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General Discussion » What does it take to be great » Go to message
4) Strive to maintain balance in the game. Always pay attention to the credit value of the dead enemy units vs. your own dead units. If you're killed 1000 credits worth of units, but lost only 500 credits worth of units, you're most likely winning. If you've lost 1000 credits worth of units, but you've only killed 500 credits worth of units, I'd strongly suggest you find a way to kill another 500 credits worth of units and quickly, otherwise you're probably losing. (In looking at the kill totals, I ignore the absolute number of kills by both players, since that's meaningless - it's the number of credits worth of kills that really matters). For example, if I'm playing Khraleans against Titans and I can't stop the enemy's plasma tank from killing my Pinzer, I might react by moving a wyrm, or another pinzer in position so if he kills my Pinzer, I can kill his plasma tank the following turn. I lose 450 credits worth of units, but kill 500 credits worth of units, and balance is maintained.

5) Plan your future purchases now. For instance, if you currently have 300 credits, make 200 credits per turn, and are trying to save up to buy a walker, if you buy nothing, you will have wait three turns until you have enough money to buy your walker. If you buy a Mecha now, you will still have three turns before you can afford the walker, thus from the standpoint of saving up for your walker, buying a mecha now is "free". On the other hand, if you buy a speeder now for 250 credits, you're left with 50, which means you'll have to wait 4 turns to buy your walker. This can be ok, for instance, if you think the speeder is important to keep your walker well defended. But it's important that you be aware of the consequences of your actions.
General Discussion » What does it take to be great » Go to message
I'm not sure how what you mean by "great", but as a player with a 2400 rating, I can tell you a few rules of thumb I always follow whenever I play:

1) At the start of every turn, always buy the unit with the greatest vision you can afford, then immediately undo the purchase. This gives you a glimpse at lurking enemy units you might otherwise not get to see. It is crucial you do this before buying anything for real because that reduces your available credits, limiting the amount of temporary vision you can get. Failure to do this can get yourself suckered very easily, for example, if the opponent tries to teleport a mecha two spaces from an empty base of yours, with the intent of trying to make a cheap capture.

2) Always try to plan out your entire turn before you move anything. Do not make one move, then start thinking about your next move. Occasionally, you might need to modify your plan after the fact if a battle turns out differently than you expected, for instance, if you need one more attack to get a kill than you thought you did. However, the planning principle still applies - before you move anything, plan for contingencies in case you get bad battle luck and think about what you're going to do in that case.

3) Don't be over-aggressive. Probably the number one mistake I see people make is moving towards the opponent's bases too fast and getting their units killed in the process. I still struggle with this myself, on occasion, as the temptation to run towards an enemy at full speed can be emotionally difficult to resist. But if you take the time to build your forces, then move in a coordinated assault, you'll do much better than if you move units forward one at a time to get themselves killed. This is especially true if you're Titans, as Titans work on building up strength slowly, not making a quick rush. There is one important exception to this rule, though. If you have a chance to kill an enemy battery/walker/wyrm, it's almost always a good idea to do so, even if you get some of your units killed in the process. Giving up a Marauder to kill a Walker is a huge win, as is giving up a speeder to kill a wyrm.
New Feature Request » Display user's ratings when they post forum messages » Go to message
When a user posts a forum message, I would like to see their numerical rating (either current or at the time the posted the message) along side their name. That way, I can quickly tell whether they know enough about the game for their advice to be credible.
Khraleans » Khral vs. Saps large airial battles » Go to message
I agree. If you build nothing but garudas and your sapian opponent builds nothing but helis, you will be able to build garudas about 40% faster than he can build helis (350 vs. 500 credits a piece). Given that in head-to-head battle, a garuda will deal out nearly as much damage as it takes, this will go in your favor. Furthermore, having more units than the opponent makes it easier to take advantage of the gang-up bonus and the repair rate of two is very nice as well (just move the damaged units to the rear to repair and let the units in from serve as a shield - garudas have the same mobility as helis, so they can't be outrun).

Because of this, of course, as strong sapian opponent will not simply build heli after heli if you build garuda after garuda, but will adopt some other strategy instead. As a sapian player on the other side of the battle, I find marines an excellent counter-strategy to garuda spam on maps with lots of forest and mountains. A marine in the forest can attack a garuda on roughly equal terms, but since the marine is 3 1/2 times cheaper, this is a steal for the sapian player.

I recently won a sapian-vs-khlarian battle in chato hill by building two helis, one battery, and almost nothing but marines from the rest of the game (with a very occasional marauder). The marine spam just ate up his garudas and the helis were primarily used to finish off damaged units that I couldn't convienently attack with marines.

Guides & Tips » Vision Trick! » Go to message
I do this all the time. I treat this as just part of the game, and I don't do it, my opponent will and I will be at a disadvantage.

Also, the base trick doesn't work all the time, for example, if you're short on credits or you already have a unit on the base that you really don't want to move.
New Feature Request » a few ideas(anti cheat,pm,sort games by map and race,replay) » Go to message
4) another thing i would like to see is a way to watch a replay of a complete match, this would really help to spot your mistakes and learn from them

Absolutely, great idea!
New Feature Request » Buried Ant Suggestion » Go to message
if you saw the ant just bury itself the immediately previous turn, I would like the game to just show you where it is. The information is already available by watching the replay and having the game just display the unit avoids the need to watch the reply three times to be sure just where that underling went.
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