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There are plenty things that could make this forum more user friendly, getting rid of old posts, unless still helpful. Search menu should be more sensitive as you search things and it always says nothing to be found. Being able to organize posts concering how old a post is or who posted it. Having a section in the forum purely for learning the rules of the game, and i dont just mean game play, the mechanics and maths/ calculations of the game aswell as requirements for certain tasks - also the option "hottest" has super old posts, hottest shouldnt be how many views or how many comments, it should be how many responses within a time frame of a week or something
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ive been playing this game for a while now, and i really enjoy making maps for people to test, play and rate towards rank worthy. Getting 2 player maps to rank worthy is easy enough. For some reason 3 player 4 player 6 player and 8 player maps appear to be much harder, they take longer to play, no one rates your games, or it atleast appears that way, i have been giving my maps good ratings. And they simply dont register. I understand you have to be 1700+ and you cant play against computer / bots and you need to make it to round 6. Why are my votes not registering?? Also ive played one of my games 66 times, with every race combo imaginable and and still barely any ratings at all, its all becoming a headache and demoralizing

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Why not 1700 get 1 vote and for every 100 point above 1700 is an extra vote?
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