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Sapiens » Marines: Underated? » Go to message
thanks for the feedback phishster.
but I think marines also have a pretty good chance against garudas on the right terrain i.e. forest or mountains
Sapiens » Marines: Underated? » Go to message
My helis were getting killed by swarmers the other day, so I decided to build some marines. The marines surprised me by killing the swarmers easily. Two of my marines could kill a swarmer on the right terrain. Heck, three of my marines did 9 damage to a garuda on the right terrain. So my question is: Are Marines underated?
General Discussion » Skipping and other etiquette questions » Go to message
hey lawhawk, welcome to uniwar
i surrender a lot when things look bad for me, so i think surrendering is ok. Besides, your opponent probably doesn't want to waste his time continuing to kill you.

About kicking, I'm not sure about that because i tend to avoid three minute games.
I only skip people if I'm playing a three day game and they haven't been on for a week or so. Then I assume that the player has either quit playing or is inactive for some other reason.
General Discussion » New player. Do people still play this? » Go to message
hey wassup 7h30n
cant wait to play u one day
u can invite me to a game; im around the 1775 skill level
gl! lol
New Feature Request » The Uniwar forum » Go to message
thethanx you have a great idea
devs please consider this
Bug Reports » Infected Marines » Go to message
hey its nix and reed

how r ya
Bug Reports » Infected Marines » Go to message
Someone in chat introduced me to this bug, and it's pretty funny.
First, build a marine and put it next to an engineer.
After your marine has taken some damage, hit repair, then undo.
Your marine becomes infected!
This glitch isn't that major because after you undo you can just repair your marine again and get rid of plague.
Just wanted to share it with you guys!
Titans » Very few titans on top of the leaderboard? » Go to message
hey kryzak
i also enjoy playing the titans, but i would say that sapiens are the worst race...
anyways, some ppl probably dont like the titans because they're so costly compared to the other races.
for example, a sapien tank only costs 400, a pinzer 450, and a titan tank 500.
In the long run, you will be at a disadvantange because your opponent will gradually accumulate more money than you.
Still, I stick with the titans anyway, and to protect from underlings spammers, make a "meat wall" with your weakest soldiers around your big artillery like tanks and walkers.
Hope I helped.
Titans » Why I like the Titans. » Go to message
I love the titans because of their teleport. On thermo , i just teleport rite next to the opponents base with all my eclipses and soldiers and ambush the enemy
New Feature Request » Self Destruct Unit? » Go to message
yea i like this idea too.
because one time my pinzer was stuck because it was surrounded by mountains
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