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Khraleans » Fighting vs Saps on low money maps? » Go to message
Well it's simple - how many Swarmers do you need to insta-kill a Heli? If I play on a map with 500+ resource per turn I can keep up in terms of "freash meat" and Sap player thinks twice before he rushes at me.
When I play on a low resource map (atm I'm playn' vs Saps on a 200 c/t map) I cant spend credits on ants (cant fire air) and I can build one Swarmer per two turns.
My Sap enemy can build one Heli each 3 turns and You do know that one or two Swarmers will get crushed by a Heli.

There's my prob. - to fight vs Helis I need more units and I cant afford them. Sap can build Helis and easy rush into my bases becouse I wont have anything to defend against it. Im trying to build more Garudas in that 200 credit map.. dunno if it will work.
Khraleans » Fighting vs Saps on low money maps? » Go to message
Hi there!
Dunno if someone is still reading the topics in this thread but I'm asking fellows Khrals for an advice.
My main race are Khrals and I'm doing quite well with them, but I have a problem on low resource maps.. I mean all those maps with less than 500 credits each turn.
If I have 500+ income I mainly go Swarmers+Wyrms and the job is done nicely.. but when I dont have the resources to build my Swarmer meat-shield to protect the Wyrms I'm always get toasted.

The Sap player builds some Marines and lots of Helis (one per 2 turns) - I dont have anything at this point to counter it.. should I build more Garudas on such maps or what? Every matchup on low resource map ends with 10+ Helis - I just dont have anything to counter them (I mean Wyrms).

Cheers and thanks for any tips!
New Feature Request » UniWar on Windows Phone 7? » Go to message
I have a important question for the devs.. are you planning to realise the UniWar on WP7 devices? Im cut in two at the moment, because I'm in the middle of changing the device and I'm so curious about trying WP7. But I love UW so much, it's the only game I play (even on tablet ) - if YOU dont think about bringing it into WP os I Just stay with good old android, and with UniWar in my pocket.
So please, help me decide what to do.
PS. Web game isnt a solution, because Wp7 dont have flash atm. :p
PPS. Sorry about such a stupid topic.
New Feature Request » New races for better game balance » Go to message
True.. its not the worse balance I saw in a strategy, but instead of adding a fourth race the developers should really add new units. I know they want to do it, and I really hope that Saps will get a dropship.. or their tank will get a boost, because at this moment Saps need at least three tanks to kill plasma in two turns! That's 1200 credits vs 500! Damn.. I really want to pay for the tank 500 but let it be really worth it. Next thing are those walkers.. really, Saps should get a stealth commando which can plant c4 on those bastards, or at lest something like that.
Also upgrades would change the balance of the game.. for example if there would be the armor and weapons upgrade and Tan player would 'turtle up', the Saps could tech up in this time.. after that Tans would have a hard time pounding on those +3 tanks with +0 / +1 weapons.
New Feature Request » New races for better game balance » Go to message
  simsverd wrote: Why do you think so?

Please tell what is imbalanced today...
...and how will a new race can fix it...

I agree that adding a new race now would be a mistake but You really think that simply changing the prices of units will balance the 3 races? Whats imbalanced.. Titans in most TvS games.
On big maps what Sap player should do vs them? Early rush? You think that two marauders can break through eclipses or (the horror) eclipse and a plasma? So what that Titans are less mobile if they can build one unit and defend for ages, building up more plasmas, walkers, eclipses and move out slowly. How that's balanced? If Sap player will defend and also build up, the walkers supported by plasmas out front will crush everything.. helis? Pff.. eclipses with walkers ripps their asses.
So think for yourself - this is balance?
New Feature Request » Main race. » Go to message
@Up: True, I did wrote this not the way I should.
In UniWar people arn't invited into random game, they are kidnapped into it.. and I don't mind playing someone random, but if the game's ranked - I want to choose the race I'm playing in a game.
I feel that my 'real' skill is about 1900-2000, but I have it on around 1600-1700 just because I loose almost every time when I'm forced to play as different race than Saps.
New Feature Request » Canceling and/or redoing an entire turn » Go to message
Ow dudah!
So.. If 25% of people all over the world are downloading EVERYTHING for free from internet, and 5% of people are stealing cars/electronics/candies etc. instead of buying them.. so we should also steal, because some of people are doing so?
Of course this isn't connected to the UniWar problem, but goddammit! Instead of making all people restart their turn.. do something to block those who are doing so.
New Feature Request » Main race. » Go to message
I would like to propse the 'main race' button. I preffer to play as Saps and I really hate when I see that when someone invites me into random gam?, I play as Titans or Khrals. Why people who are invited into game cant choose their race? I understand pure random games, but when people are choosing their race at the beginning, the invited Player has a random race.. it would be greatest to stick with one race, not play all of them all the time.
General Discussion » Titan race need help!!! » Go to message
And I really dont understand why titans should have another boost. Does the walker and their ship range arnt powerful enough? I mostly play Saps and I really cant blast through plasmas supported by walkers.. and if the game is going on, on a map with small choke I'm always in trouble. The helis are expensive and cant reach the walkers in one turn.. and this results in them being shoot down. The marauders cant break though plasmas and tanks are to slow to move to them.

As you can see.. every race is in trouble in some situation.. and let you remember that eclipses and mechs have teleport ability - now that's fkn ridiculous. I understand that they are the most tech race and they can have such thing, but why Saps don't have dropships that could transport infantry and tanks across land, just to even thing up?

I think that the key feature that will help balance things up are adding more specialized units.. to help player counter enemies tactics.

Sapiens » Tank Air power » Go to message
@up: Yeah, right.. so what that tank is a bit chrapek? Only 100 cheaper from plasma and 50 from pinzer, you really think that those stupid 100 credits are a good comparise in lack of firepower? Let the tank be 600, but let it be a TANK, not a buggy with a cannon.
Sapiens » Tank Air power » Go to message
Saps have a great aa unit - marine! You cant imagine yourself how a bunch of marines can withstand. I remember that in one of my last games I was in a 'check-mate' situation.. enemy Khral were everywhere around my two bases with swarmers and garudas. In my last breath I started to pump pure marines and I managed to push him back, in this push I built some helis and with those 20 marines they were real powerful.

But I agree that sap tank and battery should be upgraded, cuz they suck.. solo tank cant beat pinzer and a plasma, so sad.
New Feature Request » New Races » Go to message
After a short break Im back and I really dont like what I see here.

Dont add any new races, You should work on better balance of these three and after the perfect balance will be real.. dont add any more races, because It will be really hard to balance three perfectly balanced races with a new one.

Better balance.. please!
General Discussion » Unfair players » Go to message
  rn170uk wrote:
  rn170uk wrote: I played Jungle against a similar ranked player. I was red titans and managed to beat Saps. I guess I was just lucky.

Yes, it seems so... just been killed with the same combo by a more experienced player. Requested peace, and it's been rejected. vict16 is therefore on my unfair players list.

You'r crying about unfair player after some1 beat You?! If I'm playn' vs Titans on aqua maps should I request peace at the veary beginning? This is stupid thinking.. and don't anyone says s**t about destros being the most powerful aqua unit.. titans sea rapes them every single time because of their range.

PS. I'm a Sap player and I'm not crying after getting my ass kicked by Titans on aqua maps - You should do the same.. "unfair".. thats funny!
PPS. Destros should be cheaper, because they sucks.. really.

New Feature Request » Add game option to restart a turn » Go to message
RESTART BUTTON?! Are You gone insane? I really don't want to insult anyone, but adding a restart button is a stupidity. Like someone above had mentioned - who would need a scouting units if you can brainlessly push all your units into enemy lines, see whats cooking and restart? I ask who? I like this game, because it is something like starcraft - and in sc, you cant "go back".

UniWar isn't perfect, but it's damn best multi-player turn based strategy game on android.. if you'll add this function instead of doing something with this uninstalling thing - the players will stop playing.. I know I will, because this button will stop UniWar of being a real strategy game in which You have to hide your tech to the last moment.

Cheers.. and I really hope that my favorite cell game wont have to go to trash.
General Discussion » Interface for Tablets ? » Go to message
I have an android os on my netbook and of course Uniwar is a must-have for me - it works fine. I don't know whats your problem - custom rom, maby?
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