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Roles players may take on. No 2 on a team may be alike.

Captain: The Commander.
ABILITY: can perform the role of MEDIC or SPY. 1 USE
Time of use: mission setup (medic), anytime (spy).

Lieutenant: Second in command. A very capable soldier.
ABILITY: can perform the role of BUREAUCRAT or INTELLIGENCE CHIEF (Rcard reveal only). 1 USE
Time of use: mission setup (bureaucrat), anytime (intel chief).

Intelligence Chief: The intelligence chief can gather information quickly.
ABILITY: he may demand knowledge of the enemy team’s restriction cards OR reveal the enemy team player roles. 1 USE
Time of use: anytime.

Bureaucrat: The bureaucrat has special communication networks, capable of bypassing normal operations.
ABILITY: Captain may choose the mission instead of the dice. Two bureaucrats will cancel out. 1 USE
Time of use: mission setup.

Medic: The field medic heals your forces.
ABILITY: his presence will negate any restriction card imposed by the enemy. 1 USE
Time of use: mission setup.

Scout: This person gives the team a sight advantage.
ABILITY: the match will proceed with NO FOG OF WAR. 1 USE
Time of use: mission setup.

Time Engineer: Time Engineers may reset events of the past.
ABILITY: may reset any mission and play it again at any turn timer speed. 1 USE
Time of use: anytime. the chosen mission must have already occurred. Can't reset main mid or final

Spy: The spy has secret resources.
ABILITY: may call in a strike against the enemy. strike success= Enemy Team -2 points, ALL Enemy Rcards destroyed. 1 USE
Time of use: anytime

Thief: Requisition expert.
ABILITY: Steal 1 Rcard from the enemy. 1 USE
Time of use: anytime

The roles for each team must be set up before the war begins
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Restrictions (Rcards)

• NO TANK BUSTERS- 5 TURNS (anytime)
• BONUS- blocking of any enemy team member from participating in the MIDWAY battles
• JACKPOT- blocking of any enemy team member from participating in the FINAL battles.

** Random chance to obtain a special card: Restrict specific player from participation in middle battle or final battle **

Rules of engagement for restrictions:

• Race restrictions (applied at setup) may only be used once (1x) at the time of a match setup. This only applies to the race blocking category of RCARD.
• Unit restrictions (various kinds) may be used as many times as desired/possible during a match (playable anytime, lasting 5 rounds from a specified starting round).
• If a race restriction is not possible due to locked race selection on a map it does not apply to any player slots that are race locked already.
• The use of a restriction, for which match, and how it is used (what unit type, if applicable) MUST be clearly stated by the initiating captain.
• Failure to follow the rule of a restriction, for each infraction, will award the enemy team points equal to the match value of the game it occurs in.
• If a Captain is choosing to win the Restriction award, its type will be determined by dice roll.
• RCARD will be removed from the team at the time of use.
• Special RCARD can be acquired when the dice roll average matches the value of the first die rolled. This is called a BONUS throw.
• Special RCARD can be acquired when the dice roll is a jackpot (all 4 dice the same number). This is called a JACKPOT throw.
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• Teams are allotted a war bank balance of 600UC at the start of the game. This is part of the prize UC of the war. It is also used to hire mercenaries to fight for you.
• If the turn timer reaches 00:00 the controller will skip you. Skipping is permitted at any time it is possible in any match.
• Rcards can be used at their time of use to subvert an enemy team.
• Abilities can be used at their time of use to subvert an enemy team.
• Teams will collect points and rcards and use abilities to gain an edge in winning the war.
• The team with the most points after all matches have been played will be the winner.
• The war is officially over at the finish of the FINAL battle.
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Match Point Value for MAIN= +6
Match Point Value for MIDWAY= +3
Match Point Value for FINAL= 1.5x<current score>
Match Point Value for MISSION= +1
Alternative mission reward= Restriction (Rcard) +1
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Match making

• The primary matches are: MAIN & MIDWAY.
• Primary matches will be made by the controller.
• Players will join the primary matches as any race they choose, unless restricted by a game rule. The MAIN will always be unrestricted.
• The MIDWAY battle will begin at the end of the MAIN. The MIDWAY battle is an elimination segment. The first team to lose 2 MIDWAY battles will be excluded from the FINAL battle.
• After a faction has been eliminated in the MIDWAY, the first team from the remaining two factions to lose a squad will host the FINAL battle.
• MISSIONS will be started by the host team of the main or midway battle in which they occur.
• Missions will occur: Every 5 rounds of a main battle. Every 10 of a midway battle. None during final battle.
• Missions will be named according to what primary battle triggered them and their type and trigger round. I.e “MAIN##TYPE##”. This information will be provided to you by the controller.
• Captains will choose who they want to go to the missions. These soldiers will be unavailable for additional missions until their match is complete.
• Captains will tell the controller the players’ names and races before the mission information is released by the controller.
• Mercenary players may be hired by a faction. They will receive a hire fee of 100UC to 300UC but are not eligible to win the grand prize. This fee will come from the hiring factions war bank.
• Mercenary players will fight for their employer in missions.
• If a team is unable to provide a player for a mission it is a forfeit.
• Captains will tell the controller if they wish to play an rcard or a role ability during its time of use.
• Missions must adhere to the setup structure stated by the controller.
• Surrender will give the enemy +1 point for each player that surrendered.
• If the total amount of players on a given team surrenders a mission, the enemy team will be awarded the victory of that mission.
• There is no penalty to surrender in the FINAL.
• All matches will be 12H turn limit, except for the final battle. The final battle will be 24H.
• All matches in the event will be team matches.
• All matches will have “fog of war” enabled, unless modified by a game rule.
• All matches will occur on the map provided by the controller.
• The winning team will receive points equal to the match value. Or they may elect to receive an rcard from a mission victory. What the captains choose as a prize will be private.
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Player involvement
• Players fighting for a faction are fighting to win up to 500UC each.
• Players will abide by the rules of the game.
• Players will abide by the instruction of the controller.
• Players must qualify with the prerequisites stated above, before the game start.
• Players will save match replays and send the replay link to the Controller.
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
Prize Money:
2400UC + remaining balance of their teams war bank

Players= 00/18 Seats available
Teams= 3 [6 players each]
Squads= 2 [per team]

Players= 00/10 Seats available

Open game slots= 2 minimum per player
Open archive slots= 1 per player

Required players:

Controller: This is the game admin.

Captain: This player communicates the required decisions for the team to the controller throughout the war. Each team will have a captain.

Team members: These players will fight the war with their captains in search of the prize UC. Players can take on roles with special abilities to help in the war.

Mercenaries: These players are free agents who may join the teams on an as-needed basis. If a mercenary is not employed by a team they will be used for alternative battles during the war. Unemployed mercenaries are not able to acquire the grand prize UC.
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What is the Grand War?

The Grand War is a team-oriented series of matches where three factions face each other for the chance at glory! A tournament with a twist, each team is comprised of 6 players which are broken down into 2 squads of 3 per team. The war has 3 primary stages of combat. The main battle, the middle incursion, and the final battle. The main battle is meant to last the longest and serves as the foundation of the contest. During the main battles, there will be smaller missions at specific intervals. What maps they take place on is determined by a dice roll. These matches are meant to be quick and fast fighting. Captains will choose who participates in the missions before they begin.

The outcome of every battle during the war will award points to the winning team. During the war, each team will have the ability to subvert the enemy. This game is meant to involve role play and secrecy. At the end of the war all points are tallied and the winning team will be announced. In this event, every decision and battle matters.
At the onset of the competition, the teams will be constructed (details below) from squads of 3. Each team will have a captain who shall communicate their play to the controller. The Captain has an important role and duty of managing the rest of his team as well as making decisions for the team which will determine the outcome of the war.
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Regrettably, the grand war is officially cancelled by this post.
Grand war 2 is in development as a result. There were many components of this event which were new ideas and this first go through has generated much in the way of knowledge. The second coming will be an improvement from the information gleaned in this prototype run.

War 2 will improve on the available facets of the war components and rules shall be simplified. More roles will become available and the processes modified to enable smooth transitions across the battles. I apologize to all interested parties for the cancellation. The development of war 2 will take no longer than a week from this post. For any interested players considering participation I would suggest that you consider forming your squads now. Only squads of 4 will be accepted into the roster. Details to follow under a separate post. Stay tuned.
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I like Sims suggestions! Also, I've asked for the split teams option as well.. 2v2v2 or 3v3 or 2v2 2v2 sounds way awesome! I feel like it should definitely be included with the campaign map linking option if it comes.. I can come up with all SORTS of things to do with that..
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So.. what's the theme?
User Generated Maps » Guide To Building Maps » Go to message

-Go to UW-sandman's profile.
-"favorite" the map: TemplateLRG
-Open the map editor
-Press the 3 line button at the top left (where you can choose map properties or clear map)
-Choose "download online map"
-Change the "Player number" selector at the top left until it goes past 8 and the "house" icon until you see it showing the "heart" icon (favorites). 6 presses.
-Unless you have other favorites, TemplateLRG will be the only one there. Even if you have other favorites the list will likely be short.
-Choose "TemplateLRG"
-Hit the "check" button to begin
-Modify the map at will
-Save the map to file so you dont lose your changes

This map was made specifically to get a head start on building a map. The layout is designed to give the author "spacial awareness" while making the map.
Looking at the map it is possible to notice all of the different map "center" types. (single tile center, symmetrical 2 tile center, 3 tile center where the tile corners meet at a central point)
Once a map is made it doesnt matter where it is actually located in the editor. All maps are center viewed when someone plays them. This means that you can only use a corner of the template for your map and as long as no other tiles are present somewhere else when you publish it, the map will automatically become centered when people play.

Happy map making!
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The infraction count is for how many were built during the restriction time frame. It isnt every round. All replays get shared into the admin match as you know. We will be able to see when things happened (you captains and i). If a restricted unit was built before the timer is up at round 6 the infraction count is 1 for that speeder. If you build 2 its 2. It doesnt compound for every turn its alive. That is just unreasonable and we dont have any way of getting it off the board either. So the moment of infraction and count is at the time a rule is broken. And only for this one time. Infractions can still add up detrimentally this way so take caution.

With race restrictions, as they are for a full match, any break/infraction is counted but again.. Not for every round played. If you shouldnt have chosen titans but your whole team did then it would be 4 infractions total for that match. Which is going to be a steep penalty depending on what match, but they do not continue to accumulate.

Hope this clears it up for you.
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If you have any questions about the war you can pm me on here or in our other chat at least. The forum post for the war covers all of it, but i know some questions can come up anyways.
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What it means to act as the role you have:

The roles for each team will only be known by me and the team captains and the players who have specialized roles individually. Inside the main matches you are encouraged to play your role (adopt that personality).

Do not tell anyone on the enemy team your role.
If you can figure out what role an enemy player is you can tell your captain and he will be able to consider this information when he makes the strategic decisions only the captain can make (what role abilities are used, if they're used, when they're used, etc).

Only 2 players on each team will not have specialized roles.
Specialized meaning having an ability.

For these players, their role is "soldier".
This is to add to the unknown information of war, similar to fog of war but informational.
These players are encouraged to communicate regularly.
Captains may tell soldiers to pretend they are someone else to confuse the enemy. Since they can be told to pretend they are someone else, who they are told to pretend to be by their captain can change. Soldiers may never refer to themselves as "I " or "me". They also may not speak with ownership of anything such as "my" turn/unit/base etc or "your marauder is MINE next round".

Participation in the dialogue role play is optional and other than adding an additional layer of play it doesn't really affect how the war happens (other than perhaps information useful to the captains choices)
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