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New Feature Request » Scratch Pad » Go to message
Why not use conventional paper? Or your head?
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
What I'll say about this:

-Not a bad idea, except for the turret, we don't need those
-NO! For crying out loud! It's a TBS not a RTS! All the great TBS games I know of don't have this research crap, only the RTS does, and I don't want them to turn that game into RTS!
-I'm not sure what to think about that...
-We already have specials like you say, we could get more but depends what it is...
-What the hell is this for?!?
-Utterly useless and unbalances the game a great deal. You're better off making other units.
-Why not, but that's up to Apple with their Appstore
-Yes! I fully support that idea! Add with some moderation against spammers and we're done!
-That also could be a nice feature
-Again, hundred times NO! Like I said above, this is a TBS for crying out loud!! Stop trying to make it a RTS!
-Nope, see above
-What the fuck? Who would want that? That's not Sony's home or any of that crap, go get animal crossing if you want that feature...
-Meh I don't really support this, why money? Why not give it for free?
-That's ridiculous, now we get RPG elements... Did I mention it's a TBS game?
-Clans, yes! Your idea, what? I'm not sure what you're trying to expose, but I support the idea of the game supporting clans.
-NO! I said enough already...
-Yes, excellent idea, and also less symetrical maps!
-Ah, the long waited map editor... I see no reason to oppose myself to this, I'd like to see new maps.
-Why?!? I really don't see the use to code such a stupid thing... Also I don't think uniwar is open-source...
-In-game you mean? I wouldn't have real use myself... Dunno about others though...
-Hmm when I was told about the map editor possibility, I thought of something made on the computer, making it directly on the device seems kinda difficult to do, so if they can okay but I'd prefer to have a full and properly working editor on the computer than a uncomplete and hard-to-use editor on the device itself.

To sum it up, you have some ideas, maybe too much. You are mixing all game types and tend to want to turn this into a social place where you have a "home" and some "money". No one has any use of this, some developpers tried it in the past, and the feature was enjoyed 3 days, after that it was just a burden to everyone. So you would be what I call a "casual gamer", okay play what you want, but don't dare transform one of my favourite games on the iPod into a casual gaming piece of crap, thanks you!
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Hack Revealed! - 2 week notice » Go to message
I thought it was someone else than that shadowking, thanks for clarifying that for me.
To be clear myself, you did not seem nasty, angry or bitchy in your post, you even seemed smarter than most of the guys on the internet. Don't get too cocky though, it's trolls i'm talking about

Well I said it number of times on that site but I'd say the best way to attract their attention is by sending an email to support@uniwar.com , but even on there they don't seem to react (I didn't tried it myself). I may be mistaken, but or they are too concentrated on programming a sequel to the game, or they just abandon their game. I sure hope it's the first option, uniwar is such a great game

Ya hear kralux? Ya better be making that sequel or I'll come down there and kick your butts to work
Technical Support Questions » Bots Cheating » Go to message
That's perfectly normal my friend, online or offline there is no difference, let me expose:

As Paul said, credit is their only advantage, so in offline mode they would have more money than you have, not sure if it's the case on easy but that's not important. Haven't you tried online gaming? At least in 1 vs 1, I had the same scenario as you did, him having better units on the same round for some reason. Well see the second players has more credits to start with, this is for balancing purpose, you can try yourself and make a game on versus with yourself you'll see.

Don't worry, I highly doubt the bot is cheating, it's just the handicap for balancing purposes that makes you think so
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Hack Revealed! - 2 week notice » Go to message
Hrm I mistook the wyrm for the support units, artillery does have defense although a low one.

No need to correct or prove yourself, just tested it and I have the same results, sorry I don't even know why I wrote that. Well could you give us his name so that we don't play with him? Or did you put him up on the "unstrustworthy uniwarrior" list??

Again sorry for doubting you, I am wrong and you were right!

Sapiens » Fleet Tactics » Go to message
That's kinda late, but I discovered on several occasions that if you mass up detroyers and he masses up levis, let him attack first, then on your turn kill all the weaklings (5 or 3) with your full health destroyers, and when they're gone go for the healthier ones. After a few clashes and recovers from your opponent, you WILL prevail
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
* Just shorten the range of view of each unit

I'd do that only that if no other options pleases me, as this one doesn't either but seems the most reasonable

* Enemy ZOC shortens the range of view, but long range unit reveals its position when it fires

Against the shortening of the range view with ZOC, you're not controlling 900 meters high units that prevents you from seeing whats behind or what they're sitting on...
For the revealing long range fire, i can't remember if that was in advance wars or not, but seems like a good idea.

* The range of view may be shortened by terrain

If it applies only to ground units and for example works only with forests and mountains, yeah why not.

I would suggest more terrain types for the water, for example reefs or troubled water to add strategical choices for the naval war map for example, because right now as sapiens mass spamming destroyers powns everything, poor khraleans can't repel such a powerful force and I have yet to see a titan player give me a good whopping on that map recently (of course I got one as I started...)
New Feature Request » Starting games on 'next game' » Go to message
I agree, it's extremely annoying when that happens, and I therefore second this idea, but I doubt it will happen since the devs has been quite quiet last couple months...
Technical Support Questions » Bots not making their moves? » Go to message
You see that time limit for someone's turn? Well it has to reach 00:00 in order to skip that player's turn. Only then would the option be available, if not then I don't know why. Also be aware that when you skip someone thrice in a row, he isn't skipped but directly kicked from the game, making that player lose this match.
Technical Support Questions » Bots not making their moves? » Go to message
It's a known problem, bots have been having issues. But just so you know not all of them are KO, you can skip them till the end of the game so you can get rid of the game though...
General Discussion » Uniwar "guide" comming soon! » Go to message
Just as an FYI, the guide is indeed out. You can check it out at the "The Universe- A Guide to Uniwar" thread in the general discussion section.
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Hack Revealed! - 2 week notice » Go to message
Hum, a 7 pinzer doing 8 damage to a wyrm with 0 DEFENSE seems higly probable... I don't see how's that cheating at all
Then if it was a garuda or a plasma tank then I would agree...
General Discussion » Stop Cheaters » Go to message
Not sure if this "proves" anything to me, but admins could easily track those accounts and see where they originated. But I have to say his friend list is not himself only, I see some ppl here who I know and can't just be the same person, so that makes me doubtful. I'm sorry I really can't help you without solid evidence, at least that I can't get a hold on. Try your luck by sending your request by mail at: support@uniwar.com , you might have a better chance to attract their attention.

Good luck, if it's indeed a "cheater" I hope he gets his ass banned
Bug Reports » Undoing heal creates sickness » Go to message
Happened on my walker, but doesn't work like plague since it disappeared after one round.
Bug Reports » Eclipse Not Given Option to Fire » Go to message
Well if you move, get visibility, and then undo the move before confirming his position that would be cheating now wouldn't it?
Also, that'll defeat one of the major purposes of the fog of war, protecting units in it. What you should have done was to first scout that said fog, THEN move in the eclipses to obliterate the said copter
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