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New Feature Request » map editor improvements » Go to message
I decided recently to have a go at map creation. I'm not really good enough at the game, but I was intrigued so had a go. From reading the forum I appreciate its a fairly new addition but it really needs some more work.

1 Add the one saved map to the solo list of maps automatically .
- this would allow local testing against bots
- the scary message about being banned if you upload an unbalanced map would make sense, as at the moment thats the only way to test it
- it would give a way to play any online map because I can load a published map into the editor
- add a link in the editor menu "play test locally"... you could even grey out the publish option till a certain amount of local testing had been done..e.g. 3 games played, one for each army.
2 you need more options for symmetry. Horiz, vert, 4, 6 & 8. Just keep tapping the symmetry button to cycle through.
3 why does the map auto resize? Even when I've just set the size. Maybe a lock option.
4 an undo button
5 The move button should be bigger. Replace the zoom button with it. You can zoom using pinch, but move when you've got sea selected and you destroy your beautiful creation... particularly annoying without undo!
6 copy, paste would be nice at some point
7 initialize empty map with a selected terrain
8 now I know this is not easy. A function that will give me a static analysis of my map. It could report
- number of bases for each player
- starting troops
- warn when it detects obvious imbalance e.g. calculate move cost from each base to each unmanned base. All bases are surrounded by mountains so no heavy units can be used. Etc
- save some testing time and reduce the number of poorly designed noob maps clogging up your server

now back to the game to upload my map and see if its playable...

General Discussion » credits per base/turn » Go to message
That makes sense. I think a small change to that page would make it instantly obvious what those numbers all mean...

Bases: 3
Credits/base: 100
Credits/turn: 3 * 100 = 300

The only bit missing from the current text is 3 * 100 =

Thanks for the explanation.

So I am just being horribly outnumbered through poor play
General Discussion » credits per base/turn » Go to message
I think I have worked out where I am getting confused.
You only receive credits for bases that you have capped, not for bases you own at the start of the game.

I played Rocky against bots a few times. 1 base, 1 harbor each.
credits/base: 175
credits/turn: 175

Each turn you receive 175 credits.
Once you cap the enemy base you then start to receive 350 credits per turn.

I expected 350 per turn from the start, because I owned a base.

Some questions remain:
- For capped bases, do I get credits/base for bases
-- that were not owned at the start
-- only when taken from an enemy
-- only when taken from an enemies initial set of bases
- If I lose one of my starting bases then re-cap it do I start to get credits/base for it?

I know I can answer all of these by just playing lots of unrated bot games, but that will take a while!
General Discussion » credits per base/turn » Go to message
Maybe I have missed something but I don't seem to be getting credits per base. I assume it means as it reads, for every base I cap I get x credits each turn and each turn I get a constant y credits. So I expect my total extra credits this turn to be bases * x + y.
There's no help specifically about it I can find and it could be read several ways e.g. x credits when you cap the base, or credits/base x credits/turn is the max per turn.
I'm hoping it's a bug then that would explain why I keep getting horribly outnumbered!
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