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General Discussion » Updates? » Go to message
My interest in the game has been on the decline for some time now, and it looks like there will not be an update iOS users.

Any word on this?

I will not be starting any new games until it happens It was fun while it lasted uniwar. Bet you if more people did this the update would come quite quickly :p
General Discussion » iOS update? What iOS update? » Go to message
I can vouch for the user generated maps showing up for random rated games. I've played several now.

It adds quite a bit of diversity to the games as not everyone has played them, and being a relatively new player to the game I am not at a disadvantage having not played them either.

Looking forward to making my own. Hopefully we will see an update soon

General Discussion » individual training with TALONE » Go to message
One thing to remember is that in a religious discussion, the speaker will believe his views more strongly than almost every other topic.

This thread is now very far off topic
New Feature Request » Canceling and/or redoing an entire turn » Go to message
Very odd request you might say..

I believe the game would be balanced further if you allowed people to completely redo their turns as one of the options in the Uniwar game.

The reason I request this feature is not to destroy the fog of war concept, or the sneaky nature of some strategies, it is because there are regular players that already take advantage of this "turn reset", leaving those that do not know how to do it in the dark and unfairly final in each of their choices.

I am somewhat torn as to revealing the ways in which you can reset your turn on purpose, but it makes no sense to me that a group of people can, while others unknowingly cannot.

I was told about one of these methods while in a public game by a teammate I had never met before.

I think it's time to even the playing field.

I will be happy to amend this post with "turn reset" methods if the community would like.

Despite the nature and fun factor of not knowing what's going on in the battle it is of little consequence in the grand scheme of things to lose the current feature existing in the game today.

In large maps you will have full visibility quite early on, and the advantage given in smaller maps would fade away and be traded in pure set up skill.

Please let me know,


Guides & Tips » Countering the Speeder/Mecha Rush » Go to message
Invite Evil Jet into a game, and you play Titans in this manner, I'll play Khral, and I'll work on a strategy with you.

General Discussion » individual training with TALONE » Go to message
Now now...

No need to judge people on how they live their lives. I do believe the previous post (from droidfreak) would be considered a flame, and bad form.

There are many other ways to express your opinion without being so negative.

Think about it.
General Discussion » iOS Map Editor » Go to message
I assume there are some tweaks and changes being made to the whole set up with maps, however...

I'm sure there are some talented map building minds that are currently waiting to start using that nice map editor that the evil android phones have.

Any updates for us guys? Still says end of feb on your website (last time I looked).

General Discussion » The Random Damage Factor » Go to message
I can tell you for certain that it is not completely consistent for damage done in a turn.

I once was disconnected while playing my turn, and when I came back I failed to kill a unit I previously had with the exact same moves.

The random factor is fine, but it would make the game more consistent if it wasn't there.
General Discussion » Adding Friend after battle... » Go to message
I think with the removal of the aforementioned feature, it may be wise to add another way within, or perhaps even at the finished game screen to add people to your friends list.

Currently, I've met quite a few random, but awesome, people that I'd like to play with again. It can be quite difficult, however, to remember the spelling of Simsverd for the average person without having to back out and try to track down the name again.

We don't want to force people to use real pens, and real paper to do this, do we?

For this game to continue to remain largely active it will require strong community ties. New friends play a major role for me.

Any opinions from our developers on this issue?

General Discussion » Educational games with the community » Go to message
Howdy folks,

I've only been playing this game for a year and a half but I do enjoy the casual commitments, as well as the strategy involved.

If you are someone who wants to play and get better I'd be happy to play with you, at no cost to yourself, as well as help you learn what I've picked up in my time playing. I also have several friends who enjoy playing fun, but challenging games.

If this sounds appealing to you, send a game invite to Evil Jet. My rank is currently 2300ish, and I play everyday (unless I'm on vacation or snowboarding, but sometimes even then :p)


General Discussion » Map making » Go to message
iOS version is still in the works.
General Discussion » Learning Matches » Go to message
I'm doing the same thing with a friend right now. Playing against better people and seeing what they do is one of the best ways to learn.

I'm down for a game if you like
General Discussion » Color changes and an update on the iPhone release » Go to message
I agree with Sim. Also, for the off chance that someone is confused its a rather small inconvenience to ask for a name instead of a colour.

All will be well soon
General Discussion » Who's ready for the iOS update? » Go to message
Good odds that it could be available within 24 hours. It's been almost 3 days since it was submitted I believe.

Game replay, map creation, and HD tweaks. Seems like these guys will deserve to get a bunch more sales. Support them by finding more friends to buy it.

Looking forward to the update Xavi.

Uniwar Fan (in training)

General Discussion » Starting a random game » Go to message
My theory on this one is...

When you open up a random game the system puts you up for a short amount of time as being open to all random games. The new games that you have from people you didn't accept random games from got you in that short time you were searching for someone else.

What was recommended above is an appropriate solution, however, I did the same thing as you and tried to play random games where I chose my race. Now, in an effort to understand the game to it's fullest I have started just playing random everything. It helps a lot, and my rating went from 1600 to 2200+ in short time.

My recommendation is to play all types of random games, and to use loses as valuable tools for learning.

Good luck!
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