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Messages posted by: Crowe
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Technical Support Questions » Stopped sending email notification » Go to message
I agree...email notifications have stopped for me as well. Checked all my settings and they are set correctly. Turned on Push for the iPhone...now watching my battery deplete faster than ever! Come on Uniwar Team...help us out.
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
I've found that Wyrms are extremely effective against copters...that is if you can protect it well. Especially hard on an open map with those pesky Marauder's zipping around!

Beat the copter down with your Wyrm first then send in your Swarmers and/or Garuda's to finish up the job. Also, focus on one copter at a time and take it out of play permanently. Otherwise a good player will fly away and find an engineer to bring it back into rotation later.
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