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New Feature Request » Penalize players that drop out immediately » Go to message
Thanks rolando ... I misunderstood from some of the earlier posts.

I think it's quite reasonable to let someone out in the first three turns before it counts towards the score.
General Discussion » Attack calculations » Go to message
Lion37, that's ridiculous.
New Feature Request » Penalize players that drop out immediately » Go to message
> You get nothing for dropping them even if you
> are winning!

I definitely think this should be changed. If the game has went on more that 2-3 rounds then it should be a game for points and you shouldn't be able to get out of losing by just ignoring the game.

I have a hard fought game on round 23, that I'm winning, and the guy just stopped taking his turn (it's a 3-day game so it's not like he didn't have the chance). I'll give him a few more days before I get tired of seeing it and kick him but it's been a lot of time and work for no score.
General Discussion » Helicopter change » Go to message
If you consider 6 garudas fighting 4 copters with no support units, that's a fair fight.

However, good sapiens players always mix up their helis with marines, usually putting marines on the front line to disallow garudas to fly in and gang up. Marines in the forest or mountains do great damage to garudas. So even after the copter change, bugs still have pretty hard time dealing with copter/marine spam. That's just my observation.. Others might have come up with better strategies already.
General Discussion » Helicopter change » Go to message
2 Helis cost about the same as 3 dragons. Is there any doubt that the 2 Helis are far stronger and more manuverable than 3 dragons?

Would you be interested in playing out a fight where I have 4 Heli's and you have 6 dragons? The Heli's would easily win.
Bug Reports » No Victory Team Glitch » Go to message
There has to be a way to attack units that belong to your former team members that have been removed from the game.
General Discussion » Helicopter change » Go to message
First let me say that the change to the Helicopter units was 100% needed. The game was completely unbalanced before the change.

I actually think that there is still a problem with balance since even now Sapiens have a huge advantage over Khraleans.

We need to fix this, but need to be very carefull since every small change we make can have unexpected consequences and can upset the balance further.

I suggest 2 small changes that will fix this problem and are guaranteed not to upset the balance in the game.

1) Lower the attack strength of Heli's against flying units by 1 point. This will have no impact against titans (since they have no flying units) and will give Khraleans dragons and mosquitoes a fighting chance.

2) Increase the attack strength of the Khralean units against flying units. Again, this will not affect fights against titans in any way (since titans have no flying units) and will give the Khraleans a fighting chance against Heli's.

New Feature Request » Solving excessive drop outs » Go to message
Rolando, to clarify:

A skipped player repairs units *and* earns income, right?
New Feature Request » Change the play order for full planet. » Go to message

I was going to post this this morning but I see someone already has.

With a slight rearrangement of armies it could be arrange so even the 1st player doesn't have an advantage. Only position marines on the mountains the the player's right (or whatever). Then each player has one base they can capture.

New Feature Request » Scoring algorithm? » Go to message
In a free for all game, each player that is knocked loses as many points as he would in a 1v1 - so, around 15 if his level is around the average of the other players, 20 if slightly above, and so on.

These lost points are then split evenly between the survivors.

So, in a 4-way FFA, supposing all have equal rank and will lose 15 points (I'm actually not sure 15 is right, but anyway):

4th player is -15. (Which gives 5 points to each survivor)
3rd player loses 15, but has gained 5 so net is -10. His -15 gives 7 points to each survivor.
2rd player loses 15 but has gained 5 + 7 so net is -3. His 15 goes entirely the only survivro.
1st payer gains 5 + 7 + 15 = 27.

How to make the uniwar.com website better » Forum problems » Go to message
Just for the sake of completeness: same problem with Safari...
Technical Support Questions » Recover lost password » Go to message
If you're still logged in go to "Headquarters" and you can turn off the "your turn" emails. You can't change your password without remembering the old one though.

Technical Support Questions » Recover lost password » Go to message
I also cant reset my password how does one do this?
New Feature Request » Exclude certain types of players from newbie games » Go to message
My advice... Don't sweat over ratings too much. A 1500 can be a total newbie or a pro with a new account. A 1900 may have only played 100 games against one other friend.

Just enjoy the game itself, and obvious pass over the rigged games.. Not because that'll lower your rating but because those guys are just bad sports.
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