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Tournaments » How to arrange a Tournament..? » Go to message
It shouldn't be too hard.

The matches should be best of three. The first map should be agreed upon by the players. The second should be picked by the loser, and the third, if required, should be picked by the loser of the second game. Races should be picked by the players--you shouldn't be forced to pick a particular race.

To report the completion of a match, the players should both come to the thread and post the results.
Khraleans » Khral vs. Saps large airial battles » Go to message
Odd, but what you should do is keep the Swarmers in the back and fire from a distance to get the GangUp bonus while using your Garudas to form a wall and kill weakened Helis before they can flee and repair. If you have any weakened Garudas, don't bother attacking--just repair. 2 repair per turn isn't bad. I'm pretty sure that you have the advantage in the long run because you can pump out cheaper aerial units.

The "Swarmer sandwich" wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to replace fallen Garudas. As such, make more Garudas than Swarmers, but make sure you have spare Swarmers in case your opponent breaks through your line.

Advance your Garuda line forward slowly and keep the Swarmers directly behind it to make room for more Swarmers. Wyrms aren't really your best choice in this situation. They're too expensive for their damage output against Helis (I think it's 4 damage without GangUp, but I'll have to check again), you can pump out two Swarmers for every one Wyrm (and I know for sure that Swarmers do 2 damage against Helis), and you won't really be able to use the Swarmer sandwich tactic with the Wyrm.

Building an Underling or two when you have enough tempo wouldn't be a bad idea to counter any Batteries your opponent decides to build.
Khraleans » General Khralean Tips (Submit Your Own!) » Go to message
be taken down in the process, but think about it. You're sending in a 250-credit unit to kill a 200-credit unit that helps keep the rest of their units alive. They are going to have to waste at least two of their attacks to kill the Swarmer, which allows you to either heal up your units or gain momentum and kill off their more expensive units. If they killed it using an Eclipse, that's even better. Their Eclipse is now down to 8, and you can easily take it down with a Wyrm and another Swarmer, eliminating the biggest threat to your army quickly and efficiently and giving yourself more tempo to work with in the process.
Khraleans » General Khralean Tips (Submit Your Own!) » Go to message
Countering Titans:

To deal with Titans, you have to keep their strengths and weaknesses in mind. You as the Khralean player have to take advantage of them in their three weakest spots.

  • [*]Their mobility
    [*]Their unit costs
    [*]Their repair rate

  • Mobility

    There isn't actually much that you can do to take advantage of this except for getting to key areas in the early game before the Titans can. Offensively, the most you might be able to do is use your Underling's great speed to grab that base before your enemy tries to use his Mecha to do the same. However, do keep in mind that the Underling's Bury ability is fantastic for scouting. Simply plant one in an area in which your opponent will not go (for example, in a swamp) and watch what he builds. Maybe send a second one in to attack threatening Walkers if those seem like they're going to be problematic.

    Defensively, however, is where this advantage stands out. One of the best setups against Titans is a Pinzer up front to soak up the heavy damage, a Wyrm in the back to provide firepower on those annoying Eclipses, a Swarmer or two flanking your Pinzer to take care of infantry, and an Infector to help your Pinzer tank even better, along with. This way, you can have everything covered. If one of your units gets weak, you should be fast enough to send it back to the Infector to heal up.

    The most deadly weapon in the Titan arsenal is the Eclipse. The only unit that is not susceptible to an Eclipse attack is the Pinzer. Everything else has some sort of weakness to the Eclipse. Swamers are shot down to 2 or 3 when an Eclipse attacks, and the Garuda doesn't fare much better. Therefore, make absolutely sure that you stay out of Eclipse range when your opponent spawns one (your buried Underling(s) should inform you of this) and let your Pinzer handle things.

    Unit Costs

    This one isn't too hard to take advantage of. Just focus on attacking the most expensive stuff before it gets too threatening. They most likely won't be able to get their damaged units up to full strength quickly enough.

    Repair Rate

    The Titan repairing is rather horrible. The only unit that has a +2 repair is the Speeder, and that unit is rarely used. Also, the Assimilator only provides a x2 repair rate, which translates into +2 for most other Titan units. If your opponent builds one, target and kill it with a Swarmer. You most likely won't be able to one-shot it, and you probably will
    New Feature Request » Create-a-Unit » Go to message
    Exactly what the topic title says. Make a unit with stats and special abilities and assign it to an existing race. However, you have to ensure that this unit is BALANCED. Basically, either make sure that at least one unit from each race is able to counter or at least check it or create other units to balance it out (then again, you'd have to make sure that these units are balanced). And who knows? Maybe if the unit is good enough, the devs will consider adding it in.
    New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
    I'm going to agree with Super Jew with upgradeable bases. There should be a couple of tiers to upgrade to. The first tier should cost 1000 credits and add three new units to the build options and the second should cost 1500 and add two more units. Also, Harbors should produce more units. For example, a Submarine unit for the Sapiens that has the Underling's "Bury"/"Resurface" ability (except called "Submerge"/"Resurface") would be awesome. There could also be a Scout boat with high vision and the ability to detect Submarines from a short distance, but no attack of its own.
    New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
    I think another thing that should be added is different game types. For example, you could have the current one where all you have to do is capture the bases, but in addition, you could have a few other modes. I have an idea for one here.

    Have a "king of the hill" type game mode. Basically, the bases you have are fixed--no enemy units can move on top of them. However, there would be two other types of conquerable points: cities and control points. The cities are outlined in this post, but at the end of the second player's turn, it adds a point to a separate counter for each control point that you have captured. However, this system would take the number of points your opponent has. For example, if there are nine counters on the field and you have five and your opponent has four, the end result would be only adding one point to your counter at the end of Player 2's turn. Whoever's counter hits a certain number first wins.

    Also, bases that grant special abilities would be very cool. For example, I like the turret idea posted by Unimarobj. An infantry unit could enter, and then once every two or three turns, it could fire a super powerful rocket that would deal tank (Pinzer/Plasma Tank/Sapien Tank) damage. Against Ground Heavies and Aquatics, it would do massive damage, but it would be ineffective against Aerials. The turret would also provide a cover bonus.

    Finally, to go with my previous suggestion, I'd suggest giving the 100-credit Ground Lights grenades. Each individual Ground Light unit can only use them once, but they could be launched from a slight distance (within 2 hexes). Using them against Ground Lights in any type of base (including turrets, bases, cities, medical bases, and harbors) would do massive damage (the equivalent of a tank on a Plain fighting that Ground Light unit in a Swamp), but against units on other terrain, it would do the equivalent of a tank's damage.
    New Feature Request » A Fourth Faction/More Campaign Levels » Go to message
    Actually, I'd think that the first three would have to be altered to include a fourth faction. Assuming that new abilities would be included, the first three would need either more units or certain new abilities to counter the new faction's abilities and units. Also, a fourth faction would require a revamp of the conversion system. One previous race would have to be able to convert the new race, and the new race would have to be able to convert one of the previous races (unless this new race ignores conversion completely, which would be okay).

    For your special abilities, Anonymous, 1-3 sound good. However, the time travel thing is lol, and the troop transport is a bit unnecessary, imo.

    Another thing I'd like to see added is cities that are able to be captured. This would be borrowing from Advance Wars, but it's a good idea nonetheless. Basically, a unit would be able to capture these just like a base or harbor, and they would produce a small amount of credits, add a defensive bonus, and a +1 repair bonus, but you would not be able to produce units from them. This would create interesting strategy, as you can't simply turtle around your base/a good choke point.
    Bug Reports » Funny Mecha v2 Bug » Go to message
    Not sure if this occurs with the other converted units as well.

    Well, I recently played a game. I played as the Sapiens and my opponent played as the Titans. My opponent managed to kill off one of my Tanks with one of his Mechas, bringing his health down to 7 and raising his level by 1. The next turn, I re-programmed the Mecha with one of my Engineers. Interestingly, the very next turn, he attacked the Mecha II with one of his own Mechas, and, after combat resolved, my v2 lost its veterancy. Is this intentional? Does it happen with the rest of the converted units? Has this bug been fixed with the recent balancing updates?
    New Feature Request » A Fourth Faction/More Campaign Levels » Go to message
    Well, I HAVE heard of Supreme Commander because my friend plays it like a crackhead and he thinks it's great.

    I really would be up for a fourth faction as well as some new abilities and maps. Uniwar is a great game and, though already deep, more content would be great. The "fourth faction is bad" argument is weak, especially with the backing example of an RTS. Uniwar is a turn-based game, not an RTS. I'm sure they could figure out balancing. Even comparing an RTS to Uniwar, look at Dawn of War II, for example. That game has four factions, and it's doing amazingly well in the gaming market.

    Want an example of a turn based game that has more than three factions? Then look at The Battle for Wesnoth. That game has not three, not four, but SIX factions and it is INCREDIBLY balanced. It's even a hex-based game, so though its battle system is a bit different from Uniwar's, it shares similarities.

    Hell, even if more factions aren't added, I'd be content with more units and maps. I won't go on further, but, put quite simply, I believe more content would improve the game.
    How to make the uniwar.com website better » Features to Come! » Go to message
      Anonymous wrote: Since you made it easier to tell where buried units are you should make the scorpion have the ability to bury and resurface attack only light units. Also it costs 300 credit to make one while the titan and sapien heal units only cost 200 even it up or let the scorpion resurface and posion units

    Well, the Infector heal bonus is x3, whereas the Assimilator is x2 and the Engineer is +2. The plague also helps justify that cost.
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