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Titans » Fighting buried underlings » Go to message
I consider it like a cross between minesweeper and whackamole. Use the ability to see how many buried units are adjacent to one of your units (select it, but cancel any move/repair window) and try to figure out where the things are. Then get a unit on them. If you can't cover all of them, or are not sure, just make sure that they can't get the full gang-up bonus (one infront, one behind).

Assimilators are good if you can keep them covered, but are often not worth the cost in such a dangerous environment. (often, they get killed before making any captures) If there are mountains, try to get mechas controlling all of them. Other than that, speeders are better than plasma tanks in the short run, but it really depends on how many there are. If you can, get eyes on all of his bases. This is also where speeders are good, as they can see farther.
New Feature Request » Limit Number of Random Games You Are Available to Play » Go to message
They could also add a feature where you limit what sort of random games you want; like only certain races or maps.
New Feature Request » Map Editor » Go to message
I think that a idevice based map-maker would be hard to do; i think a computer based one might be cool though. I have no clue how they would put them out there though- maybe you submit it with your account name, and then when you log in next you get the map. When you play someone on that map (unrated only, probably) they get it too. If you think you've gotten a great map they should have an option to submit it for official map status though.
General Discussion » Attack calculations » Go to message
Why would that be unsuitable for the forum?

About the hacking: it's easy enough to hack the game once, but for multiple hacks i'd doubt anyone would find it worth it. Most of the losers doing that sort of stuff are still stuck messing with runescape, and the rich ones are messing with WoW. While it does need looking at, the current state makes it that the turns taken on your iphone are saved in the client, and then authenticated by the server (afaik). Therefor, it doesn't matter if you download your turn and walk out of wifi, your turns still can't be undone.

The only way i know of to execute something like this would be to jailbreak the iphone, then plug it into the computer whenever you wanted to 'fix' a turn. Hell, if someone wanted to, they could probably 'fix' the app to run on a computer, and then 'fix' their turns more easily. Shitnutters. Just realized that. Ummm....

Anyways, i was going to say that this sort of thing might have been one of the obstacles in releasing a pc based client. Xpressed might not want this sort of hacking to happen, as it would be far easier if they put the game up for pc. But, as i just figured out, that can't really be an obstacle.

If i were trying to stop this sort of hacking, i'd put in really heavy server-side authentication. Also, it might be good to prioritize certain games (anyone higher than 2k points, tournament games, marked players), and if processing power is an issue leave the rest mostly alone. I really have no clue how easy that sort of stuff would be though, but that's my idea.

There, fixed it, now it shows as mine.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
Seems great so far. However, will all the chatbugs be fixed? It's really annoying to see messages just disapear.

I like the idea of having the race restrictions being on the host too, instead of just completely eliminated.

Also, another possibility for balancing the titan tele power... actually, i'll make a new thread on this, since it'll cause a lot of clutter otherwise. See: New feature request->Titan teleportation balancing
New Feature Request » Titan teleportation balancing » Go to message
Though the maps are being edited so that maps like goldrush and land bridge aren't titan-telerushable, i have an idea for another way to do it. This would also fix some other minor issues i have with the titan tele power, such as cross-map complete take overs that you had no way to stop.

Basically, limit the vision of teleported units to one. This way, when they teleport, they can't just rush halfway across the map on their next jump. This would also make it so that on maps like clash or peninsulas a titan player can't use a short chain of infantry to see and surround an enemy base. With this, it would be possible to actually block that sort of attack before it happens.
New Feature Request » Better undo feature » Go to message
  clamato wrote: I think undo only works when doing so doesn't give you an advantage. Like you can't undo an attack (because if you could, you could undo an attack that didn't go the way you hoped) and you can't undo a move that opens up fog of war a bit. You can undo a move in your own territory (I think) and you can undo creating a unit for a few seconds.

That's what it seems to be to me, maybe someone else knows better?

Hmph. Am i the only one who reads the 'how to play' things?

1. Open UniWar
2. Go to 'Help'
3. Go to 'Advanced Rules'
4. Scroll to the bottom, where it says 'undo'
5. Read
6. ?????
7. Profit
New Feature Request » Scoring algorithm? » Go to message
Oh, not this again.

Why does everyone question the ever-perfected 1500 point system? It has been used by countless different games, with almost no changes made, to great ability. Changes to it may make it seem more perfect, but as rebel said, the currently proposed changes would simply encourage turtleing, instead of simply recognizing defeat and surrendering.

Also, think of the coders. Would you rather they made you your update, or shot the rating system to hell? Would you rather they fixed all the bugs in this forum, or that they shoot the rating system to hell? Would you rather they made the game and the community aspect of the game better, or that they shoot the rating system to hell?

However, it would be nice to know the exact algorithm, rather than just guessing based on what we've seen.

And lion, (his idea was to limit the points gained by 1900+ pointers v 1700- pointers) it's already a rather small gain for them to waste time playing versus lower point people. When they win, they get 4-5 points, but if they lose, they might lose up to 25 points. I remember i got 22 points off a very high pointed player when i had only about 1500 points.
New Feature Request » Make Helicopters cost 550 points instead of 500 » Go to message
I think garudas are actually an OPed counter to them. infectors triple their repair rate, and can also infect the helis. They have the same attack v air, just the heli has 11 defence instead of the garudas 8. A buried underling can easily sneak back and kill an engie in 3 turns, maybe 4. Played properly, khrals are better than saps at air. (especially if you get arty in the battle)
Bug Reports » Unable to transform capturing units. » Go to message
However, capturing units have less defense (2 instead of 5 or 6) so it's easier to kill them. I'm pretty sure it's whenever an infantry is on a base that it can't be captured, though i'm not sure.
Bug Reports » Unable to attack a ship within range if it was hidden » Go to message
  newuser wrote: I knew exactly where the enemy destroyer was since I saw it move and then destroy my mecha (which caused it to be hidden by the fog of war). So I moved my hydronaut within range, and within vision, but I could not attack the destroyer because it was "previously" hidden. I should have been able to see and attack it at that point. This turned out to be one of the turning points so I lost the game. Is this a feature or a bug??

Feature, balance issue, and bug. Well, more of an exploit. In order to stop you from moving, and then canceling the move after you see the terrain/enemies, they made it so you don't see terrain until after you say 'stay'. I believe you can then undo the stay order and order an attack though, as long as you don't tap any other square. (use the button on the bottom left, same as canceling a build)
Bug Reports » buried underlings under enemy's army » Go to message
I've always been able to move buried underlings. Fully, wherever i want. (within move limits)
Bug Reports » greyed out game can't be erased, crashes the app » Go to message
Had the same thing in a 8 player game. Hope it gets fixed soon. haven't tried the 'tap victory screen' trick yet, i might go try that now.
Guides & Tips » Visibility / fog flaw » Go to message
Found this a couple of days after starting. It's an exploit, but a useful one. Should definently be taken out soon.
Guides & Tips » Don’t grow to fast in 8 player maps » Go to message
  exile wrote: I am having to learn the hard way in games that I am in. If you snatch up to many bases and grow big early on in the game, even with Fog of war on, you will find people (naturally) will all unite against you, making you go from first to last. I figure that keeping a close second until near the end is the best strategy for 8 player maps.

Also, don't grow unless you can cut out a full area for yourself. All the 8 person games i've ever won were by getting a full band through the centre, and then taking out isolated groups. Also, focus on the smallest player near you first, unless you have some sort of truce from earlier on.
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