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Many interesting remarks.

So far, I see several ideas gaining popularity. They are as follows.

A sapien jet specialising in anti air, with two range, to help krhal/sap boring stalemates.

The titan observer, which flies but doesent attack. Just has special abilities tractor beam, unit teleport, and force feild (no cloaking)

A khralean gecko, able to mimic enemy units (and perhaps other features?) Perhaps a suicide unit as well? maybe crocodile idea?

to be honest i havent seen any great krhalean ideas yet. more work and thought needs to be put here. It will be difficult to create new units for krhals as alot of players see krhals as the best race, and adding better/new units could make this worse.

talone, i agree with droid freak and others. your ideas are far fetched to say the least (no offense...) and i see them wrecking havoc on game balance. we all want to contribute something to this game, but lets make sure our ideas make sense as far as game balancing goes.

So, that being said, we are ending week two. This thread will be around for another week or two (havent decided yet) and then i will be calling a vote to see what everyone wants to implement, then I will hand it over to the developers.

Again, we need more people throwing out (good) ideas. Keep them coming!

Yours Truley,
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totally agree 100 percent.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Wow, I have read some great ideas these past few days. I shall let it be known that nothing is written in stone. I am being told by the developers that the units they create will come soley from the ideas on this thread. So that means any number of new units could be created (though for now, I think there maximum is six). I told Xavi to give us uniwarriors 3-4 weeks to all collaborate our ideas on the matter. Then im going to hold a vote, to see what units are favored to become the next new units for uniwar.

Please, everyone spread the word on uniwar to come visit the forums. Not everyone visits the forum regularly. This is an important decision as it will effect all of us.

Now to Comment.

Alteschwede: You suggested a hybrid unit that travels fast on water but slow on land. Then a post or two later Rwieczor84 suggest a crocodile with those same characteristics. Then waxoid says he likes the idea conceptually. I too, like this idea, and will be making a note of it.

Kurtonius: I hope im not the only one that feels this way, but you sir have some genius ideas for titans and khrals (wasent crazy about the saps, but to each his own, right?). You suggested that titans have energy based attacks. I simply love this idea, and i think I can expand on it to everyones (most everyones) liking.

This should be Titans first (and only) air unit. Call it the observer. It does zero damage to all units. Infact it cant even attack. But, it can create force feilds (increase a units defense within range for a single round), transport (ability to move any titan unit anywhere on map to within 2 hexes of observer), Tractor beam (ability to move any enemy unit one hex away),cloaking (ability to choose one unit within a 3 hex range to cloak, cloaking goes away if enemy unit lands next to cloaked unit or on it.

This observer will have a power core so to speak, which is drained by a certain amount every time a special ability is used. those specifics I shall leave to the devs.

Also, Kurtonius suggested a "gecko". A unit that can shape shift to look like any other unit of the khralean race. I need more specifics on this, but i really like this idea as well.

As for YOU waxoid, I think we all can agree a submarine is definatly in order =) . I like the idea of treating submerged subs like submerged lings (minesweeper style).

Some real good ideas coming about. Remember to leave messeges in all your current games inviting everyone to visit the forums!
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New Feature Request » Couple of tweaks maby. » Go to message
There is already a thread started on this very subject. Uniwar wants to add more units. Please post your well thought out ideas there.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
We are just throwing out ideas lantry. nothing is for sure. sure their may be alot of hair-brained ideas floating around, but who knows, maybe taking two bad ideas and combining them makes an awesome unit. I, too, somewhat agree that keeping titans grounded is the best course of action. But lets be honest with ourselves. 90 percent of games i play (if not more) never involve titans. thats because on small maps titans generally dont fair well. Perhaps there own aircraft will allow titans to play on maps that before they had no chance of winning. (like rocky, for instance). I say, give them a chance to play with the big boys!

Cpt hawaiian I like the nuke idea, and I like the whole idea of breaking stalemates with uber powerful units/weapons. However, im not to fond of a 6 range walker idea. Walkers are already controversial in this game. people believe there range is too long, and they are too expensive. I simply dont see it being used alot, unless maybe it had splatter damage?

Maybe your nuke could have a nuclear fallout for a turn or two? Causing enemy units to get "radiation sickness" much like a khralean plague. (but non-spread-able)

Keep the ideas coming, i want to hear them all!
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
you bring up several good ideas AlterSchwede. First of all, im beggining to think that a transporting air unit for all the races would be more beneficial than a transporting sea unit. Many maps simply dont have water.

Also there are two other very good ideas you bring up that i would like to see atleast one. First, is a unit that suicides, and second is a unit that deals splatter damage (damage that effects all units in an area, like UV) but is an actual attack and not a special move requiring cool down.

Keep the genius coming guys.
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talone, truer words have never been spoken. to bad most people are in it to win it. I would accept your peace offering if you ever asked for it, and that goes for everyone on uniwar.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Dear Uniwarriors,

You heard correctly. Six (maybe 5) new units will be created for uniwar players. Xavi has given me some parameters to follow and im here to share them with you so I can get everyones ideas on the matter.

As far as I understand correctly, the developers want to implement three new sea units and three new air units, respectively, with a credit price range from 100 to 1000. They want to add complexity to sea battles and "more air fight", as xavi put it. That means that titans may be getting their first air unit.

I want all well-thought out ideas. As far as sea units are concerned, I personally believe a submarine type unit for each race is finally in order. I have been thinking alot about the sea units (not so much for air), and what I want to implement is that every "submarine" has the ability to transport ground units AND has one special ability. They are as follows:

Khraleans: Giant Squid- Ability to squirt ink, effecting all six terrain around it. Enemy units cannot see if there are units hiding in the cloud, and their mobility is greatly reduced if they try to pass through it.

Sapiens: Submarine- Ability to lay depth charges underwater, completly undetected, and only ingnites when enemy unit lands directly on bomb. This will deal X amount damage to a single enemy unit.

Titans: Augmenter- Has ability to "ram" enemy units that sits adjacent to it, causing X amount of damage and recieving none. Then this unit will still have option to attack after a ram. Meaning it can move, ram, and then attack.

I am leaving it up to the developers to decide what the cooldown time for each unit should be, and how much damage the special abilities will inflict. After all, they are the ones who have to balance the game

As for air units, the only thing that comes to my mind is adding a sapien jet. It would have crazy good mobility, and be one of the best anti air and sea units. Then the helicopters stats should be changed to better attack ground heavy and light units. (kinda like in real life, where apaches are used to blow up tanks and kill infantry and jets are used to destroy naval ships/helicopters/other jets.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to hearing what you all have to add to the game! And please if you have changes to what I have already entered, feel free to criticize. (and yes, i know that in real life submarines dont generally drop depth charges, so spare me would ya )

User Generated Maps » New tile suggestions to increase diversity of maps » Go to message
And one more thing. What do the stars under my name mean? I just noticed them...
User Generated Maps » New tile suggestions to increase diversity of maps » Go to message
I have an idea if your looking for a new terrain.how does a desert tile sound? On this tile your units will not heal unless backed up by a healer unit. This could add diversity. Im not crazy about the idea, but for those of you who want something new may like it. Doesent have to be a desert tile btw, could be anything. Just seems like wounds would be harder to heal in desert heat. Just my 2 cents.
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I too agree a rating system is a good idea, but there kinda is a rating system in place. When you select a usermade map, below it will show the amount of times it has been played. I know this isnt a rating system, but a higher number means atleast its popular, if not balanced as well.

What really needs to happen is there needs to be a way to de-publish a map, or if a map doesent get played for x amount of time it is automatically deleted, so we wouldnt have to vote maps out.

And if we cant de-publish, atleast give the map creator the ability to edit his own published maps. There is no way to test and see if a created map is balanced or even fun until it is played a few times.

Also, my biggest rant of all now is this. Now that hd is out, there are alot more games i want to play. 20 game slots used to be fine, but with all these maps being created i find myself hitting the limit and wanting to play alot more games.

Please consider my words devs.
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After one thousand tries i finally got one damage to a tank. Sorry to hectopascal for the accusations.
General Discussion » Is it possible... *possible stat manipulation* » Go to message
Yes what you are saying makes sense fully and i already thought of that, but my hundreds of test beg to differ. Thats it, im gunna do a thousand test, i want to get to the bottom of this.
General Discussion » Is it possible... *possible stat manipulation* » Go to message
I dont have a pen and paper in front of me. And that math looks a little difficult, does that math give you a range or an average of what damage will be dealt? Has anyone ever seen a full health walker only deal one damage, when both units are on nuetral terrain? I have tested this well over 200 times now, and i normally deal 2 or 3 damage, with an occasional 4 damage being dealt. Can anyone give us insight? Because me and fisher have never seen this, and were not exactly newbies...maybe my copy of uniwar is different then everyone elses, but if the most expensive ground unit in the game is truley capable of only doing one measily damage, then i think that ill probably quit playing this game.
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