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New Feature Request » Poll: Option for "no undo" games? » Go to message
I don't think that a strict no-undo adds value to the game, because that scouting aspect is only one purpose of the undo.
The others are strategizing, i.e. playing with various options before finally committing a satisfying one,
and of course reverting mistakes, wrong taps, stuff like that.

Before I learned how to undo, I lost so many games because I captured a stupid harbor with an engineer that I needed badly for healing my troops and so on.

Besides it is probably not as easy to implement as described above. There might be reasons for the phone flushing the application data, so the simple proposed check does not really differentiate between intentional reset (aka free undo) and something that "just happens".

So IMHO a much better solution would be one that preserves FOW while still allowing undo, e.g. by updating vision only upon committing the turn
New Feature Request » Quickmatch » Go to message
I like this idea a lot, but the way my real life works, I the more "Play by email" style of the "normal" game. If at all I would rather play the "blitz" variants (i.e. 5-10 minutes for the whole match). Although I think that these extreme variants will have to fight all kinds of latency issues (network, server loade, etc)
General Discussion » Why i hope to remove randomness » Go to message
  drumstep wrote: It could also reduce variety so that games on the same map eventually become the same with everyone playing the solved best strategy.

No way, never. Take chess: only 1 race, only 6 unit types, only 1 map (pretty small), no terrain, no randomness.
It's been played for thousands of years, but still there is not one single solved best strategy.
In fact, almost every game played is different...
Guides & Tips » Teams » Go to message
A thought on team rating: If a new team is founded, it starts with a rating of 1500 - independent of the team member's rating.

The consequence: Our teams are frequently matched with 1500 rated teams, consisting of 2.5k+ players. They are so strong, that there is little to no chance of winning, so we instantly lose many points.
This is made worse by the fact that teams are pretty volatile: if a member leaves, the whole team is dissolved and has to be founded anew. Since most teams don't last long, there are lots of teams around 1.5k, not reflecting the actual team strength.

My proposal: Set the initial rating of a team to the average of the member's rating. This would much better relate to their strength. What do you think?
New Feature Request » Improvements to replay of ongoing games » Go to message
I would be very happy if the replay function of ongoing games could be improved as described below.

Current situation: All visible actions of other player since last own turn can be replayed at normal speed.
- no pause (workaround: push screen-off button)
- no rewind/fast forward
- no speed adjustment

This is especially problematic with team battles on large maps where there are tons of units and many actions. If you are distracted and look away from screen or not fully concentrated, you miss one critical move, then you have to stop the replay and watch the whole sequence from the beginning ... again.
This happened to me ever so often, and I wished to have all the nice buttons / capabilities that replays of finished games offer. (of course without the option to turn FOW off )

It would be extremely helpful if this could be implemented.

And it would be even nicer, if it was not only possible to review the last turn, but instead the whole battle from the beginning. This would greatly compensate for my bad memory () - especially since I tend to have quite a few games open in parallel, and some guys only make one move every day, so a battle can easily last weeks and sometimes I wonder how we ever got to the current situation.

Thoughts on this?

Bug Reports » Disappearing underlings! » Go to message
Is it really already fixed? I noticed that bug as well, it also happens if the underling is just damaged (by enemy moving heavy unit on top). If you watch the replay of last move, the underling is damaged once more, which will also affect is attack stats on the move. Fortunately it is impossible to submit the turn afterwards (it will say that the game is out of sync and force undo).

Same bug actually affects veterancy: Veterancy bonus for units killed is (or was?) added one more time when watching replay - which could turn units to veterans too early.
New Feature Request » Proposal: Make buried underlings visible to the enemy » Go to message
  Angkor wrote:Agree, it's a waste of time. But let me suggest that only titan player should see burried unders. Simply 'cause: (1) it would be more fun in team games (2) it's not always perfectly possible to detect where unders stand (3) let's have this little advantage over players who aren't aware how to detect yet ;P (4) sap vs khral and khral vs khral games have very little of those, so it's not annoying in that cases. (5) titans have overwhelming ultrasound detection technology duh!

I think also this is a bad idea to let only healing units the detection feature, as well as any other, because it would a little break balance and force to choose between building perfect unit or having more fun and less minesweeper stuff nobody likes.

What you guys think?

(2) As long as you can move freely it is always possible. At least I never found a game where it is not. The only areas you can't see is behind enemy units (or close to them, because you can't see the numbers around fields occupied by enemy
(3) no comment
(4) I've also seen plenty in sap vs khral. rarely in khral vs khral, I agree

As I initially stated: I understand the fascination of an invisible unit. However, all alternative suggestion I saw so far would affect balance (e.g. making them completely undetectable, reducing their pop-up bonus). I think race in uniwar are pretty well balanced, and each change in balancing should be considered carefully.

My suggestion (i.e. making them visible always - optionally just in the hex besides your own units) does not affect balance. It just makes obvious what is in fact always the case -> you CAN detect them.
New Feature Request » Proposal: Make buried underlings visible to the enemy » Go to message
I like to add that it does not really matter if it requires "real" or "soft" undo. It is cumbersome and a waste of time nonetheless.

I would also like to avoid adding complexity (both regarding gameplay, and also regarding implementation).

PS: I did a quick underling scouting run on a current game I play with amidama ( ). This is map "DiamondCenter", about 10x11.
Using pen and paper, it took me 11 minutes to find the 7 buried underlings (in the area of interest, that is).

New Feature Request » Proposal: Make buried underlings visible to the enemy » Go to message
Basically every experienced player knows how to spot buried underlings, using the little golden numbers and lots of undo.
This is a very cumbersome puzzle task, time consuming and distracting. The time spent on counting numbers and underlings should rather be available for thinking about strategy.
Also, if there is a lot of buried underlings, locating them all either requires very good memory (which I lack) or pen&paper (which I not always have at hand).
So there is a lot of occasions when I would like to make a move, but can't due to the above mentioned restrictions.

I would claim that only very unexperienced players believe in the invisibility of underlings because they have not yet learned how to uncover them.
I admit that at the beginning this makes them both fascinating (an invisible unit that can sneak close to enemy bases or behind his lines) and frightening (they suddenly and unexpectedly pop up).
Beginners typically send only a few underlings (which restricts their usefullness because they cannot use gangup and are easily covered).
Fascination stops as soon as you encounter opponents that "magically" always move their heavy units on top of the underlings.

So finally everybody knows how to "see" them and how to use them: send masses of underlings, and then to trouble starts: play minesweeper.

I would like to get rid of this tedious task.

That's why I propose making buried underlings visible to the enemy as well. As described above, this would only affect balance for those that don't know the meaning of these little golden numbers.

In comparison to the other options discussed in chat, this one would affect gameplay and balance the least (if at all).
A variation could be that they are only visible on fields directly adjacent to own units (not at full visibility range) - similar to the detection with the golden numbers this would leave some more of the "sneakiness" of the underlings.

Another proposal from the chat was to make them completely undetectable (not even with golden numbers), but reduce the unbury bonus. But I think this would drastically change balance as it would be much easier to protect against that.

I would like to get the discussion started and hope that an acceptable and implementable solution can be found.
Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » Please downvote map Skull Valley » Go to message
Map name: Skull Valley
Map maker: Hawaiian
Number of Players: 2

Reason for down voting: If player 1 is Khral, he can build a swarmer at his lower base and together with one of his initial underlings prevent initial base capture of red player

Change recommendations (if you have any): move initial units farther away from uncaptured bases. Or remove number of initial units.
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