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New Feature Request » POLL- Skip, Kick or Both? » Go to message
I'm indifferent about team games myself as I don't play them. But in 2 player matches of 1 day or more there's a really high dropout rate and it's no fun skipping a player who obviously isn't coming back. When you have to wait 3 days to get rid of someone your available game slots fill up quick with dead games.

I wouldn't object myself to "skip player" working as it is now on 3 minute, 10 minute and 1 hr games as it seems much more likely the person would miss a turn for "life issues" or lost wifi/signal or whatever else. I see the reasoning here. I would however point out that if you know the other players or the game is going well you do have the option of waiting it out if someone goes over the time limit

I really think you need to have the option to kick players on the first turn they miss on 1 day/3 day games however. If someone misses a 24 hour turn they aren't coming back. (In most cases, that is, please don't list the one exception you might know of.)
New Feature Request » REQ: Can we have a poll about skip turns? » Go to message
I'll start one I guess if no one else runs with it.

I'm not opposed to the idea of it in team games or short matches but it's harsh on long term 2 player games since it's not hard to tell when someone has given up and isn't coming back. Often it's when it looks like they're losing. Sometimes they just make a few moves and disappear.

I don't even know what the terms of the poll should be though since there is some middle ground and I don't know much about team matches, All I know is it's not fun skipping someone in 2 player matches who left because they're losing or lost interest and when you're in the 1400-1600 rank this happens an awful lot.
New Feature Request » Helo nerf - how do you guys feel about it? » Go to message
Tanks are more useful than you think. They're very strong defensively especially when backed by engineers.

But that's not here or there. I do think helicopters should be changed. Helicopters should be glass cannons. Lots of fire power and can hit and run but extremely vulnerable to enemy fire. I'd consider letting them fire from one space away like a swarmer or eclipse (after all helicopters use guns, they don't bash into their opponents)

Either way I think they're fine offensively but in real life a helicopter is a very fragile thing. I know these are more advanced but still.
New Feature Request » REQ: Can we have a poll about skip turns? » Go to message
Can we have a poll to see who would like to get rid of skipping player turns?

I personally see no use for it and it's annoying to have to play all the way through with all the dropouts you get in this game

I'm just surrendering now so I can open the slots again and it's really killing my ratings
New Feature Request » Team match problem with new rules » Go to message
IMO two player games should never have "Skip Turn". There's no need. If the opponent wants to give you another chance they can just wait it out and see if you come back. Kick player was a lot more useful.

Multiplayer games are different and I don't play them enough to say but I think they should have the skip turn feature as an option and kick for when you know they're not returning. I usually only play 2 player so I won't say what "should" be done on multi. But multi and 2 player are very different ways to play so I don't see why you can't accomodate that.

BTW I really don't like the idea of a system to rate player quality. The main thing IMO is you don't want new players to be discriminated against. It's already a pretty small community where it's not difficult to build up a friends list and to recognize the same player names over and over. Maybe if the game becomes huge the system would make sense but as it is you dont want to divide the players up. It's a cheap casual game (no offense but that's the nature of the platform compared to a PC game for example) and you have a lot of turnover with people coming and going. It's better to think of ways to make them stay so we have a large pool of players than to set up an elite group of hardcore players who only play each other (which is easy enough for them to do without your help anyway)

New Feature Request » Combatting Loopholes - Improving Speeder abilities... » Go to message
1, Yes to EMP immunity. Make engineers fear the speeders. All other healer/capture units have to be used very cautiously but engineers can just walk into a dangerous battle and shut the whole thing down.

2, Yes to speeders over water and mountains. This would make hydronauts much more unseful since you can have a unit protecting the spot they can't attack from. I say try it out and see if it's overpowered or not.
New Feature Request » Team match problem with new rules » Go to message
1, Surrender should be allowed without loss of points before you make your first move. There are too many reasons why this is so to list but most involve the whole matching up system as well as the random games system. You should be allowed to back out a game you don't want to play "for free" before you make your first move.

Surrender is always better than abandonment. Abandoning games leaves the other player screwed because they don't know if you're coming back or what. At least surrender lets you move on.

2, I think skip turn has to go. It's maddening when you know someones not coming back and yet you have to skip their turn and keep waiting. Also even if that player comes back, on most maps they're screwed anyway from missing a turn, so it's not like you're doing them any favors by giving them a second chance.

3, I think an ebay like rating system would not work because its too easy to abuse if you have a grudge or want to be a troll. Making friends is the way to go.

4, I agree that anonymous accounts need to go as well. It's a burden on the community and its really unfair to the core players to have to weed them out. I have yet to have a positive encounter with one and i bought this game the day it came out.

Multiple accounts should be allowed for various reasons including sometimes you just want to start over with a new name but there needs to be a way to block multiple players on the same device from playing in the same game.
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