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Why sap-titan? god himself can't win as titans O.O

EDIT: I am playing with earth two games on jungle, as blue sap and red sap. he is playing as titans in both. he will lose very soon.
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Ok to your explaination, i agree. But what do you say about Sap v. Sap on jungle? It is a good matchup, so you may say map is balanced. What if the matchup on jungle would be Sap v. Titans? Titans can't win in any way, so the matchup is imbalanced, i'm saying just this.

Back to the point: i still disagree that these players are unfair. And for sure they are not "Bad Smell", that's just an insult thrown after a loss.

I had an idea: why don't you change the list to "Untrustworthy players", like kralux did in the forum? You can use this list to store the players that doesn't accept peace in the first round of the game in an unbalanced map and those who skips without any regard;
You can use the "unfair list" for the players doing unfair or illegal things;

Unlike you, i think that time is not a resource, is a gift. I can only play 20 minutes each day because i am really busy, and i usually get angry with people who skips me after an hour i lost my turn. That's not unfair, for sure, but it is impolite
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This is not a valid reason to call them unfair. An unfair player is the one who makes use of glitches, bugs or tricks to achieve a greater score. Scroll the top 100 ladder and you will see a lot of unfair players.

A player not accepting peace is not unfair. You can say he is bad mannered, scared or whatever, but not unfair: it's still a choice to accept peace, even on imbalanced maps.

So in your point of view, skippers are unfair. I didn't see any of them: why don't you add skippers on that list?

The unfair players, are all the people that pushed their score above 3000 in illegal ways, but i can't see any of them either...

That said, I agree that people should make peace on bad maps and avoid skipping. I can speak for myself, i rarely ask peace (when the setup is really imbalanced) and accept it most of the times. I prefer, if the setup is bad, to ask my opponent to have a rated mirror game. And in the case I am winning both games, I ask peace in one of them, to avoid him losing a lot of points.

A lot of players refused to have peace with me saying "Nobody draws peace vs. me, why would I do?".

Talone, i kindly ask you to avoid marking someone as unfair and "bad smell" in that list just because he didn't accept peace. Instead, ask him for a mirror game. Or alternatively, create a new list named "no peace" or something like that containing all the ppl that doesnt accept peace on bad maps, so that anyone can know them.
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Regarding the "Unfair Players" list: why did you add JB and Draka? JB may be unmannered but certainly is not unfair, and Draka never let me think about being unfair. What did they do?
Sapiens » Murauder can attack Underlings? » Go to message
Hello, you are clear enough. I never had this bug, since "A" gets updated. Anyway, if you want, we can test it in a game.
New Feature Request » Abort games that don't get started within the allotted time » Go to message
I discussed something similar with the devs a while ago, about "pending games", to make possible to have random team games and random ffa. The "pending random game" will simply stuck in the list until it is full. Obviously, it must not show any info about the map and the players matched.

Anyway, it seems that they didn't like it much. Or they didn't read\understand what i wrote.
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I think that your browser (safari, i guess), just crashed and closed.
New Feature Request » Avoiding Players » Go to message
A Black List of players may be useful to have
Tournaments » The First space UniWar-tournament "Cosmo Battles" » Go to message
Shame, it was 12.00 a.m. O.O should have signed before, well let me know if you need one more player. Good luck to participants!
Technical Support Questions » "This item is temporarily unavailable" - iTunes App Store » Go to message
It will be fixed soon.
New Feature Request » Abort games that don't get started within the allotted time » Go to message
This is a good point!
Tournaments » The First space UniWar-tournament "Cosmo Battles" » Go to message
I sign in, if i'm still on time. I don't matter to play satares, i will be glad to lose vs. him
New Feature Request » Abort games that don't get started within the allotted time » Go to message
Hello, this is a good idea that me and simsverd asked to the devs some months ago. I think it will be made, but i can't tell you when.
General Discussion » "tits" are cencored? » Go to message
7) About you
I left this point as last since it is the most important.

Maybe you don't care about anyone else playing this game; I'm ok with this.
Maybe you only care about your "good friends" playing this game; I'm still ok with this.
Maybe you think you can do whatever you want; I'm not ok with this;

Please avoid such posts in future, where you just spam insults. They are not polite, not respectful and are not of any use for those who read the forum. And for sure they will not change the mind of the devs about this topic, they may lead to a filter of the forum as well.

I am not the moderator of the forum, it's just a kind suggestion.
General Discussion » "tits" are cencored? » Go to message
I should be more clear.

1) About my concerns on the fitler
I repeat I don't like the filter, I didn't support it when they wanted to introduce it and clearly told them that there wasn't any need to make it. There was the need to preven spammers from insult each other in global chat, but this was not the fix. Also, I was asked to give them some feedback on the filter, obviously i told them that nobody would have liked it.

2) About in-game chat
I don't know why did they decide to filter also private chats, since there wasn't any need. The only thing that I can imagine is that they didn't have time to limit the filter to public chat only. I will try to discuss it again with them, hopefully they will change their idea.

3) About the possibility to read your private conversations
Nobody can read what you write in the in-game chat, except the players in the game, of course. I asked to the devs once, at this purpose, and they told me that also for them it would be problematic to read chats (they can, but it takes a lot of time);

4)About the filter being moved to client to activate-deactivate it
I support this thing, but i feel it will be problematic. I guess (it's just a guess, I don't know really how does it work) that the filter is just a combination of a string tokeniser and an if-else statement: if one of the banned words is found, it is replaced by asterisks and then the message is added to the chat. I already asked to move the filter client-side it to the devs some months ago, in order to let people decide whether to enable or disable it.

5) About the list of words
The devs didn't make the list on their own: they took a list already made and used it. I agree that it contains words that should not be censored, because they are not offensive. To support your statement, one of the races is called "titans": they are usually shortened in "tits", and that's really annoying if you can't write it.

6) About human moderation
I have never supported filter (and simsverd can confirm), we asked the devs to implement human moderation of the global chat. They said they want to make it, but that it will require time and that this filter is just a temporary measure. Actually, i think that there are more important things they work on, like map editor for iOs users and free version, so I think I can wait a bit for that.
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