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Desert isle was the most balanced map on the entire game and the morons at TBS banned that from rated games, the fucking morons over there also banned 2 close which was e 2nd most balanced.

Some levels do favor one race, like home games favor the home team, that doesn't mean there unfair and road teams win all the time.

If you want to adress unfair , stop the bot trick, creating a 3 player game and understanding the bots tendencies to attack one position. Taking the other open position and basically having a 2v1 game to help you win.

The +2000 players also use that bot trick to circumvent the scoring rules. I beat a 2000 as a 1800 I get 9 points or so. That same 2000 beats me with a 1200 bot in the game, I lose 17 to both the bot at the 2000. How the Fuck is that fair TBS..

Fix that bullshit rank pumping trick and bring back the maps u banned nexus your too stupid to understand the game.. Morons
General Discussion » Three islands loophole » Go to message
Wrong.. The computer sends 90% of it's attack up . That is a absolute truth.

I have one played this map 10timds and all ten the bot attacked up with more than 90% of it's strength.

TBS needs to prevent any player above a cretins rank ( I say 1600) from playing with or against bot's.

As for cheating the scoring system ... TBS fucked that up long ago, using bots to "pump" ur win is gay but whatever, so are the rest of stupid scoring rules

All that aside it is a loophole, the computer does only attack up. Why prestige keeps doing it if he's sooo good is odd? Reminds me of "I love Kim" who only played one side of one map against people playing humans. Very gay but hey he had a high score..

But it a loophole..
General Discussion » Three islands loophole » Go to message
prestige uses this loophole .he's a 2300 doing it

Create a 3 islands game and make the bottom player a bot.. (green base). The computer player ONLY ATTACKS UP. So the player that joins will have to fight the bot AND you.. The bot dedicates 90% of the attack up.

ALSO as holds true with all bot players. By defeating the "real player" with the bot still alive you get the points as the bots score. Not yours..

So in the example of prestige he gets +19 off 1800's because the bot is still alive and their scoe is near 1300's. It's e way 2300's keep moving their score despite the scoring rules..

Try it it works

General Discussion » What the fuck? » Go to message
Ok cochses .. (or whatever)

This time I took screen shots.. If your right .. And that sounds like the stupidest explination ever.. Then zhaulighn (or whatever) should ALSO be getting less points.

But he's not. Every time he wins he still gets 7 or 8 points. I just played him 4 times and took 4 screen shots as proof ( how do I upload? )

Game 1 I won and got 1 point he was a 2010 I was 1899

Game 2 I won and got ZERO

Game 3 I surrendered he got +8

Game 4 I lost he got +8

Soooooo dipshit when does he start getting less? I've played him many time sure ( not many players left anymore) .. And he wins 40% of the time but while I have NEVER gotten more than 1 or 2 points (even on the first game) he has always gotten 8 off me .

Forget the fact hes a higher rank, please explain how he continues to get more points and I never got more than 2.

Yes I do have the screen shots from each of the above games..
General Discussion » What the fuck? » Go to message
Ok new one..

Zanyulin (or whatever) he is a 1980 I'm a 1870. We play deadmonk 3min. I beat him I get 2 points.. Wow.

He boots me off another deadmonk 3min game .. He's a 1963 I'm a 1870 somthing.. HE GETS 8 POINTS OFF ME..

So higher ranked players I win I get 2 , they win I lose -8

What the fuck is wrong with your fucking game


No matter who I play I only get 1-2 points regardless of rank but if I Lise I'm loosing 8-22 points..

I played a 1850 somthing and I was a 1860ish and lost -11 points to him I beat a 1790 when I was a 1810 and got 1point.. 1 fucking point..

Arhgggggggggg.. U people fucking ruined this game. Take that puter your mommy got u for Xmas and learn some code and fix what u morons hacked up

General Discussion » What the fuck? » Go to message
I do not get any points off J.A.C.E. He was a 1851 was a 1862 I won the RATED game.. No points. We play again he wins and gets 22 points from me.. FUCKING 22? Seriously

I play him on triasle. I beat them both. I get 5 points off the other guy ZERO points from jace

I join 5 games he started and resign all of them he gets points for every game .. 18, 14, 12 , 9 ect

So he's now a 1901 and I'm a 1805 cause I gave him all my points. I play him again rated and again beat him (he's not very good) I GET NO FUCKING POINTS

Come on morn programmers. Your so obsesed with hacked games you've ruined uniwar. Half the maps are gone, no one plays anymore and Now this horse shit

Total bullshit , what you've done to is game. Morons
General Discussion » What idiot created new scoring system » Go to message
I like to play the game.. Thats why dumb ass. I understand most players , including the programmers, only focus on the rank but I actually like to play.

With the new scoring system its dumb to bother trying .. I'm trying to embrace the new fomat but it's not working. No one plays anymore and the high ranks quit, so what's the point. I just played a 1745 and lost 38 points .. 38 ponts!! On the rematch I won 4 .,

Games rigged against high scores. It's bullshit
General Discussion » What idiot created new scoring system » Go to message
look dumbazz .

I'm a 2000 and beat a 1790 and get 4
I lose to the 1790 I lose -16

Come on the non random are 50%bullshit so ur telling me he would of gotten 32 .. Since when. Just say you tilted the game toward the low ranked crybabies.. Jesus..

Btw dead monk cannot be beat if other player uses titans.. No possible way . Most tilted level on uniwar.. Just proves u programmers are total fucking idiots.. Glad ur investment is tanking.. U deserve it.
General Discussion » No balance at all » Go to message
Does anyone play anymore. Seriously who cares.. I haven't seen a rank above 1800 online since the first update.. Game was fair.. Yes if u were less experienced u lost.. And who fucking changed to scoring... I get 4 points off beating a 1790 but lose 16 .. Seriously .. Stupid fuckerz
General Discussion » Want the old version of the game back.. Here's how » Go to message
Change your AppStore review to 1 star. I changed mine to one star (as have others) and that brought uniwar down to 3 stars. But if we all change it to one that should drag it down to 1-2 stars.

The star ranking is very important for how the app store lists a game. You fall off the "hot list" for too long and people have to really search to find you. That over a period will cut sales big time.

Don't like the update, send a message via review and use the power the app store gives community review. Write them down and their sales will go down. Cheaters or not.. Nothing counts more than sales.

( I wrote a crappy reviewed app, so trust me I know the power of the review)
General Discussion » Do you hate 1.3.0? Rant here. » Go to message
The developers changed the fundamentals of the entire game to fix a very limited feature of the game , and also only to control the actions for a handful of players.

Why punish the entire community for the actions of a limited few, that's a very immature reaction. Just boot them, don't rewrite the entire game..

On to my circumstances. I cannot play a rated game. Every player you have assigned to me has been offline. Last time I was only being assigned to m-27.. He was offline but EVERY rated game I tried to play he was my opponent.

I don't only want to play one player.. That's boring. Nor do I want to play later when m-27 feels like getting online. I work , ect and want to play this game when I'm available, not when someone elese is available.

A very poor thought out update for what's otherwise a good game. It seems the update and the original programming were don't by different people. The new guy has very limited vision, and if he was a uniwar player most likely a bitter 1700 who can't beat anyone ( that explains a lot actually )

I'll give this game until the next update, then it's gone
General Discussion » Do you hate 1.3.0? Rant here. » Go to message
Mods :

I can't play this game after is update.. I try to play a rated game I keep getting assigned to m-27 but he's offline and has been all day. S what's the point of updating the game so I can't play it. I used to play any rank when i wanted to play.

I also don't like playing only 1 day games. Why cant I play a 3 min game? I liked having several 3-min games going at once. Like speed chess against multiple players. But now I'm stuck to somthing that takes day and days to finish

The average player jut walks away from the game when their losing. So that means the third ship would take 3 days. Do you really want thousands of abandoned games running on your servers for days and days on end. I cant resign I lose points for I have to wait to remove the player.

Finally what's the point. It's a game on a phone. Do you really have some warped sense of fairness that forcing people to play your way makes it better. If your worried about the rankings, make them degrade as the player sits idle. Something

But as of today the game doesn't function, I cant play it because m-27 isn't online, how does that make it "more fair" for me? It's your move. You made the game unplayable, so this game has no point to exsist.

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