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General Discussion » BOT opponents offline? » Go to message
Titans » Teleport » Go to message
Has anyone successfully made use of this skill yet with either Mechas or Eclipses? Besides using it to retreat a highly damaged unit I mean.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » An app for the forum » Go to message
With push notifications for replies and/or new topics posted in specific forums and other stuff. Would that even be possible?
User Generated Maps » Mew2468's Custom Maps » Go to message
On all your 1v1 maps the Titans would get owned pretty hard because all of them have no direct sand path to take between your base and the enemies, they're all blocked by forests and mountains. The reason this is bad is the Titans rely so heavily on Plasma Tanks, and forests and mountains mess these guys up pretty good. Also the only way (well, good way) for Titans to deal with air is Eclipses who are also hindered greatly by forests and mountains. As for the large 1v1 map, Titan sea units can't hit melee units so they more often then not need a way to back into the sea, which they don't have here.
User Generated Maps » Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth [8 player] » Go to message
Because the Titans are awesome!
User Generated Maps » Star Island [6 player] » Go to message
Maybe switch the mountains and the forests to allow a little more mobility of heavy units.
User Generated Maps » Caverns [4 player] » Go to message
I'd play it.
General Discussion » Ranking Poll: Separate Ranking for 1 vs. 1 and Team matches? » Go to message
As the game becomes more popular splitting the rankings will eventually need to happen. If it needs it just yet I'm not sure. As for resetting the rankings, once a month is defiantly WAY to often. Obviously rank isn't everything, but it is cool to see when you're doing good. A monthly tournament with a special recognition reward (on forums or in game) would be neat.
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
-Units heal more when on their bases.
-A unit with the ability to heal even when other actions are performed.
-Upgrades to be researched at bases.
-Upgradable bases.
-Units that make nearby friendly units stronger.
-Units that can attack multiple nearby spaces.
-Units that attack multiple spaces in a line.
-Units that don't get blocked by nearby enemy units (give this to the Titans who have no flyers ).
-Units that can harvest some sort of resource.
-A discount for the first few days the game comes out as a special gift to all of us who visit the forums.
General Discussion » Guess what » Go to message

You should find a less significant version of the guarda and swarmer.

Less significant?
General Discussion » Which type of slow loser is the biggest jerk? » Go to message
I hate it when people stop taking their turn when they're starting to loose. That's mostly why I play 10 and 3 minuet games. That and I may have to go a few days without being able to log onto UniWar.
General Discussion » Guess what » Go to message
Yea, I thought it was strange when that map popped up. I guess that from the main screen if you select 'Play', then 'Play vs', you get the original maps.
General Discussion » Guess what » Go to message

Titans » Clash of the Titans. Eventually. » Go to message
I agree with a lot of this. Often when I loose as Titans (except for when I get a map where Underlings can capture bases and prevent me from doing the same early game because of their movement) it's because I've been to aggressive. One of the biggest advantages the Titans have over the other races is that they have the most long ranged units. You just have to be able to hold the enemy off for long enough until you are able to build enough of the right units and take advantage of this, and at the same time understand that Titans also have the most units with a minimum range.

Also, knowing how to work the terrain can make a huge difference when exacting your strategies. Especially when fighting vs air.
General Discussion » Recent Game adjustments » Go to message
I think everything is fine now except for maybe the extra attack given from burrowing Underlings. You can really get a strong attack for very little cost. And when they're above ground their huge movement gives them a very distinct advantage on most maps.
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