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Guides & Tips » Chess Proverbs for Uniwar Players » Go to message
thanks for the proverbs, waxoid!

I've always thought of uniwar as "bug chess"...
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
I'm happy with the plague range change, but what happened to the cooldown period? I think the cooldown nerf should be more than two turns also.

the post-firing movement of sapien batteries I heartily endorse, but I remain frustrated by the 3-4 range. I think the firing radius should be 2-4. batteries are still far more vulnerable than walkers, with a field of fire smaller than the wyrm or walker. battery=24+30=54 hittable hex, walker=18+24+30=72 hex, and wyrm=6+12+18=36 (without moving) and 90 hex with 2 hex movement.

underlings vs titans... buryling spam is extemely time-consuming to counter because I wind up playing minesweeper every round with annotated screenshots...and that makes such games painfully SLOOOOOOW...more work than any surface warfare. What I'd suggest as a counter would be to allow assimilators directly overhead of underlings to assimilate them. I think that increasing crush damage could work also help, but I would like to be able to hunt behind-the-lines underlings somehow. they'd still be great for ambush and mine-sweeping is a distracting pursuit... a mixture of higher crush damage and the need to run from underneath assimilators would deter buryling spam. Effectively, because assimilators would have heightened buryling detection power, the minesweeper task would also be less cumbersome. ALSO, in team games, I want my team members to be able to read the underling counters on each other's allied units.

Guides & Tips » Chess Proverbs for Uniwar Players » Go to message
I've always called uniwar "bug chess"...
New Feature Request » Improvements to chat, please... » Go to message

Review of suggestions so far
1) urls in chat should be clickable
2) team games should default to team chat, not global chat.
3) team and global chat should be available before the game starts

Other things I'd like are

4) links to other games should be clickable. If I create a game "FOOBAR2000" and mention it in a chat, that should lead other players to the game so they can join
5) besides nationality, I want time zones in the user profiles and the local time of day for my opponents in their profiles.
6) language translation would be awesome, but cut and paste from the chats would help too.. I can paste into the text entry box, but not copy from the chats.

Bug Reports » HUGE issue: Games I did not join. » Go to message
This has really been p*ssing me off because it gets me into trouble. I already catch too much grief for the time that I put into uniwar, but it REALLLY doesn't help when i ask for one random rated game AND GET SEVEN instead. Maybe i'll explain the situation to other players and offer peace, BUT I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO!!!

If I only ask for ONE game, I should get only one and not SEVEN.

Also, I should have the option of ABANDON-ing or DELETE-ing such extra games for which i don't have the time.
New Feature Request » Improvements to chat, please... » Go to message
I've seen simsverd suggest this elsewhere, but I think that team chat should be available before the game begins.

...and i'm not sure why people would vote against clickable urls, but i was being snarky when i added the option "it's about killing, not chatting" and I hope that i never find one of you on my team...
New Feature Request » Improvements to chat, please... » Go to message
on some of my devices with keyboards, it's easiest to type, but i can also easily scribble on a screen capture and i want to be able to share that w/o having to switch apps 3 times, shorten the url, and still find that people can't be bothered to retype a link (where it's hard to distinguish between 0 and O and 1 and I in the uniwar font)... i've also tried to send forum links to beginner friends and that's a hassle to retype as well.

face it, typing on small devices is hard... and a skitched picture is worth a thousand words...

I think the spam risk is negligible, even if i did once play against a russian using the handle 'pcthief'...
General Discussion » PLEASE replace the end turn timeout » Go to message
I DESPISE the end turn button/timeout and the menu layout SO MUCH that I downgraded my rating of uniwar in the android market and I play most of my moves in airplane mode because it's far too easy to end a turn by mistake. especially now that the zoom map button is right next to the end turn button! it's horrible in usability terms!

I also frequently want to switch between games and the menu layout is is terribly cumbersome, either throwing me into the MAP EDITOR if i double press on "main lobby" or ENDING MY TURN, if tapping main lobby didn't register and i move to the top menu item. The menu layout is the opposite of idiot proof...

specific change requests:

1) move ZOOM and STOP to different corners. one goes to upper left.

2) change END TURN behavior (perhaps via settings) to be more idiot proof... perhaps to demand confirmation when you have unmoved pieces, perhaps...

3) rearrange menus to be less error-prone:


MAIN LOBBY: CURRENT GAMES (same location as main lobby button in pause menu), START NEW GAME, CHALLENGE FRIEND (maybe move it into community), MAP EDITOR, HEADQUARTERS, COMMUNITY

this puts the most frequent actions at the top and bottom of the menus, with a double-tap on the pause menu's main lobby button doing the most-frequent action in the main lobby instead of the least frequent.
New Feature Request » Improvements to chat, please... » Go to message
I'd like URLs pasted into chat to be clickable. I send sketches of battle plans and retyping the URLs is lots of hassle for my teammates.

ALSO, in team games, the default chat mode should be TEAM chat and not global chat. Please, since these are so simple and so valuable, please add them quickly...

Thank you!
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