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Sapiens » Marines: Underated? » Go to message
I agree, marines are fantastic anti-air, but I feel like people are forgetting about infectors, too many marines and a smart khral player can turn them against you... In truth a good mix of strategically placed marines, helis and even mauraders (especially with a gang up bonus) can do a number on garudas and swarmers alike. mauraders and helis are also useful for keeping away those infectors from your marines...
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
haha nah nicko, that wasn't harsh, you're right xcom and uniwar are very very different. "reserving actions" is something that could only apply to a a unit like the maurader, and being able to set up something like that would probably make it WAY over powered. Although a unit stronger when attacked then attacking would be an interesting special ability... if you could balance it right.
General Discussion » Skipping and other etiquette questions » Go to message
as far as etiquette goes in general a gg is ALWAYS appriciated. I know that sometimes if I skip someone (even if it's someone I don't know) and they come BACK to the game, I'll give them the option to offer peace and a rematch... that might be a bit above and beyond what is necessary, but it's amazing how far a little reciprocity will go...

edit: I've also been the person who's taken a vacation and lost TONS of games I shouldn't have to a vacation away from internet... Now that's why I only host games with a 3 day limit, and once I've played a few games with someone I'll ask them to wait while I'm gone.
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
A couple of things:

Most importantly, I think that it's great people have such intricate ideas about what to do with Uniwar, but before posting your ideas I would ask that you consider this:

The more complicated and specific your idea is, the harder it is to implement and MOST importantly, balance. I would like to think that maybe the Dev's actually look at this thread for honest feedback on where to take Uniwar 2 (although it would be great if a dev could confirm this), but I can PROMISE you specific unit ideas, role playing elements and other incredibly complex and detailed suggestions will be ignored, because it would take an incredible amount of play testing and scripting to realistically impliment.

Pipe dreams are fine, but Uniwar is already an awesome incredibly balanced game, and I can only assume the Dev's plan to tweak and improve Uniwar, not give it a serious overhaul.

@ Nicko I agree with almost all of your feedback, however, I do think it can be a little... harsh. Don't forget the whole point of this thread is for people to dream up crazy ideas and even if they tend to be outlandish, it doesn't mean any of us has the right to call them retarded and flame the person posting them. However, I certainly respect your experience of the game and your desire to keep people away from totally game changing ideas. As my previous statement probably reflects I agree with you on many levels, just not your methods for expressing disapproval, lets all be friends ya?

On the subject of more AW like elements. Simply put, AW has serious balance issues because of things like CO's, and if you want to play a game more like AW great! Advance Wars By Web (AWBW) Is a great browser based game that is a sort of mix of all the AW games to date... Play that instead! Uniwar is great because it's not AW.

@ sparticus
You're right that if all races had access to the same abilities it would be bland, and giving titans flying unitS could unbalance them if done inproperly, but I don't think that if correctly done, giving each race access to another ability, or even giving titans A flying unit, would homogenize the races as much as you imply. As of right now, Sapiens and Titans both have access to units that can move after attacking, but because they're way different in cost and functionality, the way and amount they are used is different. I also agree that bases should not be totally untied from funds, it would make for a different game, on the other hand it would be fun!
New Feature Request » The Uniwar forum » Go to message
Please note: I'm currently playing Uniwar on an ipod touch, and have never played uniwar on a cell or other smart so I have no idea if this would be fiesable on some devices

So one thing about uniwar I LOVE is that there is a dev team and community that is able to modify and update the game so bugs/balance issues arise they can be fixed.

A large part of that community is here on the forums and one thing I've always wished was that you could acces the forum from the game for several reasons.

a) its a great reference guide
b) easier access would encourage more people to be active participants
c) things like clans and tournaments become easier to take part in.

I dont know if a seperate app would be easier, or maybe just a touch/mobile version of the webpages is easier, but I would love to see more people using these forums!

In sum, my request is that you make the Uniwar forum more accessible and friendly right from our devices, be they androids, iphones or whatever else you're using.

New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
I would like to see some of the special abilities that already exist maybe used more often.
For example:
a sapien unit with teleport or a titan unit with bury.

Maybe a unit that can attack buried units?

I agree that untying income from base control might help make maps (especially ones like bases galore) would make games a little less inevitable once someone holds an advantage. HOWEVER

I think theres something to be said for the way the game is now, and I think it would be a nice OPTION to create games either way.

Bug Reports » Black screen on exiting in-game chat » Go to message
So I've experienced this "black screen" very little in the past few weeks, but it came up again and I noticed that before it happened, I got a text and it popped up as an alert which I closed. I don't know if this is an isolated experience or not, since I hadn't been having any issues recently it seemed to stick out. I am running a jailbroken iphone 3g... hope it helps
New Feature Request » preview damage » Go to message
I agree, Personally I like the sound of a range best, but either one would be awesome. How would it look when surrounded by multiple enemies? would you have to select one, see the prediction, than choose to commence the attack, or would it be displayed right over the icons somehow (maybe damage dealth and recieved in different colors on the enemy)?
New Feature Request » Limit spamming of new games » Go to message
Ah, I thought i lost that game before I moved... I think I've fallen into this sort of trap several times. Is there a topic that either exists or could be started that lists common scams run by people trying to raise their ratings? I feel like these kinds of experiences can be avoided easily, but happens all the time to newcomers such as myself all the time. I know it's been mentioned before, but maybe being able to access the forum from the game would encourage people to check it out and maybe learn how to avoid these traps early on, instead of just losing a few games to scammers, getting discouraged and ceasing to play the game. I know also that with a game with this much depth, the forums have been a great reference for me to learn the game.
Bug Reports » Black screen on exiting in-game chat » Go to message
yup same problem here. tried reinstalling as well.
New Feature Request » Suggestion: Fair map set-up thought » Go to message
That makes a lot of sense... now what are these dead end traps? I think I've hit a few and would like to avoid them
How to make the uniwar.com website better » An app for the forum » Go to message
I know this is an old thread, but I think this is a great idea, or at least an option under community that logs you in and takes you there on a browser. As I know nothing of coding apps I have no idea which would be easier, but one thing I'm really enjoying about the game so far is that obviously people's input effect updates, and the forum's a good reference for a beginner such as myself
General Discussion » Looking for friendly vets to kick my butt » Go to message
Hey all,
New to the game but not to these types of games (played a fair bit of Advance Wars). Would like to find some people to play a few games with and maybe discuss to help me learn some of the do's and don'ts. Name is thethanx, friend me or just post a reply... I do have to say though I haven't been able to post on the forum from a jailbroken ipone... I think I'm running 3.0? anyone know what the problem might be?
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