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EIKONOKLASTES: *Holds the codes to the nukes while looking out onto the battlefield* **Surrounded on all sides with no real way out. . .** DAMN IT ALL!!! *Smashes fist into table* **Just need to hold out a bit longer. The traitor will go down in flames, and it will all be over. . . Still, it doesn't sit right with me to remain passive. There must be something I can do to turn this situation around, but what? Hmm. . . Perhaps it's time for a little statecraft. . .** Attention Titan and Khralian forces! I applaud your courage! It requires tremendous bravery to deliberately walk into the blast radius of a super high yield nuclear device! In honor of your bravery, I am giving you the opportunity to extricate yourselves from this hopeless situation by withdrawing from the area. Please note that this device WILL go off. This, I'm afraid, is an inalterable reality. The WHEN, however, is another matter. Should you continue pressing your advantage, you will, I assure you, experience first hand the horrors of. nuclear armageddon. Should you withdraw here and now, the pleasure of existence shall be yours for one day more. Choose wisely.
[...but the situation didn't get any better]
EIKONOKLASTES: **Hmm. . . Looks like the *******'* troops have been eliminated. Now there's nothing to stop me from getting the hell off this planet while he goes kaboom.** Hehehe *Pours a final drink* Attention all troops. Per orders from Central Command, all remaining forces not currently engaging enemy troops are to leave the planet immediately. I repeat, you are to leave the planet immediately. **Time for me to check my bags and get the #$@% out of here!**

/eikonoklastes withdraws from the battlefield, no bomb has exploded, no commander was harmed/
(PS. sorry man, I feel that we didn’t have the same thing in mind throughout this hell, I should clarify it more. It was a prisoner dillemma from the time you were able to detonate it manually, it kinda changed the rules).

MAIN EVENT (nuclear bomb) ended.
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BATTLE SITUATION – the nuclear bomb inside Mooses may explode anytime – the enemy forces around him (Duaneski, masteryoda) are aware and must react.

/event/ @Duaneski: @masteryoda: you've joined moose' quest with atomic bomb, unless you abandon the sapiens frontline for the next 2 rounds until the quest is over, his faith will be shared with you/
/@Eikonoklastes: ***Report received*** Soldier, that’s not the end of a war. Retreat at once. There is absolutely no point in losing more of human lives. Also, in five days from now the bomb explodes and you’re all may be dead by then. I repeat, retreat, take a sip of that, a sniff of that, feel the beat of a tickin’ timin’ bomb and use the FKN feet until the FKN heat will be too heavy to live and breathe. Commandment peace out, love.

MASTERYODA: @miamimoose: the titan race has become fond of your treacherous ways, and have decided not to attack you, instead we intend on helping you survive your pending explosion. We expect no attacks from you, don't disappoint us.
[duaneski and masteryoda helping moose to avoid his destiny, being in range and following the events]...

/event:/ @Eikonoklastes: your luck gained you the ability to 'sacrifice' your troops by deploying atomic bomb any time you have your round. That will affect your stats, as well as moose's, duaneski's and masteryoda's (as long as they are on sap's bases range)... Do not hesitate as 2 rounds are left, but think twice about that...

/Eventually Duaneski runs before the final events and withdraws…/
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EIKONOKLASTES: *Considers the surprising offer from the surprisingly well-spoken Khralian commander.* **Hmm. . . This world is ultimately a lost cause. Dividing moose's bases will merely delay the inevitable, and I already have my orders. Still. . . Central Command did give me five days before withdrawing, and all southern personnel have already been evacuated. . .** *Pours another drink and looks across the smoking, pockmarked battlefield.* **Five days to make that malfunctioning rectal thermometer pay. . . That's worth a temporary alliance.** @Duaneski: I see that you've taken advantage of my peace offering and are currently capping moose's southernmost base. I agree to a temporary alliance and as a display of good faith, I shall impart a warning. Do NOT allow ⤽ under the age of eighteen to consume moose's troops. They are known to ingest a wide variety of mind altering substances (they obviously take after their commander), and I cannot even begin to speculate what effects they might have. on a still developing Khralian mind.
/temporary Alliance between Khrals and the *loyalist* sapiens forces. Thanks to Duanksy supreme charisma Eikonoklastes gains +1 relation towards ALL KHRALEAN PLAYERS.

EIKONOKLASTES: *Watches as the Titans close in on the Northern front* **Damn those mobile ashtrays and damn that miserable traitor for aiding them. Those bases are doomed, but at least we got our personnel out in time. I feel sorry for that ⤭ crew, but it's sacrifice is a necessity.** *Asseses the Khralian swarm charging in from the South.* **This land will either go to them or the Titans. If I can use them to punish that miserable wretch, then at least it won't be a total loss.** *Smiles wryly* **Time may still be on my side. I don't have to crush the traitor. I just merely need to hold out a bit longer**

/titans (masteryoda) wisely made a strong progress towards weakened sapiens forces, mostly ruining Eikonoklastes plans to kill the traitor until it’s too late.

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MAIN EVENT OF THE MISSION!!! /provoked event for sapiens Alliance:/ @Miamimoose: Inside your super-protected tent with brainless minions of yours, a phone calls. *This is general McTrumphet. All I want to say is we KNEW that day will come, you pathetic piece of sht. So we planted a nuclear bomb inside your silly reprogrammed body. Ha. Ha. – his laughter seems a little bit empty and out of context for some reason. – Helping your enemies will help us now to destroy them. Oh, and you, you pathetic piece OF SHT. Have fun, the bomb explodes in five days. Did I mention you’re a pathetic piece of sht maybe? Because you are, you are. //OUTCOME OF YOUR TREASON – all sapiens allies have relations -3 with you now and you’re tossed out of Alliance. All other players gain +1 relations with you.

DUANESKI: ***kickstarts Khralean Internet server*** .... ***pinzer holding remnants of ⤳ body plugged into 50" LCD TV glares menacingly*** ... *sips blood of defeated sapiens from skull cup while reading latest tweets* #MooseOnLoose moose attacks own ally! Sapiens in shambles! #Sapiens are the sapien commanders all alcoholics? Reports say: YES. ***spits blood all over ⥂ face*** I KNEW IT!!! They're ALWAYS DRUNK. I JUST KNEW IT. @Eikonoklastes: hey I hear you have a problem with a moose. Listen. We are all friends here. You're a friend. I'm a friend. How about, you give us 2 of moose's bases. We let you keep the other four. And in fact, we even help you defend those bases. Cause that's what friends do.

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***To: Central Command.*** ***Status: Betrayal and Overrun*** As of the writing of this report, our fortifications are in immediate danger of being overrun. The malfunctioning toaster oven launched a surprise attack whereby it captured one of our southern bases with very little resistance. It is currently preparing to finish seizing the remaining southern fortifications and appears to be preparing to move North. The motivation behind its actions remain unclear, but it may be guilty of collusion with enemy forces. The heavy assault from the Titans situated on the West suggests that its original programming was restored by said Titans by as of yet undetermined means. However, as it has yet to make a substantive effort to reinforce its southern border, the possibility remains that it has sided with the Khrals (seeing it is a cyber-underling, it is possible that our efforts to reprogram this monstrosity somehow restored its original memory and allegiances). As conditions in the southwest quadrant are currently unknown, the cessation of Khral-Titan hostilities remains a distinct, albeit remote, possibility. We will continue in our efforts to resist both western and southern forces, but all nonessential personal are being evacuated at this time. Preparations for a final withdrawal will be in place by 0600 hours. *** End of Report***
*Pour a glass of scotch. Goes to the tent's entrance to contemplate future actions* **All in all, we appear to be rather screwed** *swirls the ice and takes a sip* **It may get away with it for now, but mark my words that walking ashtray WILL pay for this treachery.** Okay, men, let's hold them off for as long as possible and then get the hell out of this godforsaken wasteland. **I WILL return!**
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/event – MIAMIMOOSE betrayed sapiens Alliance and attack EIKONOKLASTES forces/

EIKONOKLASTES: *Takes a drink while reviewing the daily briefings. Nearly spews red wine all over the desk.* That idiot did WHAT?! What the HELL is that moron thinking? Attacking his own people like that, it's unheard of! I'll have that moose court-martialed and keelhauled for this, mark my words! *Takes a deep breath to calm down.* First things first, Lieutenant, send a message to central command. We need to let them know what has transpired here. Inform them that I'll attempt to relieve miamimoose from command, but that we may lose some good men in the process. *Watches as the lieutenant leaves to deliver the report* **I always knew project "Blended Consciousness" was a mistake. Sure, that reprogrammed cyber-underling can prove tactically astute 25% of the time. Heck, in those momenrs it straddles the line between madness and genius - and gets off on it. . . The other 75% of the time, the damn thing's intellect is somewhere in between a blender that stuck on the lowest setting and a malfunctioning glow-in-the-dark vibrator whose WiFi camera feed refuses to be encrypted.** *Sighs.* **The real question that needs to be answered is WHY he, or rather it, chose to do this. Is it malfunctioning, feeling ambitious, or are there other forces at work? It could be that those damn Titans somehow wormed their way back into miamimoose's base code. Either way, it needs to be taken down.**
**Let's just hope that this isn't some twisted plot concocted by Central Command. They can whitewash their speeches all they want, but I KNOW that most of them don't like half-breeds.** *Takes another deep breath.* **Calm down, me, let's not get too paranoid. I should be able to pull myself out of this mess just fine. If worse comes to worse, I can always play my trump card.**
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/bio expansions/

MASTERYODA: - (Tuh, people keep asking me "why so cold hearted?") **there just simple minded, they don't understand me, or that logic, and planning every action is all that keeps them safe? Do they honestly beleive their prayers save them from the enemy? *hitting the map grid with force (I should sleep) **no! Evil doesn't sleep and neither shall I! (Wow where did all that emotion come from? I've not had an outbursts like that since I was a child) *rubs face **keep.it together man, remember your lessons and teachings, emotions only affect logic and strategic actions.

LODEOUS: *** I used to be an ant before my queen sacrificed me to be assimilated by the titans. My natural abilities were augmented with robotics. The khraleans weakness is their emphasis on protecting the leader. If the leader dies khralean organization breaks down. Titans however have no one "leader" we are controlled by a distributed intelligence network that combines the smaller intelligence of each robot into an apparent central intelligence. Foolish life forms. Trusting leadership to the likes of one organism. As if one life form possessed the capacity to strategize better than an entire network. ***

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EIKONOKLASTES: *Sniff* **Tch, he utterly reeks of duplicity. Still, there is an element of truth to his greasy words. . . and all sorts of accidents can happen as a battle reaches its climax. . .** *Turns to a small table and fills two glasses while turning on a hidden recorder. Hands a drink to the minion while smiling warmly*. @Angkor: There is great wisdom in your words, soldier, and I appreciate your honest and forthright nature. This is a major battle, one that may determine the future course of the war, and it may be best for the men to be comforted by a familiar face. That being said, unforeseen accidents do happen whilst in the heat of battle, and it would be terrible if something went awry if you were to fall. Therefore, I ask that you keep me abreast of you plans so that I might step in should the worst happen. *Takes a sip from the glass.* As for the outcome of this conflict, I have little doubt that we will be triumphant. Should that happen, there will be plenty of praise and accolades to go around; however, if something should possibly go wrong, heads will surely roll. Or rather, Central Command will want someone to take the blame. Who do you think that someone should be?

/outcome/ Just in the moment you opened your mouth and started your speech it become obvious how great is your mental advantage over that simple sapien. His chicken-like eyes went from big to pixel-size and then back again couple of times as he stood in silence. *A-aye, sire. I t-take the full responsibility for whatever happens. Excuse my suspense, sir, I had little hope for your agreement on that. Y-y-you are a great guy, sir, pardon my language. Whoo… I should get going now, then… You’ll have all my reports on time, I promise!* - then, he salutes and quickly vanishes from your sight. **The recording** you start to think soon after, sipping another drink. What now, should you report him immediately, or rather only keep it, just in case..? /EIKONOKLASTES gains 1 charisma.

EIKONOKLASTES: ** I should turn him in, but a resource is a resource and an advantage is an advantage. Neither should be wasted in general. . . more so on the battlefield. . .** *Hold the recorder for a moment, and then places it in a secret compartment.* **It can always be destroyed later. Let's see how this plays out.**
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Titans: lodeous, masteryoda
Sapiens: eikonoklastes, miamimoose
Khraleans: duaneski, bulldog60
/tl;dr/ - Titans won, sapiens lost.
Titans made a quick and wise decision to switch inner bases to avoid friendly fire. Nice. Eikonoklastes (sapiens) got a proposal from NPC to share his commandment to boost morale and avoid responsibility. He agreed, but had a traitor all recorded to rule everything anyway. Smart. Miamimoose betrayed his alliance and was fired. WHAT? Miamimoose was implemented with a nuclear device all the time, the High Command knew he would betray. Eikonoklastes needed to survive long enough to explode it manually, hurting everyone. Duaneski helped him, masteryoda – used the situation and hit sapiens hard. Then, Duaneski helped Moose, because he and masteryoda found out they may die in explosion as well. Eikonoklastes was fcked. He gained the possibility to blow the bomb every minute, but that would hurt him as well. Duaneski withdrawed. Eikonoklastes withdrawed. Nothing happened really. Moose was beaten. Bulldog and Duaneski could switch bases as titans did to have some extra points, but were interrupted by Lodeous. Eventually titans won.

/full story/
/random event for @EIKONOKLASTES: / The night gathers as you stand alone in front of your ghetto command tent, thinking and trying to understand why is everything going on so perfectly. Then, out of nowhere, one of your sapien minions approach you. *Sir, uhm... you look for a good guy, so I’ll be honest with you*, he says with the conspiracy all over his simple face. *The simple folk don’t get this, you know. This is the biggest battle so far, and the general sent, pardon me, you two to command us? This reprogrammed weirdo creep and… well. I have a proposal for you. Let ME to directly lead our troops. They need a familiar face. I’m sure the government won’t mind, all the want is the victory, right?*… You are offended at first, but after a while it doesn’t sound so bad anymore, you think. But, of course, that would mean a serious hit for the reputation of both of you. On the other hand…
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I don't like it. That would cause stubborn players to master every move til the round 7-8, making a game more hard-work rather than fun and brilliance
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Not at all, just 3v3v3 and 2v2 matches last far longer than I suspected. Next chapter I'll try to make games more equal in length.
PS. The game is active in forum as well, feel free to write here whatever you like, talk to other players, extend your character's bio etc, I'll try to keep all the story arcs in shape together.
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  xavi wrote:It's a good idea. I like it a lot. I can't prioritize it right now

Yes I undestand that. Glad you like it though, hope that some day you'll find time to implement it in some form.

/edit: woo, kittens always work!/
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I came up with some idea and wonder what you guys think about that.
(1) THE PROBLEM. I realized that I stopped playing rankeds quite a while ago, well maybe not entirely, but still, because most games were slow/shitty/not interesting etc etc and I was kinda tired playing them. Probably some of you feel the same.
(2) THE SOLUTION: When you press random, after the enemy is chosen, before races are randomly chosen, THE WILD MAP CHOOSING appears. 3 maps pop out, players choose 1 which is favored, 1 which they don't want, and then system automatically selects the one which neither of players/teams choose as 'nope'. If 2 maps available, the one more 'preferable' wins. If not, the selection is random.
(3) OUTCOME. The mapch-ups are more interesting. The map selected as 'nope' may get -1 thumbdown automatically. The work for devs is probably quite much, but will increase interest majorly in my opinion. Whatcha guys think? Worth placing on forum at least?

/the system itself isn't important for me. Here's the example of other choosing system: 3 maps popps out, you give a point for 2 of them. The one with 2 points wins, if 2 have 2 points - randomly./

pleeeease xavi, do it, do it. You don't want to dissapoint the kittens, right? Just look at them, sweet kittens. Oh god.You need to do it, xavi

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It's a great idea and would be very useful in further creation of private players tournaments and happenings But I have a very little hope it will happen even if xavi has finally more time, it seems very distant from the mainstream direction the game is going, and 90% users won't have any benefit from it probably...
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