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Messages posted by: Nicko
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Bug Reports » Healing buried Underlings » Go to message
Yep, healing works only when adjacent to the infector, although it should when it's under...
Khraleans » Leviathan Rush: Why Khraleans have the best water unit » Go to message
I don't agree with you, apart from the rush. Sure, with it's low cost you can build it earlier, but that is it's ONLY advantage.
I can tell, I had a game with someone - don't remember his name - on Naval war, and we had a huge destroyers (me) / Leviathans (him) fight. I fille 3 line of water with destroyers (yes that much), and him probably 4-5 being a low cost unit. Now see we were building up forces, no one wanting to give the initial strike since the first rush assault failed for both sides, but then he charged. By attacking only low health units from his attacks, I could eventually defeat him, bringing him to an equal number of leviathans, and with the destroyer capability he just couldn't fare against me.

So on a rush, yes they are better. On everything else, they kinda suck
General Discussion » New script stopping N00bs playing players with high XP » Go to message
I'm with vapor on this one. Even if you can surrender, it's damn annoying to surrender on 15 games every 5 hours, and I mean REALLY annoying... I wouldn't call them noobs thought, they're newbies. Noob is someone who, for some reason, refuses to play normally/good/fair. Anyways I'm still too scared to turn on random, can someone say if the wave calmed down? The chat did but not so sure about the games? Also the script shouldn't ban all games, but the instead be a choice of the player
General Discussion » Email spam » Go to message
You mean the mail you receive when it's your turn in a game? I've never activated it...
General Discussion » Can we get someone banned for that reason? » Go to message
Finally that won't be necessary, the dude calmed down. Not sure what was wrong, but oh well. But I still keep the screenshots just in case
General Discussion » Can we get someone banned for that reason? » Go to message
Okay I might do that, I forgot about that mail. Thanks for the tip!
General Discussion » Can we get someone banned for that reason? » Go to message
Okay so I wasn't sure where to post this, so I put it up in General.
So for some time now as most of you know, there was a huge wave of newbies in the game. Fortunately, most of the idiotic ones left being frustrated not knowing how to play without even looking at the campaign. But still they did not all left, some newbies are very nice and make good impression, others down right don't.
I'm talking about a player named "Cuddlefish", I understand that the guy has several accounts, but he is using that one in the chat right now.
So to come to the facts, the guy is pissing everyone off in the chat. Normally he would just pop in random comments or stuff, no big deal. But when someone confronts him and he doesn't like it, he reacts badly, often insulting that said player.The thing is that he has been going on since he arrived and won't come to reason, so my question it this, can we get someone banned for acting like a douche on the chat?
I can provide some screenshots with him insulting if necessary, but won't post until said so.
General Discussion » iPhone app free for a day -- Bot ranks jump to 1600+ » Go to message
Yup, they are very slow lately, some didn't even start the game with me
General Discussion » Uniwar "guide" comming soon! » Go to message
Yeah basically what the campaign does is introduce the different units to you progressively. If you start the online directly, not only must you learn strategies, but all the basics at the same time! So it's not a good idea
I'll wait for the guide for more feedback, keep up!
New Feature Request » Self Destruct Unit? » Go to message
I also often have this problem, having a weak unit with 1-3 HP blocking a freshly built unit in front of an enemy unit.
What I do in these cases is that I charge with the weak unit at the enemy, assuming he has enough health, it will destroy your unit and sometimes make some extra damage to the enemy, and voila! One free hex coming right up!
General Discussion » Uniwar "guide" comming soon! » Go to message
Well, that seems a good idea. Too bad you weren't here earlier, now all the newcomers are leaving in frustration because they did not understand the game, their loss. But you can't be blamed if they didn't take time to play the campaign first and/or look at the (very helpful) help section of the game...
As for your guide, well once it's finished I don't mind looking at it and telling what's wrong with it
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