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What's New in the Latest Updates » New Race Balancing Proposal - Sept 2010 » Go to message
one more thought (sorry) – have you played with the idea of making ground heavy stomp damage do a variable amount of damage between 1 and (less frequently) 2, rather than always -1? Tune the probability to moderate the effect. The nice thing here is the change would more narrowly address the case of ants besieging titans, as tons of ants under sapiens or other khral is rare.
What's New in the Latest Updates » New Race Balancing Proposal - Sept 2010 » Go to message
oh and random, on general topic of khral/titan balance, it seems like there is an issue at sea, just from the fact that it looks like Garuda spam will always beat Titans on something like Naval War. (am I wrong?) More anti-air for Hydronaut might help but could be unbalancing in other ways (vs. Saps). A "water eclipse" that isn't as good against aquatic is an interesting option, but expanding naval units is a whole 'nother discussion probably. A larger look at aerial unit effectiveness vs. aquatic is probably merited.
What's New in the Latest Updates » New Race Balancing Proposal - Sept 2010 » Go to message
ah, underling resurface bonus is +6? I had heard smaller numbers (+3) in other threads I think, and hadn't tested it. Those guys don't "resurface" they explode out of the ground. Maybe they should do range damage at the same time.

That helps explain why a few of them can tear down a plasma tank. General cheesy use of pop-up bonus seems to me to be a key reason for khral dominating titans, so I'd support the reduction to +5 which is still a pretty big bonus on top of an already nice tactical advantage (burrowing under defenses). Main concern would be the incremental advantage to the marine (main way to reduce marine domination may be just to update the map mix and have more battles with strategic open spaces or at least frickin' *roads* . In battle vs. titans, the decreased underling bonus would mainly incrementally lessen underling ability to tear down advanced hardware so effectively. One implication is that resurfacing underlings would no longer have a guaranteed 1-hit of assimilators on base (tragic).
New Feature Request » Scamble should be taken off the map list. » Go to message
On the subject, in considering new ranking system, points won should decrease when playing the same map repeatedly or disproportionately (some reasonable formula that wouldn't affect players who don't camp on a few maps.) Reward diversity. Players who can adapt to different situations are probably better all-around players anyway.

Ah, the joy of getting these silly players out of book.
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couldn't figure anything out... clicking the other field while in editing for one didn't do it.
General Discussion » Should the damage formula be a secret? » Go to message
Sorry, I see the rounding question was answered above. I've built a spreadsheet that runs trials and estimates hit values/probabilities. If you want it leave me a private note and I'll try to check and figure out how to share.

Any regulars know the answer to the gang-up question I asked here? I haven't tried to test that...
Frequently Asked Questions » Can I change my username? » Go to message
I was just being clueless about the UI previously, thanks. Now though the problem seems to be a bug in the UI (perhaps iPad specific?) I can edit one of the two login fields (account name or password), backspace to delete and type my waxoid info, but when I fix one, hit Done, and try to edit the other field, backspace no longer works. So I can put my account name in, but can only append characters to the old anonymous account's password, which won't work. Unhelpfully, when login fails it restores the original anonymous values. We've tried many variants of closing/reopening etc. Anybody seen this? Uniwar team?
User Generated Maps » Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth [8 player] » Go to message
Titans would certainly be right at home setting up fort in Mordor there.
Easy to imagine Garuda flying out of the Grey Mtns in the north as well...
Frequently Asked Questions » Can I change my username? » Go to message
How do you switch login to a different account? My son created an Anon account on our iPad, and I want to delete that and log into my proper account from there. Delete the app and re-install maybe? Wondering if there is a way within the app.
General Discussion » 3 minutes turn game » Go to message
OK, sorry if I'm feeding the troll. Thanks.
General Discussion » Should the damage formula be a secret? » Go to message
Two questions here:
- How is rounding handled? (After dividing by 6, if the formula comes out to 8.73, the damage delivered is what?) I ask because my first take at doing this in Excel suggests a Battery should do 9 damage to an Assimilator on mountain most of the time (because p = 0.9), but in quick tests in game I see 8 damage pretty frequently; rounding by truncation could be one answer to the discrepancy. (A bug in my script could be another.
- Clarification on gang-up: the wording is a bit ambiguous; if my first hit is with a unit on one side, and the second with a unit on the exact opposite side, does that 2nd attack get +3 gang-up? Or do there have to be additional hits imbetween?
General Discussion » Ethics in a multiplayer game » Go to message
Sigh, I'm in my first two ranked FFA games, I'm in Octal War fighting 1 vs. a 4-way alliance against me and in a Quintus fighting 1 vs. an emerging 3-way alliance. Not a great strategy for winning in the end, but it is fun. Maybe I will learn not to be too aggressive in the beginning and play the wait-and-see balance-of-power thing. Or maybe not.
General Discussion » 3 minutes turn game » Go to message
Well, of course skipping turns can be cheap and lame. Your posts don't indicate it but I'm sure you can appreciate some amount of subtlety of context. I played a 3 minute game once, had the advantage after some number of moves, had to help my kid with something, saw the timer go out just as I submitted my turn. I found I had already been skipped in the intervening 2 seconds. The guy was clearly watching it, looking for the advantage. Ergo, he's a weasel. Sure, it was "fair", but doesn't change the weasel-ness. You are free to admire the guy, I won't. Hard to escape the conclusion why his score was higher than his skill seemed to indicate. I quit the game and let him have his exciting points, I could care less, I value my time too much to waste it playing phone games with such.

My first 3 island game was a 24 hour game, had been going on for weeks, and I had an upcoming camping trip I promised the family. I gave many days notice that I'd be slow on the move, asking for grace. I came back and the move had been skipped, without comment. In this game, a single move can (often should) be decisive, so it's pretty lame to blow a multi-week game that way, IMO. In this case, the player who apparently did it wasn't strong, I was able to recover and I made a point of eliminating that guy first. Again, you're welcome to disagree and see great virtue in the turn skipping action. People have different value systems and different things they admire.

And yes, of course if someone just isn't showing up or is holding up the game, you have to skip and boot them. I'd like the game to show who did the skipping in a multi-player game though - if you think it was right, put your name to it.

New Feature Request » Get info on visible units while not your turn » Go to message
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