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General Discussion » HD Version? » Go to message
No news, though there rarely is any on these forums.
General Discussion » Uniwar Auto Refresh on iPad » Go to message
I believe Uniwar supports push, though many users (including myself :\) have experienced issues with it, i.e., it not working at all.
General Discussion » Beauty » Go to message
  waxoid wrote:
Khral must beat Titans though, I'm sure, per usual.

I'm not so sure. Khrals can get the advantage early, but titans can build up defenses pretty quick. Eclipses in the front and walkers in the back, with a plasma at each entrance, and you have a pretty well defended base.
General Discussion » Beauty » Go to message
What does the other player's side look like? I think I see a bunch of helis.
Just Imagine the how amazing that battle would be. If red has about as many helis as blue has walkers, I think he might stand a chance. All of the eclipses are in the back, and it would take a bit to get them into the front to fight the helis.
Oh and btw does this happen a lot on this map? I had it happen to me recently in a random game, and I think I surrendered because I didn't want to deal with it all (it was an unrated game).
General Discussion » player skipping on purpose? => anonym094003 is shifty » Go to message
Sounds like double accounting, Although getting skipped unknowingly is weird. Are you sure it was still the other player's turn?
See, things like this are another reason devs should give the ability to download and watch recordings of games, it would be easier to be sure when something weird happens.
Technical Support Questions » Rated Games: No points added » Go to message
What is your rating and what is his? How many times have you played him, and how many times has this happened? Is he doing anything out of the ordinary in the games in which you have played him?
Khraleans » Garudas » Go to message
I really want to say yes, but this is probably because I have been playing khrals a lot lately. I probably have to play more games on both sides to have an 'educated' opinion, but my 'uneducated' opinion is this: it sounds like a good idea, but I feel that if it happens sapiens will need some stronger air def, even if its just giving tanks 1 or 2 air attack.
As for how it should be implemented (raise garuda air attack or lower heli def) I think that the garuda air attack should be raised, probably by one. This would have the added bonus of (possibly) helping to fix the problems with swarmerfest khral games by making it more profitable to add some garudas to the mix.
New Feature Request » Random Game Filter » Go to message
Or just stop putting people into games they didn't ask for. There are better ways to set up multiplayer games.
General Discussion » New player questions » Go to message
1) hmm, unwritten rules... there are a lot of unwritten rules, but most of these are also unspoken, so you won't know until someone gets mad at you for some dumb rule that only they follow :P The main ones that I can think of right off the top of my head are: if someone's turn limit expires, but they are online, don't skip them. Don't start a game with a short (3min esp) time limit unless both players are online. Personally I would advise only playing 24 and 48 hour games, but thats just me.

2) No, you don't need to play the whole campaign. Really, the only thing it's good for is learning the basics and controls of the game and getting acquainted to the different races and units. If you feel you have those basic skills, you won't miss out on much. As for which race has best tactics, thats not really an answerable question. Each race has different ways to win, and different ways to counter other races. It's all tactics!

3) I think I remember seeing a british one once, or something like that, but I don't remember. Basically: no, not really any guilds/clans/etc, though you will get to know people through the game and develop a group of people who you usually play with. As for groups available to help you improve, the best place to go is this forum and it's three active members :P Feel free to ask a question, as long as it's not too stupid, or it hasn't been answered a million times before (read through a few of the old topics that interest you).
Technical Support Questions » Uniwar no longer on Android? » Go to message
  xavi wrote:
If you experience any issue, please send an email to:
Guides & Tips » cheat! players can see buried units! » Go to message
your opponent doesn't always know they are there, they can only see the numbers when the underling is right next to them. So if they have a unit with high vision guarding, you can easily sneak by.
General Discussion » Mafia » Go to message
I played this before, only instead of Mafia or False Gods it was Werewolves. Lots of fun!
I agree with nfong, we should probably do a simplified round (i.e. without secondary powers) just to make sure all the kinks are worked out and so people can get the hang of the game.
General Discussion » Cannot decline Invites » Go to message
That might not even matter any more. People have been saying that they are getting random games even with this set to '0'. My suggestion is to surrender on the first turn. If I recall correctly, nobody will lose points this way.
New Feature Request » Better interface for joining games » Go to message
How about just make Uniwar 2 for the PC? I think JavaGround might only do mobile games, but honestly having the screen real estate that a computer can provide will allow you to add a lot more features (map editor, perhaps?).
Bug Reports » UNWANTED games » Go to message
  dVs 1 wrote:
2. A little acknowledgement from the devs would go a long ways

but seriously, you are right. The devs shouldn't spend their whole time checking the forums, but you don't even have to respond to what few posts there are, just put up a post now and then explaining what's going on.
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