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General Discussion » No balance at all » Go to message
One possible solution - More Races, or random race assignment
New Feature Request » Number of Games » Go to message
There has been some talk of this in the past - unsure of if anything was decided on it. Any chance of us getting the 25 game limit extended. I kept the games played pretty close to this when I was only playing individual games. I have started playing team games - with the longer times between turns, and longer lengths of the game - I find myself continually getting the "you are unable to join a game screen".

I think an extension will be good for those that would play more game - in increasing the community/activity. Those that won't - won't exceed so its a mute point.

Thoughts Kralux?

General Discussion » Thoughts about titans » Go to message
Before this is flammed - let me preface by saying 95% of the games I play are with the Khralean race. With that said - I believe the Titans Tanks which cost 500 credits to build are not strong enough against ground heavy units. I believe an end goal of the developers is balance within the game and across races.

In an isolated area - the heavy units of the Khralean race will destroy the heavy units of Titans. I believe the "strength" of the titans is their power. I am proposing to increase the Titan tanks attack against ground heavy units. If a tank attacks a Khral heavy, then the Khral heavy revives itself - it has the upper hand. With Khrals producing heavy units quicker (as they are cheaper)- I have never seen the titans tanks overpower the Khrals heavy units. (There are other tactics that can be used, etc. that can result in a Titan win). I'm not saying Titans can't beat Khrals - what I'm trying to iterate is that Titans are supposed to be the expensive but powerful race. I think they should be more powerful against ground heavy as I have not been overpowered by Titans when playing them as I would expect to be.

Wow - just reread my post, extremely poorly worded - hope my point comes across...chalk it up to the end of a extremely long week. What are you guys' thoughts?
General Discussion » Which type of slow loser is the biggest jerk? » Go to message
I definatly do not wait until my opopnent is not there to skip him and gain ranking points - I assure you I enjoy the game far too much to not play it and falsely inflate my ranking. My ranking fluctuates as much as 2-300 points in a week...I don't care about it - it is a number. I am pretty good at starting games as soon as they are full - if someone joins my game and doesn't play yes I am going to skip him. I have waited for guys to get back only to be skipped myself and accumulate a loss - this goes back to the whole discussion - don't join a short game if you aren't going to be there to play it. If you have to leave before it starts - simply abandon the game before you do - problem solved.
General Discussion » Which type of slow loser is the biggest jerk? » Go to message
I agree - the point of ranked games is so that your opponents can use any race they choose...simply forcing or not playing opponents b/c of a race they choose on certain maps will just falsely inflate your rating and annoy people...if you want to play against a particular race on a particular map - play unranked games.
New Feature Request » Skipping a player to win points (first turn). » Go to message
I guess I'm the only person sensible enough to use the abandon button. Check your phone - if the game doesn't start - abandon and play another game. You have many options...don't play a map that can be won in three turns. There are only a few of these where the opponent can actually win if you are skipped three times. This way - worse case scenario you get skipped three times and don't lose any ranking points. So what? If you see you are being skipped - surrender...also not a big deal. Is it just me - or are people complaining about insignificant things to complain. You chose the games you sign up for, you can exit those games at any time prior to start, and can choose maps that don't make you lose ranking points if you lose. What's the problem?
New Feature Request » Skipping a player to win points (first turn). » Go to message
You guys have made good points. In my humble opinion - if you sign up for a 3 minute game - be prepared to check your phone every three minutes. I don't know why it is such a surprise when people get skipped. I myself have not skipped a person to come back and have the game end because I myself have been skipped three times. The other person usually gives no indication to when they will be back - 5 minutes or 5 hours. If you get skipped and catch it just surrender like others have suggested - you lose no ranking points. If you are skipped 3 times - you probably shouldn't have been playing a game with turns that short in the first place.

Guides & Tips » Yet another cheap exploit » Go to message
He's right - if you didn't play and your turns were skipped you wouldn't have lost points. So either you didn't lose points...or you played and lost...
New Feature Request » PM » Go to message
I think it would be nice to see the games in which there is a new chat message or team message. Maybe a small icon similar to the R for ranked games could indicate this...
Guides & Tips » unfair advantage for second player? » Go to message
I have noticed it almost impossible to win a map on Rocky if you and your opponent are both Khraleans and you go first. Obviously its a race to the air - and the first player always loses...

Anyone have any insight...
General Discussion » maximum online games » Go to message
I recommend an increase. I typically have 15+ 12 hour games or so and like to play in 5-10 3 or 10 minute games. I think people will quit regardless of how many games they are in. With the new features to skip turns and kick players - this should mitigate the problem. Also people lose points if they are kicked - although I believe you should lose points regardless of when you are kicked. I.E. if the opponent doesn't move and you have to wait for them to be skipped twice before you kick them - the scores do not change. In my book - I wasted my time and this should be a loss for them that is reflected in the ratings.

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