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General Discussion » WW2 » Go to message
Watch this video! It shows WW2 summery.
General Discussion » Impossibly low damage in tournament? » Go to message
  Selexcis wrote:unfortunately, the turn order requires i kill a unit first prior. I think damage ranges should be limited to 3 possible numbers, expected damage, below average, above average. having damage variations beyond that makes it just ridiculous to plan for and is counterintuitive to what makes uniwar fun

I agree with you, damage variations is to big.
General Discussion » only paid undo will work soon » Go to message
  earth wrote:SIMS, If only paid undo, even with a few free undos, the game starts to favour those that have paid for feature.

As I have said previously I personally don't mind paying for feature when Button is moved, however I suspect that this goes against the fundemental not pay to win in that this is a feature you need to be competitive.

I have not found any player that disagrees in that turn redo is a significant capability to improve the outcomes of uniwar battle.



Good point. Undo is very important it needs to be paid as unlimited undo and somekind of free undo, maybe longer to relogin to undo moves but for free.
Guides & Tips » Learn from the best players! December Championship Final » Go to message
I suggest to pause some moments or watch it again
Technical Support Questions » Accidentally left team while playing in tournament » Go to message
email to : support@uniwar.com
General Discussion » Uniwar coins? » Go to message
  Bond....007 wrote:I was hoping Uniwar would not go the way of in app purchases but it happened. So if I'm playing someone, if the have purchased the undo feature. Can that player undo moves and thus get an unfair advantage?

You can always make turn redo watch this tutorial:
Tournaments » Championship tournaments » Go to message
I posted sugestion on sync both games to avoid such sittuations, and also to avoid last turn advantage when time is out.
But Xavi don't have time to implement this
General Discussion » recent games list cut from 5 to 2 » Go to message
when in round-robin tournament, round will automatically end all 3 games one of these games couldn't be archived! It's very bad solution to cut finnished games down to 2.
New Feature Request » Add setting to only start games with players in same country » Go to message
I like this idea
Frequently Asked Questions » How to watch replay of yours and other games - tutorial » Go to message
If you want to learn how to play better try watch replays of yours and other players games!
How to do it? Just watch this video tutorial (with English subtitles):


If you have any questions write here or PM me.
Sapiens » Marauder wins against titan » Go to message
Watch how Newbee (recent Champion!) won a game against strong titan player Willy_D86

General Discussion » Questions/suggestions re vision, FOW and undo » Go to message
Undo trick is legal and well known. I made video tutorial for those players which don't know how to do it.


Undo button makes it just faster and more comfortable.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
Swarmer +1GH will again spoil T vs K ! Now T vs K is fine, don't change swarmers GH but GL +1.
Marauder -1GL looks fine, but speeder is still to powerfull.
Pinzer + Wyrm - OK.
Vision changes are OK.
General Discussion » What to do about multi player games? » Go to message
It's big problem.
Simsverd this happens only in low rated games where new players joins 4 games and then leave UniWar.
New players are not aware that they should set minimum rank requirements also they want play with similiar ranked players.
I think FFA/TEAM games should be possible to play only >1600 points OR for players who are registered for 2 weeks or longer (so we know that they are not new).
Sapiens » Helicopter video tutorial! » Go to message
I don't know on my phone it's Ok.
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