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General Discussion » team game ettiquette » Go to message
just wondering if it is allowed to play a team game using 2 accounts.
say a 2 vs 2 team game using your two accounts on same team.
Why you might ask? well, sometimes its hard to find reliable team members and i enjoy the different strategies of a team game, i dont trust anyone more to take their turn and make moves i approve of than myself
User Generated Maps » Jungle:TotalWar » Go to message
whats with the korean porn link when the pic of your map is clicked on? are you some kind of perv or something? kids play this game you should change your name to "toolone"

New Feature Request » Premium account: more active games » Go to message
i just made another account and put a period after my name so it is the same yet different, now i have 40 games going and I think its just enough. it is kind of a drag logging in and out all the time, and once i even had a random game against myself, but all in all its not a bad way to go if you need a bigger uniwar fix
New Feature Request » New races for better game balance » Go to message
i dont think the game is truly "balanced" as you put it, when i play someone with equal skill to mine it seems that titans always beat saps; saps beat khrals; khrals beat titans. no matter who has who. while i welcome a challenge, and the outcome is not set in stone, i would say the above outcome happens 90% of the time. While I think adding a new race may not change the balance of the game, I would welcome it solely for the change of pace. Don't get me wrong, I think uniwar is the best turn based game out there by far, and I can't seem to get enough, but the developers have done such a good job already, I'm sure they wouldn't have a problem fitting a new race into the game without screwing it up.
New Feature Request » Main race. » Go to message
ahhh i see. i guess i would have understood if i had paid a little closer attention to what i was reading. but to your point i can understand why you would want to choose your race, especially when the host has the option to choose theirs. personally, i choose random when starting a random game to make it truly random, as i think it is a good way to really improve my skills with every race combination. This may result in some losses, but its worth it to me to lose a few if it means i will learn something. after all, the only way to get better is to get beat and see why. All that being said, you can turn off the option to be invited into random games in the profile menu. I have mine turned off because it fills my games list up and i like to set up custom games or join existing games with players i know i will have a fun, competitive match with. even with this option turned off, you can still host a random game, although beware it usually will put you in 2 or 3 more you probably dont want. hope this helps
New Feature Request » Main race. » Go to message
i have never been invited to a game where i could not choose my race
Bug Reports » version 1.5.16 crashes on android » Go to message
yep it works. but chat does not, only gives option to cancel message. but at least i can play. im sure xavi will attack this soon
Bug Reports » version 1.5.16 crashes on android » Go to message
motorola i1
firmware 1.5
baseband version RBF.03.00
kernal version 2.6.27 andrcm@fl08bld31 #1
build number RBE.03.00

PLEASE fix this ASAP!!! was looking forward to updates only to find new version wont work on my phone and now i will be screwed in all my rated games.
New Feature Request » Hardcore ladder » Go to message
What about multi-player games? they require different strategy and some players (myself not included) only play multi-player games. These games should count too, although I think it would be difficult/impossible to prevent collusion.
That being said, teaming up and manipulating other players in chat is arguably just another part of the strategy of mult-player games.
New Feature Request » How about clearing out those unpopulated games? » Go to message
i agree, 48hoursfor 1 on 1 games and maybe 72 for multiplayergames
General Discussion » I need your help! » Go to message
try killing the program and restarting it, also make sure all spots are open and tap says rated with fog of war on
General Discussion » PLEASE replace the end turn timeout » Go to message
I agree, but im glad there is at least something in place in case you accidently hit the end turn button, you can cancel.but i like the idea of a confirm button better than timer
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Suggestion -- Adding NATIONALITY informations to the LADDER » Go to message
isnt that already the case? i see a flag from every player ive ever played against
New Feature Request » rated user maps, not for long » Go to message
I love the fact user made maps can become rated if enough positive feedback is received, but i have noticed that they do not last long. It seems to me the reason for this is because some players will give a thumbs down if they lose, regardless of how fair/fun the map is. While I cant say I have the perfect solution to this, something should be done to give these maps a chance, otherwise there will never be a new map that lasts for more than a few days.

I was thinking,

1. maybe once a map becomes rated, only players at the 2000 and above level can vote on them (because players at this level have a better understanding of game balance and map fairness)

2. When a map becomes rated, it stays that way for a set amount of time (say a month or so)

3. Only the winning player can vote on map.

I realize these aren't perfect solutions and may not be fair to everyone, but I think we should do something different. Post some suggestions if you have any.
Bug Reports » Building a unit should not be undoable » Go to message
i dont think an unattended base should be given more than one vision. It is strategy sneaking up and "stealing" bases as you put it. If you dont want that to happen, put a unit on your base. As far as the "bug" goes, i like how it is, but wouldnt be upset if it was changed. (until my fat thumbs built the wrong unit) but i ABSOLUTLEY DO NOT want the "confirm build unit" option. that would be truly annoying.
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