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As far as I know only gambling via Internet is restricted in Poland but prizes in competition are 100% legal. From prize in competition in other countries you must pay tax in Poland.
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So you didn't changed eclipse?
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team replay and solo replay (games finished few months ago) in War report Base count is always 0.
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Distance between both players is at least 3 times to long!
It would take ages to complete game.
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especially these:
we will bring it to more platforms and any browser supporting HTML5.
In the near future, we will add more units to the 3 existing races and new races...
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Our team in Sky Watch 3 vs 3 tournament has name "Poland first to fight".

The Poles have done some amazing things during World War II. Just check it out yourself!
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Draw is always draw.
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If time bank have max limit of 24h there would be no problem with high value of time bank.

turn counter of 150 is also not the best solutution:
If one player can make move very fast (he is almost all day online) and the second will move each 10-12 hours then after 7 days (168 hours) one would have for example 110 hours in time bank (150-40=110) and second would have 168-40=128, 150-128 = 22 hours left. First player with 110 hours in time bank can wait 4,5 day to make last move within last hour of tournament. Not the best yeah?
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We must add some time to tournaments 12 hours is to little, many players leave uniwar because they are skipped.
Time bank sounds pretty nice
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  waxoid wrote:Why not just count the round robin games in championship? Given championship is somewhat participation based, I get that round robin would be a faster way to log games so would weigh heavily in that sense.

No, championship is only for championship tourneys, but other mirrored tournaments could add points to PRO ladder or at least SOLO.
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Good job Xavi

You said that there will be match for 3rd place in Championship, how many points player will receive for 3rd place?
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In 4 player games (2 vs 2) Kroeger at the chat said that there is a problem in turn order which is now 1 - team 1, 2,3 - team 2, 4 - team 1 with 1st player credit disadvantage.
With this turn order on small maps in tourneys it's very easy to gangup on one player and capture his base. Most depends on map and race selection so it's very random...
Solution? Let's talk about it:
1) Turn order team 1, team 2, team 1, team 2.
2) bigger maps
3) player can choose his race after tourney starts and maps are revealed
4) before teams tournaments are started maps can be discussed on forum and if some balance problem will be found map can be changed.
5) mirror games

And also we need more time on these games! It's team tournament and we need to discuss strategy on each turn. It's very hard to manage strategy within 12 hours while 8-9 hours is for sleep (work) and both players can wake up at different time. Don't forget that many good players play at one time in many tournaments with 12 hours limit. It's really hard to find time for all these games, even if you find during bussy day 15 minutes to play there is now way to play all games in all tourneys because some of these games are really heavy to your brain (you now what i mean - you need time to think on your move and plan your strategy well).
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male is pale. He look like he is infected
give him some colors on his face.
General Discussion » Infector can infect via ally unit? » Go to message
Infector can spread plague with infected plageued marines.
Garuda can't spread plague.
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2 vs 2 sea map: 4forYou2Sea - good for tournaments.
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