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  vapor wrote:
  Super Jew! wrote: -Traps.
-Units heal more when on their bases.
-A unit with the ability to heal even when other actions are performed.
-Upgrades to be researched at bases.
-Upgradable bases.
-Units that make nearby friendly units stronger.
-Units that can attack multiple nearby spaces.
-Units that attack multiple spaces in a line.
-Units that don't get blocked by nearby enemy units (give this to the Titans who have no flyers ).
-Units that can harvest some sort of resource.
-A discount for the first few days the game comes out as a special gift to all of us who visit the forums.

I like the idea of having upgradeable bases too, really having upgradeable anything!

What about having a "hero" unit that you can level up, (similar to most RTSRPG's like DOTA, HoN, and Demigod) and maybe three different choices of hero units per race one high attack/mid armor, one ranged high attack/low armor, and one low attack/high armor? These heros you should be able to level up with different abilities, etc....

I'm all about being able to upgrade stuff, I think Uniwar could very easily become the best iPhone game if you make it a strategyRPG, that would be SICK!

Yeah, it could work, but would it really fit? It seems that a few of these ideas would make the game even more complex, but without adding much to it.

If we do use "commander units", i would like to ape Advance Wars: Days of Ruins method where you just attach the CO to a unit, making it insanely buff and adding 75% to the unit's cost. Simple, easy to grasp, hard to exploit. if we wanted to make COs more effective, we could add a "buff" zone. units in the zone gain benefits to attack and defense. again, simple, effective, hard to exploit.

My main concern with a level-upable hero unit is that it might become too effective. Then games would be all about grindfests rather than tactics.

I LOVE the idea of picking a specialty. combine it with the CO idea above and we get some interesting things. An attack CO unit could make all units in its CO zone attack as if they had a +1 gangup, at the expense of minus one defense. A defence could have the opposite effect in its CO zone, +1 defence, minus one attack. Each species should probably have a "special" commander and a generic one (one with no bonuses).

'course, we'd have to extend the campaign to teach peeps how to use this.
User Generated Maps » problems with the making maps » Go to message
Essentially, the installer won't run for me. it will either be queued for downloading and never start, or it'll download and just not work. I am currently using firefox and running windows vista.

EDIT: tried downloading with internet explorer. The download freezes at 6% every time.
User Generated Maps » Playing with my own map. » Go to message
you can't. Reason: you have to build the maps using the game editor on the PC.
Bug Reports » Posts posting as 'Anonymous' » Go to message
lol at that^

can we get a lock please? just to stop that guy?
General Discussion » Change Proposal for the Ratings » Go to message
would this bring the rating of people with less than a 1500 rating back up to 1500?
General Discussion » Is Uniwar going south? » Go to message
Uniwar on the PC?

that is madness!
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
built-in/ downloadable level editor. for the downloadable one: i was thinking that it could give you a code that would allow you to play the custom map on the iphone

either case, you could probably only use them for hot-seat games, but who cares
General Discussion » Make Your Own Maps - How To Tutorial » Go to message
installer refuses to run for me. it just opens command prompt and sits there. does this work with vista?
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus for Retreat-able Units » Go to message
Accidently replied as anonnymous. My bad
General Discussion » Music » Go to message
so, new update allows you to play the game with music on you Iwhatever going on in the background. Do you just play the game with whatever music was already playing? or do you have a special playlist for the game?

I fall under the latter group of people. said "playlist" is really just looping the "Terran 1" theme continuosly.

I know, nerdy right?
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus for Retreat-able Units » Go to message
i THINK you would. i'll have to run a 2 player vs map to check. I'll get back to you.
General Discussion » Trustworthy Uniwarriors. » Go to message
Name: mager567
Usually play: khraleans or sapiens
Abandon games in the middle: HELL NO!
Play speed when it’s my turn: Very fast. i check my phone once per day
Preferred maps: any map without harbors. i like deadmonk and the bog
My skill level: 1515 (yay for doubles)
Minimum Skill level to play with: don't care. but if we make a plan, for goodness sake give me a heads up before you deviate from it!

funny story 'bout the last bit actually: me and another player were playing kralies and tites respectivly. we came to an agreement that if he could defend my bases vs ground, i would hit the enemie's rear with my air units and take some preassure off of him.

well, i go along with MY part. did a pretty good job of it too as most of the enemie's troops backed off of his lines to take down my guys. his guys stay right where they are and i have to do both my part AND his part. and it wasn't a "i got wiped out 2 or three turns later". i was killed 20 turns later.the guy just sat there and turtled. took some comfort from him being obliterated, and i quote, "due to lack of air support"
New Feature Request » New Feature: Day and Night System » Go to message
interesting. but it should really be an option that could be toggled on and off.
New Feature Request » UPDATE » Go to message
let us get this out of the way: I'm gonna guess that English is NOT your first language.

now then, back on topic!

I'm actually not very surprised that there isn't a language option. It seems like a simple feature, but it's a bit more complex than you would think. Or at least, it had BETTER BE considering how long i've been waiting for the Professor Layton games to have an international release. In short, don't hold you breath. It will probably be a few more updates before you get that language option.
Titans » my way of the titans <xavier2free> » Go to message
Also please don't tell me everyone is calling Titans "Tits" now

that'll make these forums much more entertaining!

anyhoo.... xavier, you HAVE heard of this little thing called "punctuation" right? i see maybe four sentences?

/off topic

i found that the Titans (why do we need an abbreviation for these guys again?) are really good on the smaller maps, but are easily outmaneuvered on large maps, which is probably their main weakness. any tips on over coming that? other than tele-kreig (copyright!)?
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