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Messages posted by: Nicko
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Bug Reports » Infected Marines » Go to message
I got a walker plagued...
Technical Support Questions » Can't click on a name » Go to message
Uuuh, on what screen exactly??
Frequently Asked Questions » nOOb observations / questions » Go to message
First of all, welcome to Uniwar.

To help you on the game and to answer those newbies questions, I highly suggest you pay the "help" section of the game a visit, it's in the main menu (while you're offline)
Now for your games, you have a feature activated called "random games". I think it's covered in the help section, but just in case it's not, it basically allow the players to match up against you randomly using the "random game" feature. You can of course deactivate it by going in Headquarters > My Account
If you don't want to deactivate but want to drop games, you have to be aware that, until the game reaches round #3, it's not considered rated, so if you surrender on round #3 or before you won't lose any points and it won't be counted in your win/loss ratio.
For the options i'm not sure, I think it filters the open games displayed.

If you have further questions go ahead, and good luck on Uniwar
Frequently Asked Questions » Draw game ? » Go to message
You go in the menu > Game Options > Offer Peace
Then if the player accepts the game ends in a draw (duh)
General Discussion » The Universe- A Guide to Uniwar (the basics) » Go to message
You're right nix, although I think Sphink wanted to give a basic guide without going in depth for players to understand the mechanics of the game and what they should and should not do (attack from bad position for example).
But I agree I love to do that, but hate when we do that to me
General Discussion » Stop Cheaters » Go to message
Ja admins are indeed quiet ATM, maybe concentrating efforts on UW2, well I hope...
But damn, the top 10 didn't move a budge for months and now there is a crap load of new champions (except for sale as you say).
But tell me, how the hell do you know he's playing himself over and over again?? As far as I now you can't be a spectator or watch a game without playing. I'm not saying I don't believe you, what you say is highly probable, but I recommend you give us some screenshots (several, not one) in order to prove what your saying, or it'll be your word against his, and I don't think kralux knows any of you
General Discussion » The Universe- A Guide to Uniwar (the basics) » Go to message
Oh how I agree about saving every single units you can. How often my opponent thought I was done fore when I charged with 10+ 100c units, they can wreak havoc, especially marines or underlings. And most of all it's unexpected by the opponent. Also, I'd like to add that the gangup bonus is EXTREMELY important in same-race matches. Having equivalent units, it's very important to get the advantage by using every single bonus at your disposal, by putting underlings on mountains and forcing the enemy to fight from disadvantaging positions (marshes, forests if they're not light units and sand if they are)

Overall, it's not what I expected, but I think it's the best a new player could find to help him, they don't need in depth strategies explained to them at the very beginning. I say the best way to learn one is to find it yourself, losing to someone using that said strategy really helps IMO. But really, apart from the grammar and punctuation mistakes, this guide is very good for beginners. Maybe not for advanced players, but really will help newbies.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with everyone here, I'm sure some will appreciate
If I find anything to add that goes with the guide I'll be sure to stop by or send a private message mate.

PS: Yay! I'm in special thanks!
PPS: lol added you some stars...
Technical Support Questions » iPhone crashes » Go to message
You tried restarting/resetting the iPod/uninstalling and install uniwar back again?
If not, I have no clue...
New Feature Request » Decline Invites!!!!? » Go to message
If you surrender in the first 3 rounds (at round 3) then you won't lose any points, the game being considered "unrated" until that round cap, even if you killed/lost units. And yeah that IS quite a hassle, if he continues you can still make your account's games available only to friends, like this he won't be able to invite you.
To do so go to: Log in > Headquarters > My account > Scroll down until "Available to:" > make it so it's set to "Friends only" or "No one"
There ya go! No more annoying kid
New Feature Request » Switch 1st/2nd player randomly » Go to message
I find this an excellent idea! If you could toggle it it would be best, but it seems kinda hard to put in place.
New Feature Request » Colour coding friend requests » Go to message
Hum, do you know what the war report is for? It indicates all availble info you'll need on your match, including your opponent's/teammate's names. Even when you finish a match you have the info, are you just skipping this section and then coming here for help? Not advisable
New Feature Request » ADD BOTS TO MULTIPLAYER » Go to message
You can already add bots in MP... who the hell do you think your first match was??? Please read instructions and the "help" section of the game before posting stupid requests like that.
For the units I really don't know if x-pressed will add some, maybe in a sequel, who knows?
New Feature Request » Nuclear Missiles » Go to message
I'm not sure about this. You seem to have good ideas, but uniwar is doing fine without "super units" like that nuke or "experimentals" in Supreme Commander for example.
But that aside, i don't think khraleans would have a built a top-tech missile capable of dealing massive damage whilst having no technology at all (being only organics)

I'd say it's definitively not a good idea for uniwar, i tend not to like "uber units" so much, bu thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Hack Revealed! - 2 week notice » Go to message
While being able to report cheaters, I never had this kind of problem, so I'm failing to see how this game is failing. I'm sure there are cheaters, it has been demonstrated in several occasions, and that guy saying he is cheating and offering to "help" is pathetic, too much for words.

So yeah, even though I personally don't have problems, it would be an obligation for Xpressed to fix this issue.
General Discussion » "Higher end players": What makes a map a must-join for you? » Go to message
Wooow, you seriously play Starcraft way too much (as great it is)
No, it's Khraleans, Sapiens and Titans, nothing less nothing more

What makes me join? Well, I'm almost never the one joining, but when I do I use the race I fell more comfortable with based on the map, the opponents race and the opponent himself (if I have played him in the past).
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