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Bug Reports » Very minor UI bug with marauder » Go to message
I understand and agree that is exactly what is happening but you don't see +1 followed by +1 in quick succession you just see a single +1, then the turn ends.

Assuming they are happening on top of each other you could simply move the start position of the 2nd +1 to the right by a few pixels and that would make it obvious.

What I think is happening is the first action has no ui only the 2nd action is showing. Which is why you only see a single +1 then the health jumps by +2
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
The limitations of the OP are unfortunate, a leviathon like boat that could occasionally spawn an underling when near the coast seemed like a nice idea but no
And no new abilities.. that's most of the fun of creating new units!

But anyway...
Submarine: I know its not a new idea and the stats others give seem good, but I like the idea that it is always submerged, except when it attacks. Then it is only on the surface for that next turn. kill it when you see it or it hides again. Can only repair by an engineer.

Mobile mines/missiles. this is a relatively low cost unit that is short lived. It's a last ditch attempt to protect a base. Once built they will go off the next turn. high move rate and detonate similar to UV but center tile does large damage surrounding tiles take 50% that. It is non discriminate it will do that damage to ALL units, yours included. Has 0 defense, if attacked it will go off on the base.

A drone - cheep, exceedingly fast unit that has high visibility, but its mobility is exponentially related to its health and its not strong (below 3 health its stationary). Very low attack vs air or light ground, zero vs heavy or aquatic. Would be nice if it can see buried units when its above or adjacent to them.

Not sure which races each of these units fit best, but Titans probably couldn't have drones otherwise they could teleport anywhere almost instantly.
Bug Reports » Very minor UI bug with marauder » Go to message
On the Android version. If you have a damaged marauder on a normal tile e.g 5 health and you do nothing with it. When you end your turn it shows +1 health, but the marauder actually gets +2 because it still had both its moves remaining. If your marauder is next to an engineer then it shows +2 rather than +4. In all cases of this bug the amount of health gained by the marauder is correct, but the UI is only showing the the health from 1 action.

How to make the uniwar.com website better » Maps listed on the website » Go to message
I develop software for a living and if I had access to the database with the map data and images, I think I could get a basic web page displaying a named map in a couple of days. The uniwar devs could probably do the same in a lunch break

I've thought more about this idea since I posted it. If the data is stored for past games then a table like this will a add some real data to the many arguments over balance on various levels.

So on this level you're most likely to win if you play Titans, unless you're playing as player 2 then Khraleans do best. The map is balanced in terms of start position but favours Titans. This table allows for maps with multiple players too I.e.p3 p4 etc. I know some will argue that you need the full set of all vs all playing in each position but I think this will give more than enough information.

Then all you need to do is argue about how to make each level more balanced.
General Discussion » Sorry guys, the new "feature" to pay for undo is not welcome » Go to message
I have to say I have never paid to play any mobile game. Uniwar is the first that I'm interested in paying for and the feature I want is infinite undo... I'll also increase max games... not really interested in much else so far. The 2 reasons I want the undo is cos I keep miss clicking and i want to reveal more of the fog.

I totally agree this is an unfair and not insignificant advantage over someone that does not have undo, but I have a suggestion that could solve the issue and maybe entice more to buy the undo feature.

When a player uses an undo the other player gets one for free too. As the undo-less player not only do i get a free undo (for this game only) but i also know how many undos you used.

This would not block against those using the multi account technique (which i didn't know about till i read this thread) as you'd never know but it would help stop the complaints about pay to win, which I agree is rubbish.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Maps listed on the website » Go to message
Sorry just found the website requests forum can someone with the power move this post to the correct place
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Maps listed on the website » Go to message
This is not a game feature but will help make sense of a lot of forum posts. There are a number of posts that talk about maps but I rarely know which map they're talking about just by it's name.

It would be good if there was an area of the site where you could type in a url like: http://maps.uniwar.com?deadmonk
And you could see the map and it's basic info. You could then easily link to them on posts etc.

It would be even better if you could show stats of win/loss for the various races. I feel it should be something that is auto-generatable so hopefully fairly easy to implement.
New Feature Request » Transport Ships » Go to message
I thought this would make some interesting play too. Civilisation 5 came up with a novel solution, they allow troops to embark I.e. to become a boat rather than need a specific unit to get onto. Obviously embarked units are easy prey and are normally unable to fire. Though I feel the 100 credit troops should get a minimal chance to retaliate.
One thing to consider would be that some levels where bases are on the water's edge could no longer be surrounded by 2 troops, a favourite trick of the Titan player.
That and you might get sued by civ
New Feature Request » Minor UI requests » Go to message
Thanks for the update...and the game

.@thedragon i know i can exit that way, but it feels like pulling the power on my pc, i prefer to let the game exit naturally. ..not really sure why.
New Feature Request » Plasma hex occupied obscured; » Go to message
I've often wondered why the units in the list of unmoved units on turn end isn't clickable. You could also split out buried underlings from surface ones. Not so helpful for planning unless you've got undo but at least you could find everything easily before you end your turn.
New Feature Request » War fund » Go to message
I've played a few of the levels that have small base credits and many bases type levels but I still feel there is a place for a war fund especially with negative base cost. On a map like omega there are 5 bases. You each own 2 and fight over the last one in the centre. The game is over when a player captures the base...sometimes it takes few turns for the losing side to accept it. If capturing the base meant a reduction in your income then you'd need to push further before you took it or save up. There would still be a strategic advantage to it as your troops on the front line will be getting more support sooner to make that final push.

I do agree though a war fund will almost certainly make games last longer, but that's really the point. I don't want the game to be over just because I lost 1 base. The large groups of low value bases isn't quite the same either as they enemy still outnumbers the base you just captured. There's also the problem of you don't have the resources to cover everything which while interesting requires very different strategies.

Negative war fund... does that mean you'd have troops desert if you lost enough bases? Maybe it's just a quicker end scenario if your income reaches negative you lose.
New Feature Request » End Game additions » Go to message
I've read most of the post, skimmed a bit. I have a few suggestions and comments.

First I don't like the idea of new units just to solve the issue of slow games on large maps. A huge amount of time and tweaks have been spent getting the balance between the 3 races even and new units will almost certainly break that, at least for a while.

The idea of solar cells or similar can be much easier implemented by just counting the area your troops can see I.e. how much of the fog of war you have pushed back. This either gives fixed amount per tile or a percentage addition to your current base credits. i wouldn't even worry about enemy units in your sights makes the addition simpler.

My own idea (stolen from worms) would be to expand the water to flood the land. Tiles become swamp first to give troops a chance to move. Maybe mountains move to hills before swamp. The water would claim bases so forcing combat. Similar idea would be to use the void to destroy everything, but I prefer the thematic of the flood and the enhanced naval opportunities.

Another idea rather than new troops would be to allow artillery units to combine to increase range. Similar to the way several engineers combine to heal units faster. E.g. a line of 3 artillery units would allow the centre one to get +1 range. A block of 7 would give +3 but as none of the surrounding artillery would have artillery either side their range would be normal. A line of 4 artillery would allow the centre two +1 range.

One last idea would be to increase the stats of all units in some order, e.g. movement, damage then range. A few turns of the new behaviour then the next applies. Perhaps they apply differently to different players I.e. one gets better movement while the other gets better damage. Keep going till you get uber troops that do 1 hit kills... that'll end any match quickly!

New Feature Request » Plasma hex occupied obscured; » Go to message
What if the selected unit flashed. E.g. off 0.2 sec on 0.8 sec. That might be to hectic but you get the idea.
New Feature Request » Minor UI requests » Go to message
When you play the last of your current battles can you just return to the game list.
Also an option to exit uniwar. Currently I have to press menu, main lobby, back, back, back, then yes.
Why do you need an "are you sure" to exit uniwar? The worst that will happen if I exit by accident is I'll start it again
New Feature Request » War fund » Go to message
I like uniwar, but I have noticed that the game is over as soon as a player loses a base (there are very few exceptions). This is not necessarily a bad thing but I would like to see some maps where that wasnt always the case. I think I have a couple of small additions that would allow it.
A war fund, is a fixed amount of credits per turn added to the number of credits you get per base per turn. I.e. on a level with 5 bases per player and a base cost of 50 with a war fund of 250 your total credits per turn is 5*50 + 250 = 500.
So what effect does this have? Without a war fund in the previous example if player A loses a base to player B then in the following rounds A has 200 credits/turn B has 300 c/t. B is earning 50% more credits than A, A it's going to lose!
With a war a fund the effect of losing the base is A has 450 c/t and B has 550 c/t. This is only an 18% difference you might just come back from that!
With a war fund it would also be possible to have negative base costs e.g. -50. So in the previous example with 5 bases if we had a war fund of 500 the c/t would still be 250 I.e 5*(-50) +500. But when A lost the base they would actually gain credits to spend defending their renaming bases.
The idea of negative base cost is that bases are strategic assets that allow you to put units near the front line, but at a cost. In games with negative base cost you would probably not capture bases but just leave them covered. This would use up a unit and the enemy might kill it at some point.
Hopefully many more interesting games at a relatively low development cost.

Keep up the good work!
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