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I have noticed a pattern over the last few hundred games played. When it's Sapien VS Titans on many of the newer maps, there is enough money that the Titans throw up a plasma tank, and a few walkers behind it and there is little the sapiens can do. They just do not hit the heavies hard enough and their range is inferior to everyone else in the game. Please, do not tell me that sapient artillery shoots farther than Khraleans, because it doesnt, the khraleans can move, then shoot (max of 5 range total) and the sapiens can shoot max of 4, and they cannot move and shoot.

I believe that giving the Sapiens a new unit, a bazooka solder basically, hits heavy units hard, but does little damage otherwise, at same cost as regular infantry, would be a step in the right direction. Or maybe let helicopters hit tanks harder.
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Uniwar is really becoming old to me. Apparently I always have bad luck and my enemies always have good luck. Every time an enemy buried underling attacks my engineer unit dies. ALWAYS. And when my buried unit strikes one engineer is left, who then assimilates my unit then begins repairs. ALWAYS. When my enemies coordinate an attack the second unit always kills my flier. But my coordinated attacks always leave one, who flies back and repairs. I lose many games now using good tactics but just, always, having bad luck.

The game is not worth the frustration
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