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i was wondering the same thing, thanks for the info!
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I only join those 3 min games when they were created couple min ago and if i have a couple moves to make.
My advice dont join games that have been created couple days ago and and abandon the game before you
quit the app if it didnt start.

But i think you must have made at least one move, if the game starts without your notice and it is not a team game where your team member makes a move and you dont you cant lose points. You get skipped 2 and then removed and you dont lose points if you get removed or surrender within the first 3 rounds.
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no comments???
New Feature Request » Implemented rating option » Go to message
no comments???
New Feature Request » Map selection screen » Go to message
hey blitzkrieger,
i already suggested point 1 in my post "Setup New Game / Map Selection"
and they are going to implement it in a future revision. (i hope)
General Discussion » Suggestion for giving player credits (trustworthy) » Go to message
here is another post that overlaps and kind of merges:

New Feature Request » Implemented rating option » Go to message
here is another post that overlaps and kind of merges:

New Feature Request » Implemented rating option » Go to message
I dont know it it is technically possible but how about a rating option right after every game.
You can already say that you want to add player xy to your friends list, cant there be a + or -
option too? So if it was a normal game and there were no insults etc you give the player a +
and this adds up and you could add it column in the "ladder" so you know whom you're playing
with. I am thinking about the rating system every app hast implemented when you delete it,
where you are asked to vote for the app. To have something like this would be really nice i
think and if you get a + from all players you get your score multiplied by 0.xx (but that is not
my main request since i already see a lot of player giving - so the other players doesnt get
his score mutiplied. But this after game vote could guarantee that people only vote for players
they actually played with.
General Discussion » Suggestion for giving player credits (trustworthy) » Go to message
I think the it is a good start to try determine good and bad players, but i think it is getting confusing here in the forum.
There are already 2 posts where Trustworthy Uniwarriors can be posted and this is causing redundance and you lose
the overview. Here is what i an thinking, without knowing how complicated it is.

Since there is already the karma-funtion, why dont we try to build on that?
Let' create a button to give a player a star or a stone - as a appreciation for how the player plays, behaves etc.
This should only be available to registered users by doing so it can be controlled that a player can only vote for another
player once! Then the "Ladder" should get a search function so u can search for the name of players who already
joined the game and see their rating. This would make this a lot clearer i think.
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i am guessing that this could shedd some light:

Karma is a built-in function within the UniWar Forums that allows a person to award and be awarded points for good forum postings.

The karma points (or cookies as some people call them) are listed on the left side of every member post, under their Member ID, Title and Stars. The format looks like this:

Karma: ***

Any member can receive karma at any point while they are a member here once they've made their first post. However, to grant karma to others, you must have a Posts: count of at least 50 in these forums. Once you have made those 50 posts, you will see a new button in the same section of each members posts (right below their Karma: count line).

If you press that button on a person's post, their Karma count will increase by one. Some people call this giving a person a karma cookie.

There is a limit on granting karma. You may only award a person a single applaud within a one hour period.

Finally, the spirit of karma here on the UniWar forums is to show appreciation for a post that a person has made. If you feel that a certain post is above average or especially helpful, then hit that applaud link under the member's id for that post and award them a cookie.
Bug Reports » Team Games not Showing up! » Go to message
so you dont see our/your matches?

cuz in some of my games i have the feeling that i got skipped
yet i know for sure that i never miss a turn since i check it
couple of times a day. Maybe it is because i didnt see the game?
New Feature Request » Setup New Game / Map Selection » Go to message
It would be really nice if it would be possible to switch from the left to the right when you see the Dead Monk map.
If you could go from map 1 directly to map 54 instead of going through all other maps. espacially for the once
creating a lot of team games, this new feature would make things easier and i don't think that this takes a lot
of code change. THX!
New Feature Request » Team match problem with new rules » Go to message
i get your point but that is why i wrote something about the "surrender to winner" option with the normal penatly. it is right that you should have an option to surrender when u know you lost, but i am mainly going for the players that start (team)-games and surrender after 1-3 rounds, get no penalty at all and screw their team members. let me tell you, i know what i am talking about and where that can get you....
New Feature Request » Team match problem with new rules » Go to message
And i would like to see the skipping rules to be reduced to only 1 skip before removal or as mentioned above optional. otherwise games that have a duration of 1 or 3 days will take a month. And if you want to play you will find a chance to go online for 5min a day. I do think that surrendering should be an direct -20 or higher, cuz i dont see the point in playing this game if you surrender, it is ment to be a war game. This would reduce the deopping out rate right away. Maybe you could add a button like "surrender to winner" with -10 points as an option, and the opponent has the option to decide wheter he wants to take the offer or not. So that there is a kind of shortcut to finish a game when you realise the war is lost.
New Feature Request » Sick of players bailing out » Go to message
I do like is the fact that only registered users are alowed to enter rated games. The "improvement" of surrendering a game within 3 rounds is an understandable move, but not the best for your teammates. I think your only chance, after one of your teammates surrendered is to surrender too to avoid losing points, and this ruins the game for the other team, too. So surrendering should not be allowed without losing points at all. You dont have to implement the option of NON-anonymous players, just make it automatically. As soon as someone is loged in, he will automatically join games with other registered players, and if anonymous you just join other anonymous players.
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