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Plus they can't (really/easily) be harmed underground, so you can position them where you want them without being subject to attack or bombardment. Safe place to heal before popping up again (and you can still get heal bonus by proximity to Infector).
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I don't think it can be +3 or they wouldn't 1-hit on plains, which they still do. However, now you mention maybe it's +4 now, because I think even forest-to-forest (ling on forest, assimilator on forest) does not 1-hit anymore, which +5 should allow (13 to 3).
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Ah, but the extension class Common Sense 102 gets into this: joining a random game is a commitment; if you don't want to be penalized, you have to play it through. That can be days of a tedious swarmer fest, say (which is no hugely terrible thing, but this is after all a form of entertainment and as such it faces lots of competition).

The advantages of ranked games include (a) you get matched with players of more similar skill, (b) there is incentive to play well and through; you don't get players abandoning games as much, (c) it's fun and motivational to improve your score. It's possible to want all of those advantages but not want to play certain maps or matchups that are more tedious. To answer your question, the disadvantage of unranked games then, is that they lose these advantages of ranked play.
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yeah I think what got out of hand here is the point whoring as you say – too many folks got addicted to finding their preferred map for winning most of the time (e.g. if they only accept one race) and now that *is* the game for a lot of people, that's where the fun is, so the devs were essentially taking the game away. Playing uniwar well across races and maps is hard and uncertain, where's the fun in that.

Well in fairness, it's also true that uniwar fun can really vary across maps and matchups. I for one would prefer an option to tell the randomizer I never want to play khral vs. khral, for example. In fact, if there were an option to only take games where the two races are different I'd sign up for that I think, though T-T and S-S aren't quite as bad. Also some of the bigger maps can be more tedious, though on the other other hand I will say that switching to pure random play hasn't nearly been as bad as I feared it was. Even matches that I thought would be ridiculous (Titans vs. Saps on Great Wall – I was able to win, though I now think that one should be a draw if played correctly, or Land Bridge which I never really gave a chance, etc.) were not as bad as I thought. The matching system has been glitchy (terrible UI on how to decide how many games to participate in, I guess they've changed it again with latest update? Still don't understand it fully) but has been connecting me with active players of reasonable skill who are more interested in the game than working the point system so that's great.

I play in streaks and lost a bunch of points getting assigned to games while not playing for awhile (apparently, anyway there were a bunch of 'you lost' games waiting for me somehow and my score was way down.) Going back on another break so I'll see if it happens next time. I have the 'available to random play' setting OFF and my last game ended so fingers crossed.

Wonderfully mysterious what "New rules for player rated above 2000" in the update is referring to, I wasn't able to figure it out this time around...
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Oh, and to answer the question , moving ground heavy units onto buried underlings causes 1 point of damage at the point of moving. After that there is no further damage. So, e.g., if you have a bunch of speeders in your army you can move them about stomping on ants (preferably while whistling "La Cucaracha"). Which doesn't do much because ants can heal 1 point, but at least it forces them to do that. (And at 9 strength, at least they can't 1-hit a 10 point assimilator.) Given this effect is so weak, you'll see people continually suggesting ways to make it stronger to help Titans against Khrals. Most recently, ant pop-up bonus was decreased from +6 to +5 for this reason. And it surely helps, though based on limited experience it doesn't seem like enough. But I haven't played enough Titans vs. Khral on the new system... the randomizer keeps assigning me the Khral side in that pairing (which certainly still feels easy to win, but...)
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I think it's still good practice to try to figure out how to win vs. Hard, you have to create some sort of kill zone so that you can offset the AI's points advantage with your own advantage dealing more damage than you are getting. Good practice for choosing targets, creating shield walls, healing rotations, using and protecting artillery.

Recently I was in another country with no data plan, so practiced on Jungle vs. Hard and it took a couple of tries to win with Sap vs. Khral. That's a fun one and pretty quick.

Actually open question for the group – what's a good challenge vs. AI on Hard? Right now there is only one matchup that I know is a challenge (not that I've tried all combinations), that's Titans vs. Khral on A Forest Walk. Too much space and terrain between bases, and too much forest. I tried a few times, with modified plans was able to hold out for quite a number of rounds but no wins...
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Are you playing Titans and defending walkers? That's the most common scenario for buried underlings to be used. And the answer to the "what to do about them" question is fairly involved. (On many maps, the ultimate answer is "lose" Khral generally beat Titans pretty easily except *maybe* on very open maps... but only if the Khral player executes the standard attack right.)

The very first thing is to learn to read ant sign. This is a differentiating uniwar skill that the more inexperienced often haven't picked up, sadly. You get the little yellow numbers showing how many buried ants are *bordering* a given unit. It doesn't count an ant directly below the unit. The ant sign doesn't lie, but creates a 'minesweeper' microgame so you might need to think a bit to figure out where the ants are (sometimes there are two possible configurations – knowing ant sign means you can also place your underlings to create this confusing ant sign for your opponent). Then decide which ants to cover (e.g. those near walkers and assimilators) and how - the heavier the better, both because of the (very minor) damage they do and heavier units are harder for swarmers and wyrms to clear (i.e. to open a hole there for the ant to pop out). They're dangerous but console yourself with the knowledge that any you keep trapped underground are unable to participate in the battle.

Avoid putting assimilators on top of ants on plains – they can be one-hit by neighboring ants popping up, creating a chain attack. Put assimilators on forest/mountains if possible (no one-hit) and position them in range of assimilating *every* ant that pops up. Then you can bury those assimilated ants yourself and use them to ascertain for sure where other ants are (try moving to different spaces and cancel... if there is an ant there you'll get a message), and also create underground blockades to keep enemy ants out of an area.

Move your whole walker fort around laterally & unpredictably if you can. Don't let the khral player set up their perfect domino attack. The khral player controls engagement (on most maps), i.e. Titans have to be patient and try to 'attack' by stepping their walkers and surrounding fort forward 1 step at a time (preferably by 'half steps' where possible, depending on where opponents are relative to the hex pattern), threatening to press the opponent back until they have no choice but to attack or sustain extended walker fire.

Gets to be a larger Titans vs. Khral conversation...
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I can't seem to start a new thread from Safari so I'll just post my question in this vaguely related thread – what is the underling resurface bonus at now? I thought it got dropped to +5 but given that my popping underling was unable to finish off an assimilator with both on forest it suggests resurface bonus is now +4. Anyone confirm? Haven't played in a long time so haven't kept up with the updates...
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Sap tanks will only do 1 pt damage to plasma tanks (absent other modifiers) roughly 15-20% of the time. 2pts most common, 3pts not uncommon. The number of hit points on the plasma tank doesn't effect how much damage the sap tank does to it (that's a general rule – weaker units deal less damage but their defense is the same.)
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my last reply missed your latest. Interesting – so talking about really huge numbers. Why would Khral players wait until the hydro line is 4 lines deep? That's a long time, and I don't see the advantage to them, since clearly then the ranged units can do much more damage than those that require proximity. Attacking when you have a mostly full 2-deep line of Garuda against a partial (or short 2-deep) line of Hydros seems more reasonable.

I was thinking when playing it that the right Titan strategy might be having a fair number of assimilators along the back wall and build up there, with the added bonus of a big UV pop when Garudas first close, in addition to the healing. Maybe there's something there.
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asdf your comment seems slightly contradictory – in paragraph 1 you cede that if you're only building hydros you can see getting beat by Garuda, but in the second paragraph you say hydros beat Garuda on Naval War. Are you saying you think teleport tricks on the islands are that decisive? Seems like the islands are pretty darn small, and a freshly-teleported mecha only impacts a Garuda's movement slightly (only blocks the actual hex it occupies, until it is out of freeze), so that's going to be hard to set up and unlikely to decide the outcome anyway. If it's about formation, how wide are these "deep" lines of hydros and aren't the Garuda wrapping around?
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Still a guaranteed 1-hit if the bonuses are equal (e.g. both on plains). To 1-hit the point delta needs to be 10; ants are 6 vs. ground light +4 resurface, so by default they just make it. Now though, any bonus in favor of assimilator means it lives, e.g. both on forest might hit for 9. (Because of the round down and 6x rolls it's extremely unlikely to do 10 points of damage if the attack delta is only 9... you have to roll a 20-sided die 60 times and never roll a 0.)
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My comments and tests above all assume Hydros getting first strike, just for sake of argument. (Though they will have to step forward to get it, which makes eclipse support vs. Garuda a sketchier proposition depending on map.)

Garuda still win. I think the question is whether as floe states there is some larger formation that helps hydros beat a Garuda swarm. (It's so hard to remember with birds... maybe it's a "flock", or like with crows a "murder of Garuda" sounds good. ) A long line of Hydros 2 deep clearly sounds better. I think Garuda should weaken all front line Hydros, vs. cripple every other one. In practice things fall apart really fast at the edges, Garuda will gnaw inward from there, and no map really allows huge unbroken lines of Hydros anyway – even Naval War is broken up by islands which screw up the formation. And being 2 deep means your line is shorter in practice – I don't see any reason for Khral to let you build a giant 2-deep line of hydros and be forced to attack with a 5 deep swarm of Garuda. They should move sooner.

On maps like Piriapolis it's moot anyway, you can't build a big formation of Hydros, and Garuda clearly win any likely head to head matchup. Not saying hydros are useless there (though I'm not sure ), but they do seem to need eclipse or maybe walker support which limits their usefulness.
General Discussion » underling resurface bonus 6->4 » Go to message
you saying (a) only noobs encounter a khral/titan imbalance or (b) only noobs would think ant resurface is an important factor? I think (b) is debatable and somewhat map driven, but resurface can be a pretty significant factor both in large walker siege situations as well as in tight small maps like Dead Monk. (Which do you disagree with? I know for example iluvkim doesn't use underlings heavily but he chooses maps where mass aerial + levi or wyrm are enough.)
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