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Tournaments » Spring freshet: basic rules and registration » Go to message
I've been playing since November 2011

I am interested in playing in the spring freshet!

New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Fantastic ideas everyone. All are interesting and expanding the game in any way is exciting. I'm relatively new to Uniwar but I've got a lot of board game experience. Here is my two cents:

Keep the Titans on the ground and in the water. Having the armies more unique makes them more interesting. However, give them the tools to compete. Pulling some ideas from Star Trek/Star Wars, I would throw the idea of tractor beams (to freeze opposing units or move them by a hex), force fields (to protect units or multiple units), and/or cloaking devices (invisiblity).

For the Sapiens I have two suggestions, Hovercraft and a Navy Seal Team RHIB (rigid hull inflatable boat). Hovercraft wold be limited to flat ground and water hexes. The seal team can change from a boat on the water to a sniper or a jeep on land.

The Khraleans are a fun army with so many possible units... Being a Kharalean player I miss having long range attack (greater than 3 hexes) so I'm going to suggest an Electric Eel or a Fire Breathing Dragon. Either that or have a unit that can change its appearance to mimic other units (starts off looking like a Gecko). This way it can either slip in the back door looking like an Underling or pose as a big threat to draw attention (like a Wrym). Once enemy units get beside it (or one hex away) they will see the gecko. The Gecko is amphibious...

Right now I'm loving this game. In fact I've deleted all the other crap I was playing on my iphone... Keep it up.
New Feature Request » Information Bar at Top Stop Scrolling » Go to message
Would it be possible to stop the information bar from scrolling? The reason why I ask is because I find it frusterating when I'm playing a team game and want to figure out which unit/colour is on my team by clicking on them the info bar at the top continues to scroll and it seems like its always the useless part that is visible. Can you make it so when you click on a unit, the information starts from the begginning then scrolls (or not at all)?
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