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New Feature Request » 18 New units are coming... » Go to message
  join wang wrote:
  xavi wrote:

5. Anti aerial unit
Goal: to counter standoff aerial fights.

6. Terrain mutator units.
Goal: to transform terrain.

Thank you xavi finally we can have interesting naval battles. But are you sure about terrain mutations sounds a bit overpowered and tricky to balance.

YES to Air Defence!!!

I hope they are small barrage balloons, gas pods, or glowing shields, all which hover slightly above the terrain hex, like a flying unit.

This is how I would do it (I know you did'nt ask, but I have been waiting for this for SOOOO long!)

Air Defences are added to a normal terrain hex. An Engineer, Infector or Assimilator can add air defences to a neighbouring terrain hex instead of any other action that turn.

Air units cannot fly through them, or automatically take damage if they do (the attack strength perhaps being somewhere between a Marine and a Helicopter).
Air Defences also reduce the attack strength of ranged units firing through them (perhaps because they obscure the target).
Air Defences can be attacked by ground units in order to destroy them (perhaps they're defence is similar to a Marauder).

Air Defences can be added to a map by map designers.

- These are intended to challenge air units, which -if they outnumber their opponent's air units - usually dominate a game prematurely.
- This increases the importance of ground units somewhat as a result, which currently quickly become obsolete.
- adding defensive tactical choices increases the chance for a player who is losing (perhaps because he has not capped one, pivotal base) to survive longer and stay in the game rather than surrendering quickly.

YES to Terrain mutation. This is how I would do it...

Appearance: walls or sandbags around edge of hex

Fortifications can be built by Marines, Underlings, Mechas, Engineers, Infectors and Assimilators. The unit builds fortifications instead of any other action that turn.
Fortifications add +1 to the defence of any Marine, Underling, Mecha, Engineer, Infector or Assimilator occupying the hex.
They add +2 to defence against air and ranged attacks.
They can be built on any hex except water, mountains or bases.
Fortifications can be added to maps by map designers.
Capturing a fortification provides a one off award of 25 points.
They are difficult terrain, like forests.

-increases the importance of foot soldiers
New Feature Request » IAP for extra time » Go to message
  Uniwarpoland wrote:The main problem is that if I don't have time to make my moves I wouldn't have time to buy extra time.
It would be the best if I could buy some extra time just in case one of my rated games will hit 0:00.
Non rated games aren't important .

Exactly this.
It would have to kick in automatically to save me when something had stopped me from taking my turn. It would have to NOT rescue non rated games.

A bridge hex, air defence hex, and a minor capture point hex are much bigger priorities for me, as players have been asking for these for literally years.
New Feature Request » Please add naval bases which can't produce ship » Go to message
I like this idea. I had a similar thought. Take a look. Would love to hear your comments.

New Feature Request » Transport Ships » Go to message
I like this idea. I had a similar idea here. What do you think?

New Feature Request » Different base credits within a single map » Go to message
I think this is a great idea. I had an idea for a unit which is not as valuable as a base but still fun to capture here. Would love to hear what you think!

New Feature Request » Simple solution to unfair games - role reversal challenge » Go to message
Would a better idea be this?
The player who makes the map cannot choose which side he will play. The other player chooses.
That way, the player who set the game up is incentivised to make a fair game.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
6. Bomber aircraft
Move3. Range 3.
Strong vs all land and sea units. Can not hit air units.
This will enable sap to hit the walkers when playing against a fortified titan.

This is a great idea by Simsverd.
New Feature Request » Team base capture » Go to message
Being able to capture your allies' bases would be excellent. It would also help that problem: a player quits, leaving a unit on his base. His team mates can't attack the unit to remove it and capture the base, but the enemy can. Game over. Badly.

So when a player quits, his units should disappear from the board, and his bases become neutral.

Or, any units left on bases self destruct.
New Feature Request » Race Skills » Go to message
Skills that are specific to races would be harder to quantify in order to ensure balance, but I still think there is a lot of mileage in this idea.
New Feature Request » Air Defences - A new terrain hex » Go to message
Thinking about it, it might be best if Air Units just can't fly through.

You can't choose your route when you move a unit, so it would just be annoying if the computer decided to move you through a hex that causes automatic damage.
New Feature Request » Fortifications - a new terrain hex that units can build » Go to message

-helps map designers overcome the following serious problem: that when a pivotal base is captured, it usually signals 'game over' for the other player. The Fortification hex is not as pivotal, but still a desirable objective.

Thanks! Does anyone else feel that there should be hexes which are not worth as much as bases (or more!)? My suggestions of Fortifications and Bridges are designed to tackle this.
New Feature Request » Bridges - a new terrain hex » Go to message
The small one-off points award could be half the value chosen for bases by the map designer, perhaps? Or a new drop down in the map set-up panel could offer the designer a choice for the value, just like it does for normal bases.

This starts to tackle the huge issue that bases are all one value only (which causes thousands of maps with a single, pivotal base in the middle, which when captured, signals the death of the match).
New Feature Request » Kick players out of games that haven't started yet » Go to message
I agree. Should be able to choose 'Invite replacement player'.

What happens now: you have to trash the proposed game. All because 1 person didn't turn up.

Why not be able to send invites to a selection of your friends when you set up a match - the quickest ones to sign up get to play the match.
New Feature Request » Abandon game on first turn without loosing rating » Go to message
And no reply. Shame.
You should be able to view the proposed game before being forced into playing it, I think.
New Feature Request » Non-harbor bridge » Go to message
A bridge piece is desperately needed. It would enhance map design hugely, and lead to better battlegrounds.
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