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Bug Reports » skipped my turn » Go to message
This happened to me too.

The game is still ongoing, and it hasn't happened again. The game is: ARIVERRU50485

The game told me it was the other player's turn. I couldn't make a move. After one day, I was given the option to skip the other player's turn (I'm certain it wasn't my turn - I tried making moves). I did not skip the other player's turn, choosing to wait instead. A few hours later, I find that my turn had been skipped.

If I had to make a guess, I'd say the other player made a move, but my phone's state was never updated. Thus, I couldn't make a move either, and we were both waiting for the other person. We both got the option to skip, I chose not to take it, the other person did.
Bug Reports » Battery usage » Go to message
Hi TBS Games,

I'm not sure this is a bug, but I couldn't decide whether I should post this here or in tech support.

I just wanted to point out that while I absolutely love UniWar, it destroys my phone's battery like nothing else. I'm using a Galaxy S Vibrant w/ Froyo. For comparison, I can play Angry Birds for hours without impacting the battery too much, and the phone stays cool. With UniWar, my battery drops like a stone, and the phone gets very warm. Not quite hot enough to cause damage (I think), but to the point where you start to worry a bit.

As a software developer myself, I thought about what might be causing this (not that I'm trying to tell you how to do your jobs ). The enemy AI may take some CPU power, but I doubt it's more more than the physics engine in Angry Birds. I have sound disabled, so the only thing remaining is graphics. This doesn't look like an OpenGL game, since its all isomorphic 2D. If I had to take a stab in the dark, I'd guess that the game is CPU rendered and is drawing as many frames per second as it can. Since animations are only used sparsely and tend to be fairly simple (2-3 frames), perhaps it would be possible to not draw a new frame unless something has changed? Maybe I'm totally off here, but it feels like there is something not quite optimal somewhere in the game which is really killing the battery.

Thanks for listening!
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