khrealean player i use both.
Khraleans » Why does our navy suck so bad » Go to message
if you have a sea battle with submerged krakens and you build a leviathan it will get destroyed so in that case as long as it is not placed next to a water tile, a wyrm would be better as the krakens will not be able to attack it
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
a better way to plague helicopters would be salamanders as they can counterattack and also they plague when they attack.and garudas will have to be used as well.salamders are not good against aerial units.
Khraleans » Khral vs. Khral - How to stop Swarmer spam? » Go to message
even with the gang up bonus with a pinzer on a plain tile would only deal 1 damage to the pinzer.only problem with pinzer is the fact it only deals around 4 damage at full healt.if there are lots of swarmers,1 6hp swarmer won't make any difference. also pinzers are expensive and will be hard to use in maps with mountains
Khraleans » When is a salamander effective? » Go to message
by the way salamander plagues units it deals damage to in the sapien race except submarines.if you attacked a salamder and you were sapien and its counterattack dealt nothing it would not get plagued
Technical Support Questions » How to boot inactive opponents? » Go to message
i've won 4 games due to inactive players, think of it as an extra turn. all those four games were ranked so try not to surrender.
Technical Support Questions » Bots Cheating » Go to message
bots always have around a 1000 advantage on you.but no matter what level,they can be beaten. i can complete most campaign and solo levels on hard and i'm just slightly higher than 1500.also they don't spend most of their credits.(a bot with 8000 credits an 2 bases will probably create 2 marines)
Technical Support Questions » Clarify Resurface Bonus Attack » Go to message
but they are useless when they have enemies on them.
Frequently Asked Questions » What happens when current games over limit » Go to message
if you had 4/4 you could start a new game by buying a slot but if you have 5/4 and you bought a slot it would be 5/5 and you wouldn't be able to create another game
Guides & Tips » Boarfly: how to defend against it? » Go to message
I would also use the hydronaut as long as there aren't any leviathans or salamanders stopping you from reaching 2-3 squares away.If you use hydronaut it doesn't need protecting and can attack after moving unlike the walker
Guides & Tips » Boarfly: how to defend against it? » Go to message
depending on the map,if the borfly is protected by lots of units,create a walker(4-5 squares away) and protect it. its high range attack should weaken the borfly.
UniWar: Origins » How did UniWar start? » Go to message
i've got on idea for khraleans, they were normal animal and bugs and then they got mutated
New Feature Request » New Unit - Krahl » Go to message
i agree with pento about the eclipse. although it takes out a borfly in 1 attack,the eclipse vs 2 borflies will cause the eclipse to die before it can kill the 2nd borfly and 1 eclipse and 2 borflies cost the same amount of credits
General Discussion » "Undo" Needs to be Gone » Go to message
I would probably lose some of the games without the undo.if i made a mistake the opponent would notice it and take advantage of it
General Discussion » Titan need their plasma tank improved. » Go to message
to be honest i think the sapien tank needs a buff and the plasma because the plasma's are stronger than the tank, i've noticed plasma beats the sapien tank in a fight beetween the 2
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