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Guides & Tips » Found an odd bug on a 4 player map » Go to message
3 things

1 put this on the bugs report instead of tips and tricks and loopholes
2 is probably the bots. It has been awhile so I may be wrong but hard computers break this all the time.
3 It's @$&#?ing WHITE not silver, silver ranges from grey to light grey look closer
Bug Reports » Found a glitch » Go to message
I didn't understand the feature. I thought that the vision wasn't there until after the turn. So I thought it was a glitch.
Bug Reports » Found a glitch » Go to message
Found a way around the place unit on base gain vision. Build unit... select other base (other ways may be used that I don't know about)... gain sight. I'm not sure if this has been posted or not. Also I get why the system was removed but why not have it so that the newly placed units can't get sight until it can't be undone.
New Feature Request » With the latest version, Bases need more vision. » Go to message
I agree. At least three is needed to check for underlings as they can capture at most three. So that way you can check to see if the enemy is attempting to get your base. It is so exploitable to have a underling or mecha appear behind the bases to surprise and capture.
Technical Support Questions » Only Four Current games Out of Twenty Showing » Go to message
Sure you didn't win or have the enemy surrender or you defeated etc. etc. at the same time.
Tournaments » TEAM Tournament: RAID & RESCUE » Go to message
I don't join tournaments but the way it's set up seems well.
Bug Reports » Marine does no dmg to heli on Starvation? » Go to message
Sounds like my risk games in a nut shell. I have the worst luck in that game, thankfully my luck here isn't too bad.
Guides & Tips » Chess Proverbs for Uniwar Players » Go to message
Here's my advice: If you have a copy of advanced wars play the campaign, you are put against the worst odds near the end, this has made my game against players who have an advantage (i.e. opponent getting center in omega) better to the points where I almost lost but kept my artillery and tanks safe. Seriously if it weren't for advanced wars I'd lose whenever the opponent got the advantage.
Sapiens » Battery range » Go to message
No it's not,the batteries are my favorite and this is coming from a Titan player. Batteries are balanced compared to walkers while walkers have a bit more defense batteries have more attack. Walker may have more range but what happens when the walker is on a base, that means either move and be able to produce a unit or attack and don't produce a unit. Batteries can do both and are cheaper, that means one more marine on the battlefield. While some complain that if the titans have a lot of walkers your batteries are useless but if you allowed titans get too many you might as well be dead extra range or not.
Sapiens » Tank Air power » Go to message
  Mantis Lord wrote: Just came here to agree. Tanks should be able to hit air with at least 1 or 2 attack power.

I know it was a very specific design choice, but in practice it feels like a mistake or a flaw.

ESPECIALLY compared to the plasma tank of course, which can not only hit air, but hit it very hard. The discrepancy between that and the sapien tank is not going to make sense to most players. Especially new ones, it is counter-intuitive. It's a racial balance issue that results in a too-harsh punishment for that one unit.

Plasma tanks don't heal 2 they also cost more than the others and with titans costing so much, it makes them hard to use. So the air attack makes eclipses not as necessary for titans to make the PTs come out more making the game balanced in the end.
Sapiens » Tank Air power » Go to message
  StarryBlink wrote: I think tank and pinzer are OK.
Kharl vs Sap is already an exciting air combat.
In most map which marines can wall copters, Sap dominate.
But in some area which marines can't wall, garudas hunt copters.
On average, Sap get only a slightly advantage.

But I'm glad if you add more air power to tank and pinzer.
Because today when I play as kharl or sap in FFA,
I have to turn my strategy 180 degree when I build garudas and swarmers to fight sap opponent.
Then another titan player attack me from another side with eclipses, I'm severely disadvantage.
That why I prefer to pick titan in FFA, plasma tanks are strong against all units.

And although I speak as sap lover, batteries are really pathetic.
Their range should be 2-4 like hydronaught.

I don't see why so many hate batteries, their move after attack makes them rock on smaller levels compared to the walker who must move or they block the factory.
New Feature Request » Random Ranked Team & FFA Games » Go to message
I see your point but I think it is a terrible idea (no offense), if you don't like it do random only, it stops us from doing ranked with our friends or on our favorite maps or both. However if you're suggesting that there should be random team, that's great, but ranked only sucks. But ranked random FFA may be necessary now that I think about it to stop players like pipka
UniWar: Origins » UniWar Backstory » Go to message
I like how Techo is over a hundred years old

And out took him over a hundred years to make a solar panel

Edit: To below post, if they didn't have solar panels yet they didn't have the medicine to keep a guy alive that long (this isn't civ rev where you can have internet without electronics. And yes Sapiens are humans haven't you heard of HomoSAPIENS. Their body proportions are the same. The extra long ankles are probably parts of the armor to improve speed.
General Discussion » play last stand to the end? » Go to message
Not to my knowledge, you could always make a custom map for it, I'd recommend, having some delayed economical boost if you want to balance it
General Discussion » What's the difference » Go to message
They were the exactly the same scenario, so it must of been luck
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