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Messages posted by: qporcupine
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Bug Reports » Units glowing green no longer works » Go to message
Same thing is happening on Android. When using the glowing option, there's actually no visual difference between units that can take action and those that have used their actions. The green dots will appear if you turn off the glow option though.
Tournaments » The Beach Wars: rules and registration » Go to message
My opponent, ZeroC00L, never made a move in any of the 4 matches so after giving him a grace period that lasted into the new 12 hour time-limit (which then also expired), I kicked him from the matches.
Tournaments » Spring freshet: 2 tour » Go to message
All 4 games underway:
QPorcupine vs 1fcb1fcb
Match 1 1fcb1fcb Titan - Qporcupine Sapiens
Match 2 Qporcupine Titan - 1fcb1fcb Sapiens
Match 3 Qporcupine Khraleans - 1fcb1fcb Sapiens
Match 4 1fcb1fcb Khraleans - Qporcuine Sapiens.
Tournaments » Spring freshet: 1 tour » Go to message
Pool 5-8
Qporcupine vs Morriss0_0_6

G1: Titans (Qporcupine) vs Khral (Morriss0_0_6) - Winner Qporcupine, 28 Rounds
G2: Khral (Qporcupine) vs. Titans (Morriss_0_0_6) - Winner Qporcupine, 24 Rounds
G3: Titans (Morriss_0_0_6) vs Sapiens (Qporcupine) - Winner Morriss0_0_6, 23 Rounds
G4: Sapiens (Morriss_0_0_6) vs Titans (Qporcupine) - Winner Qporcupine, 23 Rounds

Total Score
Qporcupine 3, Morriss_0_0_6 1

Thanks for the intense/exciting matches, Morriss0_0_6. Some nice back and forth fighting.
Tournaments » Spring freshet: 1 tour » Go to message
Qporcupine (Titan) - morriss0_0_6 (Khral)
Qporcupine (Khral) - morriss0_0_6 (Titan)

morriss0_0_6 (Sap) - Qporcupine (Titan)
morriss0_0_6 (Titan) - Qporcupine (Sap)
Tournaments » Spring freshet: 1 tour » Go to message
In my mirror game I forgot to change the time limit to 12 hours and didn't notice til my second turn. Should I restart the match or play it out?
Tournaments » Spring freshet: basic rules and registration » Go to message
Username: QPorcupine
Rating: 1930
Experience: About 35 months.
Country: Canada
Bug Reports » bots » Go to message
I have also noticed this bug but I figured out a workaround that lets you still play against bots.

When setting up a match instead of just assigning player slots to Bot, you can use Invite to invite specific bots and they will join your match.

If you don't remember the name of any of the bots, here are a few names you can try:
Bug Reports » Issue with Octal War on UniWar HD » Go to message
Ever since upgrading to the HD version of Uniwar, I have not been able to load any game using the map, Octal War. As soon as it tries to load, it crashes to the application menu. I have to use a task killer to be able to relaunch Uniwar or it will just flash a black screen for a brief moment and then exit.

I even tried logging in to a friend's phone (also updated to the HD version) in case it was an issue with my install, but the same problem happens there as well.

My phone is a Nexus One and my friend has a Nexus S, both of are running 2.3.
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