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General Discussion » Anonymous Not Allowed to Post Anymore » Go to message
Great change, .
Technical Support Questions » Stuck on 'logging in' screen. - **Issue Resolved** » Go to message
Have you tried powering your iphone off and back on? I've had this happen before and this seems to resolve it, for whatever reason.

Bug Reports » Selecting a player in war reports is broken » Go to message
How exactly is it broken? I have never had any issues with it... Usually when reporting bugs you want to provied enough detail for someone else to be able to reproduce it.
New Feature Request » Since you can designate a friend... » Go to message
I wouldn't mind seeing this either, as long as it's private and only visible by you and not be public. There would be too many ways to abuse it otherwise.

General Discussion » Make Your Own Maps - How To Tutorial » Go to message
Great feature. One I know a lot of people have been looking forward to.

I would like to recommend creating a new forum specifically for posting custom maps.

Technical Support Questions » 6 new games started without me starting them? » Go to message
  Anonymous wrote: player named Cartman also does this. he started a game with me that i never joined and never even knew i was in until i saw the "defeated" message. and somehow i lost points even though i was skipped all rounds.

CARTMAN you are a cheater.

Yeah, he's also one of the people that will offer peace every turn until you finish them off, hoping you'll accept by mistake.
New Feature Request » Deliver Plague / Infect.... I'm confused! » Go to message
  q wrote: What does plague do again? I always ignore it and can't say it's given me much of a disadvantage at all.

When it is cast, it infects all sapien units (other than engineers) within range of the infector with plague. Then, at the beginning of each turn for the sapien player, any non engineer sapien adjacent to an infected unit gets the plague as well. While plagued, each unit that was plagued before the sapien players turn began, loses one health. Units remained plagued until they take a turn to heal while adjacent to an engineer.
New Feature Request » Skipping a player to win points (first turn). » Go to message
  Anonymous wrote: Is there anyone here who actually thinks the new skip turns system is a good thing?

I don't have feelings either way about it, but in general, people don't come to a forum to say how much they like something, only to complain about it. So assuming the whole community feels a certain way about something based on a few forum posts is a bad assumption. It's the few people who don't like something or don't understand it that come to the forum to complain. They may only represent 5% of the population, but it appears they represent everyone because they are the only ones posting about the subject.

I'm not saying this is true about this topic, only in general from many years of gaming and posting in forums. Which is why I hope the devs do not assume their entire player base feels the same as 2 or 3 people on a forum just because they are the only ones speaking out. They could just as easily be in the minority as they are in the majority. In general, from my experience, they are more often than not in the minority, but appear to be in the majority because they are the only ones speaking out.

"It only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch".

As I said, I don't necessarily feel this applies to this topic, but they way you asked your question prompted me to make this post. Asking if anyone likes something on a gaming forum and getting no response or only a few negative responses doesn't mean the entire community feels that way. Far from it. There are only a small percentage of a games player base that actually make the attempt to seek out the forum. Most do so when they encounter a problem or don't like something. Few seek it out because the game is everything they ever wanted it to be.

I've seen many bad changes to games over the years because a few people feel a certain way about something. The devs then make the change based on this small opinion and then the forums erupt with even more people complaining about it, wondering why the devs would ever even consider making such an idiotic change.

Anyway, just wanted to get that off of my chest, as it seems a lot of the people on these forums assume that because they see 3 or 4 people on a forum that agree with them and no one or few people disagreeing with them, that they are in the majority. That is a bad assumption. Opinions on forums rarely represent the feelings of the community as a whole.

Guides & Tips » Stuck in mission 9 » Go to message
It's pretty simple, just expand with your underlings asap, building them from your forward bases. Build Garudas when you can afford them and move them forward to block the computer from expanding. They should never get out of the lower right part of the X if you do it right. Just be aggressive, expand quickly and build a lot of garudas and move them as far forward as you can to block in the computer.

Hope that helps.

New Feature Request » Terrain visibility » Go to message
  Anonymous wrote: These ideas are fine as long as its an optional toggle. If any of these ideas were implemented for all games without an option to disable them then I would stop playing Uniwar and (I think) so would many other players.

Not sure who you are, but if you stopped playing because terrain affected visibility, that is idiotic. And I highly doubt many, if any (other than you) would stop playing as a result of this. If it did get implemented, it should affect all games that have fog of war on. Having toggles for things like this would start the devs down a path they don't want to go. Next thing you know, people will be asking for a toggle on whether helicopters can move after attacking, a toggle for whether Engineers can move and EMP in the same turn, a toggle for underlings having air attacks, etc..

My $.02.
Technical Support Questions » 6 new games started without me starting them? » Go to message
  HappyCamper wrote: this is happening to me too, we need an option to remove games we don't want to play

If you don't want to play, just surrender before the game starts, you won't get a loss or lose any points.
General Discussion » Thank you for the balance changes! » Go to message
  jazar wrote: Can someone please post the changes or point me to where it is listed? Thank you.

Go to the "Online System Messages History" forum, it will be the latest entry.

General Discussion » Done with Uniwar until they fix the game » Go to message
I'd just like to point out that I don't think the helicopter surviving the attacks in the previous posts is that horrible.

First, the credit argument has no ground. A 100 credit unit can survive an attack from an 800 credit unit, that's an 8:1 ratio. A helicopter (500 credit unit) surviving attacks from 1500 credits worth and 950 credits worth of units are only 3:1 and 1.9:1 ratios, significantly smaller.

Also, those walkers didn't take any damage attacking that helicopter and the helicopter is out of commission for several turns. Not a bad trade off.

The 500 credit Titan unit (Plasma Tank) can survive with 1 health vs. 3 of the 550 credit Sapien long range unit (Battery).

That seems fair to me.

New Feature Request » Observer Mode » Go to message
I like that idea as well, in addition to Observer mode, =).

An observer would need to be invited when setting up a game, so one would be aware of them before joining it.

If you're really concerned, perhaps only make it available for non rated games.

To add the online replay ability would require a beefing up of the website, including a search and person's game history.

It would also allow someone to learn exactly how someone plays before ever playing them. There would need to be a way to limit who can view your game replays.

The online thing really opens up a big can of worms :p.
New Feature Request » Observer Mode » Go to message
Personally, I would like to be able to chat with the people whose game I'm observing, but I can see your concern. Perhaps an option for "Observer Chat: On/Off", allowing the game creator to choose.
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