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UniWar: Origins » Uniwar Fan Fiction: Project Titan (Part II) » Go to message
Interesting. Pretty good overall but some portions of the text need to be smoothed over.
UniWar: Origins » A Uniwar Fanfic: The Aftermath II » Go to message
I'm not sure if my writing is good or not so I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks!
UniWar: Origins » A Uniwar Fanfic: The Aftermath II » Go to message
A screech jolted Delta-Six from the dream. Behind the wreck of an eclipse nearby, a spindly leg appeared. Then another. Then the three glowing eyes appeared. The apparition growled under the shadow of the eclipse and without warning, the underling attacked. Delta-Six fired and fired. Like a shadow, the underling dodged and weaved. Yet with every step it took into the hail of bullets, a fresh stream of glowing ooze spurted with every hit. Yet it kept on coming. The underling was upon Delta-Six. The underling leaped. The butt of the rifle came crashing into the skull of the underling, crushing the body armor that protected the head and spraying the brains of the underling all over the armor of Delta-Six. The butt of the rifle continued to rain blows upon the mangled remains. The blows stopped. Delta-six stumbled to the ground with a cry, his injured leg giving out. He stood up uneasily, wiped a tear from his eye, and limped on.
UniWar: Origins » A Uniwar Fanfic: The Aftermath II » Go to message
"Beryl, this is Delta-Six, I read you loud and clear. Heading towards your coordinates. Hang on tight."
"Yes! I thought I was going to die in this damn shit-hole. I have been calling HQ for help the entire time and they haven't responded at all. Thank god you and your unit is still out here. Have you been able to contact HQ?"
"Fuck...Alright, we might still manage to get out of this alive. Just please get here before I get eaten by a damn Khralean."
"Roger that, Delta-Six out."

The radio cut out. Delta-Six winced with every step that he took. The spear shifted and moved as his muscles tightened and loosened. The soft volcanic ash gave way to his hard metal foot, disrupting his balance with every step. It seemed that the very spirits that inhabited the ground conspired to obstruct his progress. Yet, he marched on. Occasionally, he would hear the tell-tale screech of a underling in the distance and he would instinctively brace himself. But it always turned out to be nothing more than a simple specter, always present yet never really there. And then he would continue to march.
He remembered his days in boot camp where he marched day and night and learned how to wield a rifle. He remembered the joy that he felt when he became a full fledged marine. The smiles and cheers of his family and friends as they celebrated. The idle times in the barracks. The sun. The moon. The light. The light. The blood-red light. The pain of the drills piercing his body as the machines attached the combat armor to his body. Doors opening. Klaxons screaming. Men running. Gunfire. Gunfire. Men and monster screeching in the cacophony of hatred and blood. Gunfire. More gunfire. Red. Red. Red all over the place.
Mom? Dad? Sis?!
I'm sorry, Private Cole, The refugee convoy was ambushed and destroyed by underlings. There were no survivors.
No.... Fuck you! Fuck you all!! Fuck the Khraleans! Fuck the Titans!! No..............
Marine, pull yourself together! Lewinsky, Jonas, lend me a hand here.....

Delta-Six marched on; the memory of the past fading into the wind yet never truly gone.

New Feature Request » New options for the support classes » Go to message
I was thinking about the role that support classes play and was wondering if they could be given new options against other race that they have no effect on. We could give engineer's some sort of ability against the khraleans, the infector some option against titans, and the assimilator some options against the sapiens. I haven't fully fleshed out the ideas but here are some ideas to float around.

Perhaps we can give the engineer the ability to see buried units in a set radius. like maybe three hexes

Engineers can convert underlings into walking bombs that have a blast radius of 1. These converted units cannot attack or capture bases. The only option would be to detonate and the unit could not be able to move and detonate. blast radius would be one and would do low to medium damage against ground units. It would not be able to damage air. It's defenses would be reduced to maybe 2 or 0.

Infectors has a move such as corrosive acid that weaken defense against titans. The range of this could be 2 hexes or three and any titan unit unfortunate enough to be in its path would lose 2 to 3 defense for a short time. This ability could also knock out the teleport ability of mechas and eclipses.

How the infector might convert te mecha i haven't figured out yet

Perhaps the assimilator can also convert marines as well.
Assimilitors can reconvert converted mechas

These are just some ideas and probably most or all of them are pretty bad. what do you guts think could be added to the class?

UniWar: Origins » A Uniwar Fanfic: The Aftermath » Go to message
The marine sat there for a while, and then stood up, wincing from his wounds. He grabbed his combat rifle that lay discarded by his side, racked the chamber, and headed his way to the coordinates.

His mission objectives had just been updated.
UniWar: Origins » A Uniwar Fanfic: The Aftermath » Go to message
The volcanic landscape was a sight to see. The black soil permeated the ground and was distorted with slight round hills. The forests were populated with the blackened skeletons of trees. Little fires peppered across the landscape. For here, a battle had just taken place. The battle had ended. All that remained were the dead husks of warriors whose time came far too soon. Yet in a battlefield scarred with the burns of energy lances, prickled with spears of swarmers, and littered with the empty bullet casings, there was a marine lying on the ground. Out of all the marines that littered the blood-soaked ground, this marine was special.
This marine was alive. Yet by no means was he in the prime of his life. His visor was cracked, and each tilt of his head led to a little crinkle as the shards of his broken visor danced around in his helmet. Garbled sporadic bursts of data streamed down through the interior of what was left of his visor, and the winking and flickering matched the slow return of his conscience. which was only accentuated with a throbbing pain in his left leg. A swarmer spear had gored it. The marine sat up. He looked around through his broken view.
Charred carcasses that he once laughed and fought with lay frozen as if they were grotesque statues. Burning marauders and tanks burned like a pyromaniac's dream. The forlorn rotors of a helicopter slowly swirled as the sulfuric wind sighed past the blades. The marine sat there for a while; letting himself become absorbed by the world beyond. Then, he tried to call for help. "HQ HQ This is Delta-6, reporting in. Fire-teams Carlton, Fear, and Silon have been wiped out. I think I am the last one left. Requesting orders." He was met with silence. "HQ HQ Please respond."
Again, he was met with silence.
The marine sat there in a dazed stupor. A sense of hopeless pervaded him. The lone survivor. Alive, but wounded. He could hear the roars of the underlings in the distance and contemplated ending his life rather than being torn apart by underlines when a woman's voice crackle through through the radio...
"Hello? Hello? Is...Is anyone out there? Please, if anyone is out there, please...please help me. This is Helicopter Pilot Beryl. My chopper was downed by a garuda and I cannot get out of my chopper. My coordinates are 6-9-10. I repeat: my coordinates are 6-9-10. Please, there are these things that are howling out there and..and...oh god, someone please come...
New Feature Request » A New Game Option: All-Out Warfare » Go to message
Here's an interesting idea for a new game mode. How about we give the players a certain amount of credits at the beginning of the game and allow them to create an army from that set amount of credits before the game starts? After that, the players can no longer create any new units and will have to rely on the units that they created beforehand. Victory conditions could either be capturing a certain objective and holding it for a couple of turns or annihilating the enemy army. I feel that this new game mode could add a sort of tension as literally every unit counts.
Sapiens » increased marauder air power » Go to message
It's not a match. It's just a thought I had. I was thinking that perhaps saps hold the edge if they have proper terrain support such as the marines being boosted by mountains and forests. But I feel on an open ground or maps saps would be wrecked as marines would get annihilated by swarmers and in general, kralls would have at least the benefit of pressuring the opponent.
Sapiens » increased marauder air power » Go to message
I was reading how the marine's air power was nerfed and was wondering what you guys thought about what if the marauder's air power was increased say maybe by 1?
General Discussion » Enriching the Uniwar Community » Go to message
From my long forays into deviantart, I realized that there is literally no fan art whatsoever for this game Uniwar that we love and cherish. I also find it odd that there is little fan fics on Uniwar despite the multitude of possibilities that are available due to the ambigious nature of the game's backstory. Uniwar deserves some fan art or fics dedicated to it so I would like to call out for all artists and writers to contribute to Uniwar's community. Let your creativiity flow!
Sapiens » Tank Air power » Go to message
I've been recently playing as sapiens and one of the things that has always irked me was how come a pinzer who has only claws it able to attack an air unit while the tank who does have a cannon cant. Other than that fact, do you think that tanks should get some kind of air attack?
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
since the underling and mechas have special abilittes, how about we give the marine a special ability? something like grenade which is effective against ground heavy units or something like a defense option where for a turn, the marine's defense gets a boost of +2 or +3...
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
since the underling and mechas have special abilittes, how about we give the marine a special ability? something like grenade which is effective against ground heavy units or something like a defense option where for a turn, the marine's defense gets a boost of +2 or +3...
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kralux, how exactly will u enforce the code?
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