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Bug Reports » Maps mysteriously disappearing.... glitch, or bad interface? » Go to message
It would also be really nice if maps could be saved in a "draft" mode where they are only available to play by invite, or with bots, for testing purposes. That would really cut down on the amount of "v1.. v1.5.. v1.7.. etc" maps that are cluttering the map list.

With this "draft" mode idea, instead of permanently deleting a published map, you would only be able to place it back into "draft" mode for further editing, or for deletion. This would give a further safeguard against accidentally deleting a published map.
Bug Reports » Maps mysteriously disappearing.... glitch, or bad interface? » Go to message
Over the last several months, 3 of my user-made maps have disappeared from the list.

I'm very certain I didn't intentionally delete them, because even when I revise a map, I will only delete the original after the revision has been published. I normally don't delete my maps even if they are not very successfully rated, and sadly the ones that disappeared were designs that I really liked.

I think there are two possibilities - there could be a glitch causing maps to disappear, but that's hard to say because it seems kind of random.

The other possibility which I admit is more likely, is that I've accidentally deleted these maps because the map deleting interface is badly designed. The reason I say it's badly designed is the "confirm" button pops up in the same spot as the "trashcan" button. So if you are handling your phone a bit clumsily while browsing maps, you could very easily hit the "trashcan" button and then the "confirm" button immediately afterward without even realizing it.

I suggest there needs to be a much more deliberate action to perform to delete your map, such as sliding a button, or typing in "delete" in a confirmation text box.

General Discussion » Falsely accused of cheating (screenshots within) » Go to message
I would just like to clear my name... These screenshots were taken during my 2nd turn, which I have not yet ended (see comments in the chat). JUST to be sure, I ran the same scenario twice in bot matches on the same map. Results were the same, unsurprisingly.

Your thoughts?

(sorry, I couldn't get the forum's built-in image uploader to work)
Bug Reports » Map author name not shown on map info anymore? » Go to message
I noticed a while ago that player made maps used to show the name of the author in the War Report screen, but now they all show "|" as the author name.

On a related note, I'd like to have an option to search for maps by author name. I've made enough maps that I'm starting to have trouble remembering them all, haha.
New Feature Request » Trade places of two units in a single turn » Go to message
I would like to have an option for two units to trade places, assuming they are both within movement range to do so. I think it's reasonable that two friendly units would be able to coordinate trading places on the battlefield. This would use up the movement action of both units, but they would still be able to attack an enemy which is in range of their ending location, just like in a normal move. If that seems to powerful, perhaps attacking would not be possible after making a 'trade places' maneuver.

Currently to trade places of two units, you have to move one unit off to the side, move the other unit into its place, and then move the first unit on the following turn... rather cumbersome.
New Feature Request » players who cheat by playing a extra turn on new game. » Go to message
How does one take an extra turn in a new game? I haven't seen this one, or at least haven't noticed it.
New Feature Request » notification push » Go to message
(in the app): Main Lobby > Headquarters > My Account > Push Notification Settings: No
New Feature Request » Turn times » Go to message
48 hours would be good too. 24 is sometimes too short; 72 hours too long.
User Generated Maps » Feedback on my first 6 maps? » Go to message
I would like to hear feedback about my maps, especially from the more experienced players. I try to make maps that look cool and realistic, but since I'm not a very advanced player there might be some balance issues that I don't notice. Please be specific about anything you think should change!

FallUponYourSword (2p)

WhereEaglesDare (2p)

TheOldQuarry (3p)

TheSonsOfWarV2 (2v2)

AllHailTheHexagon (3v3)

TheBringerOfWar (4v4) <-- Credits are too high on this, I plan to reduce to 125 on my next revision.

New Feature Request » User created maps and dowloaded maps saved to device. » Go to message
It would be extremely useful to be able to do a test game vs. bots in a map you are designing. I often notice some balancing issue in my maps once I play them against real players, that would have been very obvious if I had been able to test it first by playing vs. bots.
New Feature Request » Can we please have chat in the pre-game menu? » Go to message
I'm talking about the menu you see where you choose your race, before the game starts. It would be especially useful in team games, as you could discuss strategy before the match, and decide who on your team should play what race, etc. Would also be nice to be able to tell other players when you can't yet start a game you were invited to, because you've already filled your 20 active game slots. And of course, it would also be good for smack-talking the opposing team. I imagine that this chat would just continue on once the match begins, so if you opened your chat window in the game as normal, you would see the earlier messages that were sent during the pre-game phase.
New Feature Request » team color » Go to message
I would like to add that some of the existing colors are really hard to differentiate. Green and Teal (and to some extent Blue) look very similar, especially when zoomed out. This would be worse for someone who is even mildly colorblind.

And, on the subject of colorblindness (or just ease of use in general), it would be nice if there were different icons that would help differentiate teams... for example, frame each unit in a different shape outline, for example circle, square, triangle, star, hexagon, player's first initial, etc. This would be good as an OPTIONAL feature. I assume most of your players are male - that means about 8% of your player base potentially has additional difficulty differentiating teams.
New Feature Request » Premium account: more active games » Go to message
I have thought about that, but as you said it's inconvenient, and I also don't want to look like I'm trying to do something sneaky by having multiple accounts...
Bug Reports » moving opposing player's units » Go to message
I also had this happen (several months ago). It seemed to be an error on the client side; after I exited and re-entered the game, the move I had made with the enemy unit had been undone.
New Feature Request » Premium account: more active games » Go to message
I figured there might have been some discussion.. just couldn't find anything here. Well, it would have my support!
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