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Thanks for setting this up, GL all.
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There was another option I liked once that I saw.
The Mechas cooldown is dependant on how many tiles he ported.
Something like anything past 6 is another turn. This might encourage Titan players to progressively port out capturing bases. That or just a range limit is my thoughts.

BTW I want to point out its RainbowT's fault that El-mo is bringing this up.
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  Cpt Hawaiian wrote: Helping Titans

First of all, the recent buff to speeder mobility was a GREAT change. They still need more, and here's what I think:

- Buff the eclipse to make it more useful. I like removal of terrain penalties OR increased healing rate for the eclipse. Infantry in terrain will still do 2-3 damage regularly to an eclipse, so eclipses will still get ripped up very easily in terrain even without terrain penalties. Making one of these buffs would just help make eclipses become more versatile. Currently, they get hurt by even a little infantry and become useless, because low hit points make them harmless. People complain about paper tanks dying so quickly, but eclipses are the same cost and even easier to rape.

- I think that assimilator mobility should be increased to 7. Part of titan's weakness is slow healing and not being able to defend buried underlings well. Having assimilators navigate terrain better to get to healing locations and react to popup ants more effectively would be a good move.

- How about UV simply revealing buried underlings too? This would be good in large open areas where moving forward into a trap could be avoided. But it could also be useful in times when you already know where the buried ants are, you just can't remember how many hit points they have. You can see where real threats are and plan accordingly.

This all sounds great to me.

I agree Eclipses should get less terrain effects OR better heal.
And UV revealing ants could be cool. Once you activate it you could just see them for the rest of that turn and once thier next turn comes up the sight is gone. Or it could even reveal them for a few turns. That might be overkill though.
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  eyesofplenty wrote: I am a novice that plays exclusively as titans. I would say they are difficult to play rIght more than they are underpowered. I think uv vs buried would be a good change, but no repair for buried would be too harsh for Khrals and also for titans when they assimilate. Often you don't get to capture a full health underling so when you do get one you want to be able to bury and heal up so it can be brought out later.

I think there is potential for UV spam but as another poster mentioned its a pretty expensive strategy getting 10 assimlators out - credits and real estate.

Finally the terrain disadvantage is just part of titans. I choose my maps carefully. For bad terrain maps you have to just think more about strategy, and for some just don't play them! I prefer being mad to think harder because if strong terrain effects, than just using the same strategy all the time regardless of map

Good fair comments. However in the defense of you and all other exclusive Titans (I used to be one) not choosing Titans because of a type of map isnt fair. All three races should be equally playable on any map. Thier too much the "specialty" race. I feel less affects on bad terrain probably is the way to go. Maybe on the Plasma Tank rather than the Eclipse though. Since thier so slow to cover terrain anyway. That or just some minor tweaks. Little extra plasma movement. Little less negative Terrain effects, little Assimilator tweaks.
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I'm not so sure the lack of Titans in the top 50 is because the other two races need weakened.

I agree with StarryBlink that terrain affects Titans too much and therefore makes alot of maps unplayable. If that wasnt so much the case then maybe more people would use them. But I think a large number of people still wont want to because thier just such a slow race. You have to have the utmost patience. IMO Titan players shouldnt focus on capping bases so much as walling in so long and dealing so much damage the opponent surrenders. lol

I say this as someone who started out loving Titans and playing with tons of patience and slowly made the transition to a Krealean fan whos much more aggressive. (I play Random Random now though.)

Anyway Titans should lose some of thier terrain effects I think. Would it even need to be an ability like jump? Could it just be changed so that terrain doesnt affect Speeders as much? Or as has been discussed give every race a new unit that helps with thier weaknesses, like Titans lack of speed and mobility.
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The more i think about it why are we trying to limit burylings? Theyve been the only reason I pulled off some narrow victories against Titans
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Yeah I know it should, I wasnt talking about that. You two said it would be nice to be able to search by name of Map Creator. I'm saying that you CAN do that now.
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  droidfreak36 wrote:
  regard87 wrote:
Giving them attack after move would be the easiest change, but then is there much separating them from a Wyrm?

The Batteries would be more expensive and have longer absolute range, plus they'd still be rather weak at short range. I just noticed a potential issue- They could devastate Wyrms in initial strikes with their longer range (Like Hydronauts vs other ships), but then again I've never used Wyrms against Batteries anyways. I always use Swarmers or short ranged units on them.

Good point about the Batteries vs the Wyrms. And sure you dont use Wyrms vs Batts but Wyrms are effective vs Choppers. This change would probably stop Kral players from using Wyrms at all in a Kral/Sap battle. Does that matter? IDK I dont use Wyrms often in that matchup, but sometimes I do.
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You cant search by Author Name?

I can and just did. I type Regard only (short for Regard87) and I'm able to search by 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 person maps, Ranked and Unranked. That way I see which maps have become ranked, which ones I need to continue inviting people to, etc.
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Underlings unable to heal underground would make them a little less affective without making them useless. It would force you to be very careful about where you bury them, since you wouldnt want to risk them taking a shot before getting set up underground.
It would change the way I use them, I often bury wounded lings to heal, even in Kral/Sap battles if I was using them to block.

Also UV working underground would help, a Titan player would have a few Assimilators anyway waiting for the ninjas, this would allow the Assimilators to basically save them as an 8 or 9 health ling usually cant one shot.

I agree though it should be one or the other.

With the Battery buff I still think move after attack with be somewhat affective, so long as thier still cheaper. You would want to attack PT lines with them and move a few of them into Walker range at one time I suppose so that your Batteries outnumber the opponents Walkers and thier all in range of one another. It would be limited though, and difficult to get full affect out of. I'd also suggested giving them the highest defense rating of any artillery unit to survive the range deficite a little longer.
Giving them attack after move would be the easiest change, but then is there much separating them from a Wyrm?

Some sort of Eclipse boost might be nice. It cant be too much of an upgrade though as thier already a devestating anti-air unit.
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On small maps like Chato Hill I do well as a Sap vs Titans, always building far more engineers than some might think neccessary so I have a constant supply of EMPs and can bring Tanks to full health from the brink of death.

On a larger map if theres a good amount of money and some chokeholds you only have a couple rounds to wreak havoc, if the Titan walls in it can be over already.
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  reallyfun wrote:Sapiens:
Modified Marine:
-Jet pack enabling marine to cross oceans with cool down. Once activated, can stay in air until you land. The catch is you can't do anything while flying.

The idea of the Marine being able to fly is a good one IMO. Right now the Titan Mecha and teleport, the Kralean Underling can go into a stealth mode and the Marine has no special ability. This would give all three a varied special ability.

The jetpack could function just like the Underling burying. You use a turn to "Takeoff" and another turn to "Land". Maybe you can fly over an enemy base "covering" it but can't Cap it until you "Land". This would have an interesting tradeoff too that would make Kral/Sap battles interesting. Because while in air the flying Marine would NOT have the terrain bonuses that make them so useful in that matchup.

It would give Sap/Sap battles an interesting twist as well too. You could build a "flying Marine spamwall" that Tanks would be unable to shoot!!

  reallyfun wrote:
-Cannot be detected without air units. Heavy damage to other sea units. Slower movement. Once detected, can be sunk easily due to its weak defense.

Good expansion on the Sub idea people have been throwing around. I think its important Naval Warfare is fleshed out, and that the sapien unit should be a specialty unit with Destroyers being so powerful.

  reallyfun wrote:
Hunter Killer(much like the ones from the Terminator movies):
-Air unit; this is mainly to give the Titans an air unit. It is an anti-ground/sea unit with thin to medium armor. Weak vs air. Basically an attack unit with weak defense.
Titan sea unit:
The Goliath:
-Can attack 2 or multiple times/units in 1 turn. Medium damage. Heavy armor but slow movement.

I like the idea of a second Titan water unit being like the speeder so you can block for the Hydronauts, though maybe that would be overkill. In that case your idea of a slower unit might be the better one, it would play into Titan tactics yoo. You'd still want the secondary boat in front of the Hydros to protect them and allow them to use thier range, so you'd have to play a slow buildup to get them into postion, itd be the sea version of the Walker wall-in.

The HUNTER KILLER sounds interesting but if you think about it, it would be devestating to the Sap/Titan battle. A flying anti ground unit would crush Tanks leaving Plasmas to blow right through.
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They havnt? Idk much about the multiple account one but I dont think that Fog glitch still works. As for the build and undo one, sure that still works but is it actually a glitch? So long as its there everyone can use it, it prevents people from having to build base units all over the map for vision. You just need to know that depending on terrain or if your facing a Titan/Kralean to check your far off bases at times to make sure theres no units in the fog.
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It makes sense, would stop people from farming second and third accounts that belong to them as well.

If your trying to raise your score the best way to do it is to play other people. Especially random games. If this person is your friend, why are you both fighting over the same points anyway? Take on others 2v2 and try and raise your rank in random play.

I almost never play my friends in ranked games.
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It could be interesting, but would further display the Sapiens lack of transporting around. They still wouldnt be able to pop up while in the water.
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