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Messages posted by: Mantis Lord
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New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Agreed. Are they still actively planning to add new units to the game? Is discussion here worthwhile, or outdated?
General Discussion » Changes are coming to uniwar... » Go to message
How much feedback did you guys get in the poll you gave a little while ago? I'm very curious what you thought about my suggestions I wish I had copied them to paste here since people are getting dev replies.
User Generated Maps » Ancient Castle: Feedback Requested. 4v4 Castle Concept! » Go to message
Hello Uniwarriors!!

I got deep into the game last year and brought my friends into it too. I have met many new ones as well! Now I am trying to give back to the uniworld, but need your help in making the most fun 4v4 map in the game.

Please take a look at Ancient Castle, 8-player unrated map and set up an open game or vs bots. Feel free to invite me! I am currently iterating the map and would like to get feedback from more people in the next version.

While balance, credit #, base placement etc is all up for debate, I'm really trying to answer 1 question -

"When you first look at this map, how does it make you feel? Does it 'grab' you? Would you see it and choose it on your own?"

I'm really trying to make the best castle concept in the game, and have it be very exciting for both sides.

Thank you so much.
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